The only movie scene you'll ever need to watch when it comes to your business

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This is the only movie scene you'll ever need to watch when it comes to your business.

The lesson: Play it "safe", perish at the docks. Drive head on into the storm and do what others won't do, the world is yours:

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    Yes, if you live. Only one fishing boat survived that storm.

    Be the one!

    Or stay at the dock while all your competition gets wiped out by the storm. Then fish at your own leisure.

    Tough to say which one to do. Risk or play it smart. Depends on which one will work. But doing nothing certainly will get you nowhere. Managed risk seems to work best.

    Toby Jensen - Master Life Coach
    Invest in what works this time.

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    Let's not be prey for neither excessive caution nor survivorship bias.

    Never putting anything at risk is the highest risk IMO, cause it guarantees you failure.

    However risking everything without odds being good enough in your favor doesn't make much sense too.

    The best combo which worked for me was: have a guaranteed income while risking sums you can afford to lose on testing new ventures or new areas of expansion.
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    Love it!!! They risked it all and came out ahead.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing | Real Estate Agent

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    now if this was based on a real event or just a hollywood event that didn't happen.

    i hear mark Z .. likes has to often correct misconceptions about the history of face book..after the movie social netwoork came out ..

    remember hollywood movie are packed with biased imagry that give a negative image to most rich people ..or cast business people as the villan ..

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    Very good !! sometimes you have to risk, only then will you know if you win or lose ... thanks for sharing!
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