What is your definition of success?

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This video examines how we as humans view success and how we can shift our perceptions to create a better reality for ourselves.

Being happy is essentially down to where you let your consciousness flow.

If you feed negative thoughts with conscious energy, those will start to manifest as negative energies in your body (emotions) and then influence how you interact with the world.

Having a positive mindset will ensure you're always feeling great no matter what happens because of the way you look at "problems".

Problems are things we're supposed to have because they are teaching us what we need to know to get the most from the universe. From now on your problems are to be called surprises.
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  • Autonomy.

    Autonomy is my defintion of success.
    Having the final say in matters belonging to you. At the end, power is just the ability to influence an outcome, and the final of which is the kind of freedom allowed by autonomy.
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    nobody>somebody is the definition of success for me
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    Interesting video.

    My definition of success is having the financial freedom, thus the ability to generate and take up options in life.

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    Achieve your goal is known as success.
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    My definition of success is being able to live the life I want and have the autonomy to decide and control your life completely. Financial freedom is another factor here.
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    We're all successful. Why? We won the battle against 9829823589325 billion tadpoles to make it here on Earth.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    Success is a never ending journey! as long as we live we will always improve to face all the challenges after we achieve success. the fulfillment of life begins when you are contended on what you have now!
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    Success is the ability to accomplish a given task.

    It depends not on time.
    It doesn't matter how many times you failed.

    Its like unraveling a puzzle. It could be instant or after a lot of maneuvering.
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    Echoing what others have said, success for me is autonomy, having choices - being able to live the way I want to live. It's about doing things because I want to do them - not because I have to.
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      My definition of success is simply accomplishing a goal. Accomplishment is fulfilling to me because it is progress.

      A lot of people view having wealth as success or a reason to idolize people but, I don't. I think it is whatever makes us happy, which is why people say that money doesn't buy happiness. It is having an inner peace for me.

      A peace of mind is being happy with who you are and having healthy relationships with the people around you. Knowing how to deal with conflict and just manage your life in a way that yields a positive flow of energy all around you. Life doesn't have to be perfect. The imperfections are what make it interesting.

      It is a matter of knowing how to survive and thrive!
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    Having the freedom of choice.


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    Success is feeling successful, acting successful, culminating as a success and ultimately being one. It's almost like a habit. Never doubt your unexploited abilities. Success is almost always around the corner.
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    Success to me is having a good outcome on whatever I am putting my energy into. My ideal of successful is having the freedom of choice to do as I please and the finances to live comfortably without needing to worry about how I will be able to afford anything my heart desires.

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    The person who is successful is the person who has conquered themselves. The first American millionaire (Benjamin Franklin) spent time every day working on removing his weaknesses and improving his strengths. Most people let their weaknesses rule them. A select few take control of their lives.
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    Definition of success is different for everybody.

    For me success means: When money is rolling in day-in and day-out and you don't have to do what you don't like. You're doing what you love the most and have a loving-caring relationship. Genuinely adding value to society.

    Is my thought resonate with any other fellow member?
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    My fav textbook definition of success is this:

    "The progressive realisation of worthwhile pre-determined goals"

    But to that I would also add my own words - 'and being well adjusted' The reason why I add these words is that if someone pursues a goal like a single issue zealot (such as pursuing wealth but treating people badly on the way to 'the top') they are not truly successful, even if they achieve the goal.

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    Not having to rely on anyone or any organization for my existence is how I define success!

    Being able to get up everyday and take action on my plans, my goals, my vision without needing the approval or buy in from anyone else!
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    I don't think in terms of success, directly. I really don't like that word at all.

    But I do have ideas about what I want to accomplish in my life and on this planet, and I intend to become stronger to do them whether its getting more spirit, stronger body, more money, more friends. I want to create certain things and leave my mark here. Hopefully what I create will also be good for other people.

    Thanks for sharing your philosophy. Awesome.
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    "What kind of lifestyle do you want and how much money do you need to make to enjoy that lifestyle?" If you can answer this question and if you are living what you answered, you my friend, are successful.
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    Financial freedom -- not having to worry about every dime that is spent, not having to worry about every bill that comes in, having enough for some of the luxuries of life, and having confidence in my families' financial future is my definition of success. Fortunately, I've been able to achieve that through the Internet and being able to work from home with minimum stress and effort. It's something I always dreamed about, and I was able to make it happen.
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    My idea of success is being able to do - whatever I want - wherever I want - whenever I want - with whoever I want.

    At first glance it looks & sounds a bit selfish but it can also be applied in an altruistic way through philanthropy and a lot of people can benefit.
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    Aim for the Eagles, hit pheasant, so you don't eat crow.
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      Originally Posted by Jeff Schuman View Post

      Aim for the Eagles, hit pheasant, so you don't eat crow.
      (jeff this is not a personal attack on you just a dissagreement with this basic concept )

      well maybe this is part of the problem why success is so hard to define ..

      using a model built on the probability of failure ..

      now there is the forest gump path to success..which may work for some people .

      and there may be people who aim for a million dollars ..but only really want 100k .. and so they can still be happy if they fall short of the 1 million but get the 100k ..

      i mean would you tell someone who wanted to go from boston to Las vega.. to aim for getting to tokyo or moscow

      one of the things that makes goal setting highly valuable..is the setting of goals that can be attained and passed ..

      a year ago it became very important for me to lose weight .. being 5 foot 6 and 250 plus pounds at 36 ..

      thing is i didn't get fat over night .. it was over a period of 5-6 years and as bad eating habbits caught up .. ..i tell people i didn't hit 30 ..30 hit me ..

      anyway .. i'm on a long term plan to change eating habits .. and other patterns.. and i'm down to 220 know ..and i have far more tone in my muscle and bulkier muscles than any time in my life ..

      in the next few months i plan to move to another part of the country .. and by this time next year i want to be eating lots of fresh veg from my own garden and be down below 200 pounds ..

      right now i have no debt and no saving but a good chunk of money coming in ..and might just go somewhere i can buy a crappy little fixer upper house for under 10 grand ,, it might not be that nice ..but it will beat paying rent ..and my main goal right now is having some place a can grow a good chunk of my own food ..at least the greens and other veg .

      as i learn to grow my own food i want to shit to small plot farming or backyard farming ..so buy fixxer upper homes ..with good sized yard which i use to grow food an sell..and fix the houses up to rent them out ..and earn equity from the increased value of the homes income from the rents..and selling what i can grow in the yards..

      then maybe get in the info marketing or internet marketing realm ..coaching people interested in doing similar things ..

      if you set your goals to small ..and hit them..the thing to do is set new bigger ones that you achieve.. then set bigger goals ..

      yes there is the fact we greatly underestimate our worth and potential..

      but long term success is build on learning what you are capable of then gradually increasing your capabilities ..

      in the real world if you you owned a company .. and put out overly ambitious income targets ..that eventually fall far short .. even if they are improvement on past income..a lot of people wil not be happy and you could end up in jail or at least out of a job .

      success is having a vision for your life and creating something as close to that as possible..unless of course along the way your vision expand and you see a way to creat something much better
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    Financial freedom.
    But way more important than that is being able to spend more time with my family.
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    Spending my money as fast it comes in: this way I'm pleased and somehow feel and breathe success with a smirk on my face. Let's face it folks, we only live once.
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    I'm retired and think this is the type of so called cosmic hypnosis so to speak to loosen up a little. Bought them all in one fell swoop and listened twice to a couple of programs, thus far the effects are terrific.
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    Hi Vil,

    I like your definition!

    Success = freedom, for me.

    Living for months at a time in Fiji and Bali and Thailand, and other hot spots, with a full time income business online, has freed me to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and I love inspiring other folks to do the same.

    Keep on inspiring!

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    Success is really down to what we all perceive individually as success. For me, life is built on three core pillars, health, wealth and happiness. I have goals in all three areas I could say if I achieve then I have achieved success. Ultimately though success is always a moving object, you might get a win but it will be quickly replaced by another. Ultimately having the good life and feeling happy with oneself is the ultimate success in my eyes and all the minor goals and variables within that define an overarching success.
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      Paul, I dig your definition Happiness, health and wealth all embody a freeing lifestyle. If you're happy, the health and wealth can fall in line because you'll vibe so freaking high that it'll be impossible to become sick and broke. I suggest everybody reading this fab thread to investigate their intent: get super clear on IDing your driver so that you can shift it if you need to shift it.

      You'll always get what you most value. Shift those values if you want different "gettings"

      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    sky is the limit for success.
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    Having the financial freedom to do what I want to do.
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    Success is being happy and satisfied with one's life. Harvard did the longest range study on this, and they found the number one factor leading to life satisfaction is an abundance and high quality of personal relationships.

    Thus, success is having a lot of great relationships, at work, at home, etc. Being rich and well recognized in your field is also something to strive for, but it's always important to remember not to sacrifice the relationships that are important in your life in order to achieve monetary/career goals.
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    Success is finding wormholes for blazing fast teleportation to unseen dimensions.

    The only tune that is a close match, is Dr. Who.
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    Success is an ever moving target. First it's autonomy and financial independence and then once that's achieved our sights shift. Then it's larger incomes, more charitable donations, whatever the case may be. Then the goals move again.

    Success at its core relates with achieving what someone deems as important fulfilling. The problem is that we often times forget to acknowledge and feel gratitude for capturing this elusive target even for just a brief moment in time.
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    i had a newer definition or addition but my computer my computer decided i needed to reboot ..

    if suceess is a moving target that is way out their you may never ever ever obtain success .

    I moved to las Vegas a year ago almost had a few thousand dollars no idea what i was going to do and knew no one at all out here .

    i have not been homeless and i quickly founf my way into work i enjoy doing..to a while to really enjoy it but now things are getting good.

    anyway could not work today because of the rain. but rent is paid for the next week and food is in the fridge ..cooked up a sexy delicious steak ..well 2 steaks 1 i ate for lunch the other wil be for dinner ..i have lost a good chunk of weight in the last few months and i know enough people here know to have people there when i need help.

    i am a success now and well positioned to grow more successful.
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    how to do nothing with nobody all by myself
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    Often the world likes to correlate success with monetary possession and don't get me wrong I do believe in some sort of way or fashion having money does bring a certain level of happiness, but I believe the root of happiness derives from being content with yourself first. Being sure of yourself. I only say that from experience because I was raised in a community where "looking" rich is the cool thing but most these people that "look" rich don't own anything don't have any assets and thats sad, but they only do this because of insecurities and lack within the inner selves. I never felt I had to put on a front and I am in a very good position now.
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    Why even care about success? Being successful or happy shouldn't be a goal, but a side effect. Many successful people (in terms of wealth, fame, power) are not happy. The more value people place on happiness, the less happy they are. I want to just live and do what makes more sense. The world we live in is a mess. There're so many more important things than me being successful.
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    Success is any time that you can reach the next step of any given staircase.
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