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One of the most common reasons for failure online is to give yourself unrealistic expectations. This is a dangerous way to think, and I will show you why.

Wherever you are on your internet marketing journey, you must realize that you are on the right track. The internet is literally filled with tons of rags to riches stories. E.g how the owner of Empower network was sleeping in a van and then suddenly started making 6 figures.

A lot of these so called gurus who are giving you these stories are actually not telling you the 100% truth.
For example the Empower Network owner David Wood failed numerous time for 7 years until he eventually saw the success he is experiencing now. Now there is the odd exception of overnight success but this is very very rare.

You will find that the vast majority of successful internet marketers failed and learned, failed and learned, and failed some more and learned some more before they reached the success they have now.

So what am I saying?

When you begin your journey of making money online go into it with 0 expectations. Go through the process with no expectations of success.
Find someone who has the success I am looking for, and emulate what they have done.

Realize that this is a process. It is better to love the process and enjoy the journey without thinking about the money in the end. For example if your goal is to make $10,000 a month online, find someone who has earned $10,000 a month and let them teach you the process,but don't think about the end goal.
As they say, It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. The path you take to reach the kingdom.

Most of the successful internet marketers who tell you these extravagant rags to riches stories are actually telling you what you want to hear. They don't talk about the full process they went to to have what they have now.

And that is smart marketing. Not only do online marketers do this but offline marketers too "Steve Jobs" for example. They give you these stories to build their brand because it is good business for them.
They are marketing to you.

Know that you are always being marketed too. I am marketing to you, by giving away free helpful content on this forum. This is what most if not all the gurus and teachers are doing, and it is not a bad thing. It is just a way to reach out to more people to build their business and brand.

So what is the message?

The message is, have the mindset that you are not going to make a dime online. Just learn and follow the exact step by step blueprint that another person has used and replicate. Have fun! Don't make it a daily grind.

Treat your online business like a game of Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario you die again and again, but you can restart the game and try again. The only way you can fail is to turn off the console and stop playing the game. Those are the real failures.

I hope this helps a lot of newbies and other marketers who are not seeing any success yet. Realize that top 6 figure earners went through exactly what you are going through.
Just push through and never give up.
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    Good stuff Dave

    Just to add to what he said:

    Rather than start off with expectations, start with realistic goals.
    Before you start any method, research, research, research! Then pick one thing that you think you'd be good at, and learn everything you can about it. The more you know, then the more easy it will be to set realistic goals for yourself.

    The money won't start rolling in right away, but if you stick with it, always learn, always adapt and always network, then you'll eventually start to see money coming in.
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    And to add to Dave's last paragraph (never give up), you might want to look up for: "how to get success as much as you want your breath".

    This video inspired me and can do the same for you.

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    Most people don't make money with IM.

    But most people don't make money with anything, except when it's handed to them from a job.

    I write about the expectations trap frequently, but usually in the Offline section.

    Shiny Object Syndrome combined with pie in the sky expectations leads to failure.

    And failure, as we know, is giving up.

    Here's what happens: the newbie reads about how "easy" it is to make money online.

    They buy a WSO or training package that centers around one idea or method.

    They work on it for about three days.

    That's it. In the years of experience I have helping people, that is as long as they stick with an idea.

    Three measly days.

    Now have a look at this graph, because this is how growth really works.

    Your belief is that growth is linear.

    But it's not.

    Growth is exponential.

    Meaning that it is very SLOW at the beginning.

    It takes some time to reach that point where you are known enough or have a big enough infrastructure or simply get the experience you need to really start winning.

    But if you switch ideas, methods, topics...

    ...if one week you're pushing websites, but the next you're doing PLR...

    ...and the week after that you've jumped to Adsense... go back to 0,0 on the exponential growth curve.

    Back to zero.

    A real product creator, coach or mentor will FLAT-OUT TELL YOU that this is work. That effort is required. That you will have to learn and apply new skills. And that if you're not willing to do so, this is not for you.

    Unfortunately, the WSO section is full of promises of easy riches.

    If you're new to Internet Marketing: Everything takes work. Do not believe you're going to buy some software and it's "going to do everything for you." It won't. YOU have to be the doer.
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    I liked threads and posts a lot! Very realistic and truth. To mitigate the risk of giving up following one's passion is key.So giving up and shiny object syndrome numbers can go down.
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  • Yep, unrealistic goals at start are something affecting almost every beginner. Not unsurprisingly, since it take knowing something in order to guage its potential.
    Good stuff man.

    It's great that you are helping people out there. We all have things we wished we knew right when we started.
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