What Background Color Is Proven To Increase The Amount Of Time A Visitor Stays On Your Website?

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I am going to start Myspace marketing and I would like to know what background color of a web page keeps a visitor the longest on your site?
Does anyone know of a color that all humans just love to look at? Orange? Red? Blue? Please Share.
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    Blue and grey are always the most pleasant and safest colors to use. Orange is the color of exquisiteness and action, while Green is the IN thing to use right now. I try to always avoid Red, unless I know what I'm doing.
    Having said that light grey is probably the color I'd choose. It's most pleasant to the human eye.

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      Originally Posted by marcusalphaeus View Post

      Having said that light grey is probably the color I'd choose. It's most pleasant to the human eye.
      I did a lot of research and testing on this in the mid-1990s and concluded that a slate-blue color works best: the easy way to do this is starting from a light grey, use a little more blue and a little less red. So if your starting point is the HTML hex code #CCCCCC, you would want to drop the red back to BB or AA, and scoot the blue up to DD or EE; the result is either #BBCCDD or #AACCEE. Both are good backgrounds that are pleasant to view and show black text well.
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