How do you overcome your fear and take action?

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Who Has More Fear?

Someone who is Successful, or the average person trying to get through life?

In most cases, it is actually the successful person. They fear 'missing out',
they fear what life will be like for them if they don't take that leap, that
chance, that calculated risk, that next step, so they learn to take action.

The average Jo/e fears it not happening for them, something not working out,
it all going wrong, the unknown, so they learn to just accept, and have hope
that "one day" they will win the lottery or something.

The successful person embraces those fears to challenge themself and to push
on to those bigger fears.

The biggest fear most people have is regret, the 'What if?'

If you lived your life to avoid just that one fear alone, imagine the possibilty,
the outcome, the life you would live from today!

So my question for you is...

'What do you do in your daily routine to ensure that you avoid not taking action,
and ensure that you overcome your fear and just do it?'
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    Thanks for a great question! It is true that regret is something that most people, including I, fear the most.
    Every night before going to bed, I ask myself the question "What are the top 3 things that I can do tomorrow to bring me closer to my goal?" and the next morning (I usually wake up very early, at around 6AM), those are the 3 things I work on right away, before anything else.

    On my desktop screen there's a slogan "Once I start, I'll be glad I did. All I have to do is take the first small step." It's actually a sentence from a post by Leo Babauta. Somehow this simple sentence has pushed me through procrastination every time.
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  • I feel the will. It's something that I've grown accustomed to. It's a bit hard to describe materialistically... the push one feels, often termed "complusion".
    And strange as it might seem, I'm not very familiar with fear. I've gotten a grasp of it by means of people I was friends with.
    I've seen people's desire not to comfront, and it seems folish. Because, as long as you live, every outcome requires comfronting. I supsect it's why relegion keeps being so widely followed, it permits people a sense of non-authority. A thing they secretlu enjoy, irresponsibility for their actions. Probably why the same also desire a strong leader. Someone to crush them hard.
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    For me, it's reaffirming that true progress comes from just outside of your comfort zone.
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    Simple. Fear the consequences of not taking action more than fearing that possibility of failure that stems from taking action. Failure is a mindset, not a reality.

    Do you think Gandhi feared failure when he decided to non-violently oppose occupation and oppression by the British? Do you think he feared not taking action more?

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      This is one of the reasons i meditate. It tends to dissolve any negative emotions i have.

      If i have a plan to do something and it's just not getting done, eventually I just embrace the fear and do it anyway.

      I have found in my own life that feeling negatively of any issue doesn't make the issue better. It just doesn't.

      That's why i meditate, which is sort of like the reset button for emotions, and get on with my to-do list.
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    Fear of this nature is not real. It must be embrace as a stepping stone to get to where we want to go. Understanding this is the first step in overcoming this fear. Simple action is your weapon as the more you do towards what you want is giving your brain reassurance of it working out.

    One of the main things I tend to focus on is reading up on other successful people who have started in a similar way and have overcome the odds. This helps me in keeping my belief system in check and gives me the motivation needed to keep going.

    It really comes down to, You Vs. You

    You have the power to make the choice of taking action and overcoming your fears or letting your fears control your life and keep you from taking action.

    - Will
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    Having meaningful goals with a strong WHY motivates me to take action.


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    Get out of the comfort zone already viewing our goals, so we will be successful, and every day we will be ready to act without fear.
    If the "why" is strong "how" is not a problem.
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    You don't overcome it, fear that is. Fear can be useful, fear kills arrogance. You control it by action.
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    Thanks for all the replies, most appreciated!

    In essence, the common thread is:

    Fear is a great motivator if you embrace it
    Having a WHY makes it real
    Overcoming your own demons in the race of You Vs You
    Challenge Yourself to be Better
    Goal and Task Setting (and follow up)
    Look to surround yourself with people better (achieved more) than you to push you further.

    It is amazing how simple it can be, yet we let ourself get in the way of that at times. Focus, strength, determination and belief all play a part, and we have control of each in our own life.

    Have an awesome day and be great!

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    'What do you do in your daily routine to ensure that you avoid not taking action,
    and ensure that you overcome your fear and just do it?'

    I start off my morning by being thankful that I get to live another day . From there, I appreciate everything around me...Whether it's a materialistic object, my dogs, my family, literally everything. When it comes to work / something I'm passionate about I ask QUESTIONS. Because that's the only way I can gain more confidence. Once I get my questions answered, I gain more knowledge. And with that confidence, the fear is gone. In addition, I have a strong WHY.... I'm extremely driven by a lot of the unfortunate events that happened in my past. It's in the back of my mind that reminds myself (whenever I need a reminder) to keep going.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    Good read. It is not that I am afraid of doing anything. What I am most afraid of is my life just passing me by and me not living up to my potential.
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    Visualize yourself in 5 or 10 years from now in case you don't make the necessary steps.

    Do you see a miserable loser who also spent the most valuable and irretrievable resource - time?
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    Originally Posted by Martin Salter View Post

    What do you do in your daily routine to ensure that you avoid not taking action, and ensure that you overcome your fear and just do it?'

    A couple of approaches:

    1. Discipline. Sometimes I don't feel like working, however I just get on with it anyway.
    2. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Fear can't stop you. Look it in the eyes and keep taking action.

    : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Overcome fear by visualizing yourself past the fear. This is the only way to cope with fear, by dealing with it with rolled up sleeves.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    To quote another thread's title and a moto of a famous ad campaign

    Just do it.
    Make a rash decision, without thinking and just do the thing you're afraid to do.
    Maybe you'll do right, maybe you won't, but you'll think about it later, and not before.
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    Probably Someone who is Successful Has More Fear to lost all but
    Average person trying to get through life feels anxiety and frustration.

    You are right when you say "The successful person embraces those fears to challenge themself and to push on to those bigger fears".

    'What do you do in your daily routine to ensure that you avoid not taking action,
    and ensure that you overcome your fear and just do it?'

    Write a LIST of things to do EVERY day and don t exitate!

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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  • Hello Martin

    If I am afraid of something I face and overcome fear, to postpone creating a vortex of negative thoughts in my head about how "if you would."
    Nothing is better than to overcome fear and to become my ally.

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    Bruce Jenner was the latest example of this. It was his hatred of himself that he fought against to beat the production machine out of Russia to win the decathlon in the Olympics.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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  • Chill out in the hot tub of a demon's blood.

    (Fear Factor #1 — Yeah, so you killed the Demon.

    Fear Factor #2 — Yeah, so you infiltrated the Demon's body. With a fireproof aqualung.

    Fear Factor #3 — Yeah, so you ARE the Demon, and some battles are just plain tough.)

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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