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Before I continue...This post is my opinion. and is what I have found that works best for me. It doesn't work for everyone!

I get many emails every day and one theme that crops up often is this sort of thing... "I will try this system, but if it doesn't start producing fast I can cancel within the 30-day period and get a full refund."

Of course the buyer needs to be protected from being ripped off, and also some systems do not suit some people. Try Before You Buy is a fair system.


On the other side of this coin is the mindset it can create which causes people to never commit to anything! There is always the Safety Net in place to avoid any stress or hardship. Yet the way most people learn new things is precisely by going outside their own comfort zones with no protection, and taking a risk.

I used to love rock climbing when I was younger, and the biggest buzz by far for me was free climbing. No ropes to fall back on - literally. I used to go to Glencoe in Scotland every year and take enormous risks. I never felt so alive!

Recently I gave up my secure job of 35 years, in order to commit to internet marketing full time. I got rid of my Plan B. I now have to succeed...I felt that same buzz again!

What I am saying is that sometimes a Plan B be can actually hold us back from achieving. When I got married the first time, I went in to it thinking "Oh well. If it doesn't work out we can get a divorce..." That marriage never stood a chance.

If you start your online business with that mindset, my advice to you is not to bother. Just continue doing what you are already doing and stay safe. Do marketing as a hobby. Don't take any risks and you should be fine.


Take care
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    Good points. But first, if I may borrow your disclaimer ...

    Before "I"continue...This post is "my" opinion. and is what "I" have found that works best for me. This is not for everyone, it takes B*lls, commitment and radical persistence.
    As you pointed out, I always work to have a plan "A" only when it comes to business or personal goals.

    The exceptions? When it comes to things outside of my control, i.e other people, the weather, traffic, etc.

    I've found when I commit to my plan A, it motivates or even forces me to always bring my "A" game.

    You have to be extremely careful going into a business, marriage, or anything requiring commitment having a plan B. Because it's tempting to fall back on your plan B , look for the exit door, or the "out" when the going gets tough, inconvenient or hot in the kitchen.

    But I admit, flying without a net (a plan B) takes b*lls or (backbone if you're female). It's not for the faint of heart.

    You can almost recognize the ones who have no plan B, they take more calculated risk, they lead, they're not afraid to look weird, be criticized, called crazy or take hits to achieve their goal.

    They don't scare as easy as those who have a plan B,C or D. Plus, they have more of a ... "Whatever it Takes" Attitude" when serving prospects and customers.

    As opposed to a ... "The Least I Can Do for the Money" Attitude. (Of those with a comfy plan B or C).
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    No plan B for sure, you're just planting your escape window with it subconsciously!
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