happiness ..the false goal .

by Odahh
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hello ,

Happiness is easy some of the happiest people i have met where very poor people who worked 12 hour days and made 25 dollars a week .

The american economy is build on fostering perpetual dissatisfaction ..with heavily conditioned happiness .. and if someone is too happy .. a majority of the people around them will bring up the list of issues in their lives to deflate or bring down the persons happiness ..

you can be happy ..without achieving anything but just by removing many of the condition for being happy and stopping the thought and actions that cause you to be unhappy .

it does not matter how much money you have or do not have .. if you don't know how to be happy .. and how to remove or block thing that intend to make you undhappy .. the more money you get ... a good chubk of it will end up going to counseling , or medications both legal and illegal ..to make you feel better ..

health and happiness .. can be achieved without being wealthy or rich..

now ..that being said or written .. the critical factor in life ..is excitement and experience ..the economy we are moving into ..and a huge chunk of the economy we are in finds the greatest amount of money being spent for better experience and excitement ..

there are people in happy but boring lives who end up destroying their relationship for a bit of excitement or their health .. or their careers ..

you should have a list of things that excite you ..that when you do them you can pretty much tell anyone you care about ..that you have done it .. and stay away from the stuff that a few picture on face book or a video on youtube can result in a bit of missery or lots of missery ..

having the financial resources to do things that excite you .. is important ..happy but bored and broke has it's limits ..
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    IMO it's still better for humanity to be happy and achieve. That's the trick and that is possible by the way.
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      "Be happy" to me consists of 2 things:

      1. Be in the "right (happy) mindset"
      2. Use this mindset to achieve my goals and realize my desires

      One extra note - first I check if the desires are aligned with my core values. If not, I leave them where they are.

      Money is important as the tool to achieve the goals.

      The real power is within

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      Originally Posted by jmferret View Post

      IMO it's still better for humanity to be happy and achieve. That's the trick and that is possible by the way.

      don't worry much about the rest of humanity ..there are a billion women who spend much of their day fetching water to dring and wood too cook food..and cooking the food and probably spend more of their day happy than people with running water stoves and full refrigerator ..

      Happiness is not a goal .. to be achieved .. it is the state you get in to achieve from ..

      we don't really disagree .. but when people make it a goal or something to attain .. it misses the huge list of things we are doing to be or stay unhappy .
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    Money doesn't provide happiness. It provides confidence, calmness and peace of mind.
    If money was the only factor to be happy, rich guys wouldn't jump off bridges and do cocaine.

    However, without money today you can't experience the true joy of life, so let's get back to work guys! )
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    I choose peace over happiness any days of the weeks and i prefer to be an old man that is in peace, broke and stupid over all the rest.

    I alredy did the money game and it's a big lost of times.

    Everything is impermanent and one you die it's all gone.

    This life is an incredible opportunity that is more rare than you can imagine, better not waste it over stuff like doing money for the pleasure it can give you...
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    A study I heard a while back said that in America, up to $84,000 a year will buy happiness.

    Above that, the level of happiness didn't increase the more you made, and actually made people unhappier until they hit another milestone.

    Study Shows Money Can Buy Happiness - Business Insider

    Just having money doesn't mean all the problems go away, though.

    That's when you find happiness, once you've lived a calm life for a while with no drastic interruptions.

    Until then ignore the negativity and move on.
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    synnuh , i think buddah identified mans most pressing or biggest problem..as the false belief that he (or she) should not have any problems ..at any stage of the game of life you will have a list of at least 100 problems ..so it is not about making problems go away ..it's about seeing the next problem you can fix ..that will improve your life in some way ..

    the so called comfort zone.. really turns out to be a state where we have learned to cope with..deal with and ignore our problems and surround ourselves with thiose doing the same things ..so our list of problems never get solved or worked on and we tread water ..and we find comfort in having others to complaine about our problems with..and who will complaine about thenir problems ..so we feel normal.

    and now people have favebook so they can vomit their problems over thousand of people at once and get many supporting responses ..

    you can have a long list of problems and not let it make you unhappy.. i have bi polar disorder..and can feel the chemical shift in my brain..that lead into the pit of disspair..if i try to justify the feeling of sadness disspair or depressions....now medication may help prevent this or limit them..but they also prevent the shift out ..and can or in my case did cause weight gain....

    in many cases we feed and justify the missery..then if we feel happy we kill it if we do not have a justifable reason to be happy ..which is why i say it is a faldse goal ..

    it is easy to be happy the shorter the list of reasons to be unhappy gets ..

    real happiness is seperate from the amount of money you have once you have enough money to have a roof over your head..food on the table and you are healthy .

    so synnuh in the Us that figure ranged from 65 to 125 thousand a years ..based on the cost of living in an area ..so once people are making enough to pay the mortgage or the rent , pay the other bills get good food on the table..health care, and their children in good schools..it become easier to be happy ..and there is only so much house you need to live in, or food you can eat ..or healthcare you need (when you are happy and eating properly) and you are probly living in areas with good education systems ..

    and you are probbly in the midd to higher end of the social structure so you feel realativly rich compared to those you live with..if you make much more money and move to the wealthier areas ..you can end up feeling realativly poor compared to those you live around ..

    the same way if you are earning 1500 a month that you can spend there are many places you can move out of the US and feel and be treated as realativly rich compared to those you are living around ..and be much happier unless the disparty is huge between you and those living around you ..
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  • I know you can *like* stuff on the net, but can you also *slap*?

    And is there an option for *like, real hard*?

    If not, this whole trail is a call to action imho.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Really great points. I believe in being happy with who you are, what you have and understand that there is much more greatness ahead. Love the process and the results will come. Understand what it is you want and go for it.


    Do not attach happiness to the end result but the journey itself. Happiness like you mentioned are experiences and excitement, with money we can amplify these experiences and this is what drives people to want as much money as possible to have the freedom of time to get it done.

    This is understandable, there just has to be a balance and self understanding. Be happy now, live now, set your goals and wants and create a path you must take to get you where you want to be. If you say to yourself you will be happy once you get this or that then you will miss out on the true happiness which is around you every single counting moment of your life.

    - Will
    OmarAndWill.com - Buying/Selling Domains: Domain Discussions: Random Crazy Rants!

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    If you want success and happiness you have to enforce it.

    You see, there are portals scattered throughout the universe and once you step your foot in, miracles take place. I can say with perspicuity that you want to get the admonition to step on the footsteps of someone who's been there, done that.
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    Sleep at night by saying "I have a clear definition to the destination of my journey" for your subconscious to take heed. You may be surprised with the outcome in a matter of time.

    What would follow suit?

    This definitive command will be processed and help you get out of the rabbit hole, out of the clutter. I did this for a month instead of just praying at night and the results were nothing less than astounding. All that in the quest for happiness.

    It would be reassuringly rigid to put into practice when you begin with these kind of affirmations but the instant your subconscious imbibes what's fed with, you'll dip back frequently for more.
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    Happiness is to be found within your own life, in your thoughts at this very moment. You yourself are most noble and precious. You have no need to be envious of anyone or to long for far-off things.

    Happiness is not a life without worries or struggles. Happiness is the robust sense of fulfillment one feels when bravely confronting hardship. It is that elevation of the spirit, like an airplane gaining lift from the air resistance against its wings.
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