#1 Internet Marketing Question: So, How are you "Different" From The Others? And Your Answer Is...

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That's the elephant in the room question many marketers resist facing head on.

Most marketers can rattle off a list of cool benefits and features their product has. But if you ever want to see a Internet Marketer hem and haw or squirm, just ask them the thread title question in mid sentence. That goes double if they're an affiliate marketer (what separates "you" from other company affiliates?).

Because it's the first and most important question your prospect silently locks in on when evaluating you. Most marketers have different ways of finding their U.S.P or unique selling position. Then some confuse it with benefits and features,or worse, some try to sell with none at all. Yikes! Can you say crash and burn?

How Do You Personally find or communicate your "Difference" or Uniqueness?

For example, I started out with a simple guideline, but it's grown into a game plan. However, my top 3 guidelines (that I'm willing to share) is ...

1. Do what your competition hates doing or doesn't do as well.
2. Give an extra service your competitor(s) don't provide.
3. Take more risk from the prospect than your competitors is willing to take. (i.e, more radical guarantee, lower or no down payment, free # day trial, etc.).

What's the best way "You" personally separate yourself from the competition? For instance, do you have a ...

  • A specific guideline?
  • A set of guidelines?
  • A game plan?
  • Do you subscribe to the "plan-as-you go" theory?
  • Other method?
  • None at all (Feel it's not that necessary)?
Any details you feel comfortable sharing would be helpful to anyone viewing this thread. Thanks for anything you choose to share.
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    Mine is simple - I don't sell anything that I havent used myself. I've also never made earnings claims.
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    I'm a full time digital marketer (all offline clients) and I stand out from my local competition because I know more than they do (and I have a great track record).

    Since I became interested in digital marketing, I have been constantly studying, analyzing, and testing information and data. My obsession with studying and applying gives me an edge over my competition.

    So, my addition to the list would be:
    4. Know more than your competition and make it apparent to potential clients.

    The application of knowledge is power.
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    I build a marketing plan that shows my clients that I benefit from their long term success. Most digital marketing/SEO companies are quite happy to take their pay check and run.
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    Simple, how many affiliate programs can you name which actually save everyone money on what they are already accessing and spending much more for elsewhere? In this economy, it is all about saving people money for everyone responds to saving money, especially when they are all customers of cable or satellite companies already. Who wouldn't want to save a thousand dollars a year on average over their existing costs for same access. Having researhed thousands of affiliate programs over the years, can't remember any which saved everyone money.

    Years gone by, I started promoting alternative telcom, but the savings were small given the margins were small, but I was able to save customers 20% while offering same services. That market dried up when competition forced the big telcom companies to compete, so how many are making any money on telcom these days?

    Then we saw the mobile cell phone industry take off, and we see an exact repeat we saw in telcom, the competition got smart and again, the big mobile cell companies started to drop prices, and today, how many are making any money promoting mobile cell industry. Lesson learned, saving people money on what they are already customers for is the key to success, even if only for a few years as was the case in telcom and mobile cell industries.

    Success to all,
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      Sounds like your name matches your U.S.P, you really know your market.
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        Originally Posted by The Niche Man View Post

        Sounds like your name matches your U.S.P, you really know your market.
        Exactly, I have been through more than a few recessions in business, and learned that the only thing that matters to most in a recession is saving money.

        Sounds like you have same strategy with your Niche name, and yes, I agree, find the niche, fill it, and the larger the niche the better. My niche is saving people money, and sadly for most, this niche is growing as the economy stumbles along a bumpy road of uncertainty.

        One thing I can count on, everyone wants to save money in a booming market and in a recession, so you have to find money saving niche in my experence.

        Success to all,
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  • I do case studies, take risks,and experiment. I know there are a lot of room for mistakes with this strategy but I believe that this is the only way I can improve.

    For me affiliate marketing is a continuous learning, more of a trial and error all the time BUT whether I failed or became successful in my IM endeavor, both experiences are useful for growth and success.

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