Practising "White Magic"

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Something that perhaps all of us should practise more, but I had never heard of this method being put this way....and that is the "White Magic" of listening. That is to pay close attention to those who are speaking.
If you pay attention to them, they feel happier and more valuable - their heart rate speeds up and would be more likely to "connect" with you, earning you their respect. Would'nt this help you in your business?
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    Why would it be called "White Magic" though? Wouldn't it just be called listening attentively?
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    I could argue that 90% or more of what we could call
    magic is about your attentiveness... if you were to call
    Yoga or ChiKung white magic that would be close to
    true - these disciplines are about how and where you
    focus your mind, predominantly.

    You can attain a very full state of consciousness by
    just listening very attentively with your ears. You can
    hear the ventricles of your heart opening and closing,
    you can hear the blood whooshing in your arteries, not
    to mention what is outside of your body.
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    Yes, it is very real. There are a lot of things in this world that you cannot see - yet work in harmony with us or against us.
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    I agree that listening is a form of white magic - too often we spend so much time talking and doing, but I know through my own work as an intuitive practitioner that if I didn't listen I would not be of any use to my clients.

    Listening is a gift you give to other people - it does make them feel validated and appreciated and it costs nothing but time to give. You can use this to improve your business, your relationships and your life - truly magic

    Thankyou for the post
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    Yes, I would suggest that the "White Magic" part is reffering to the results you can attain by listening and paying close attention to those you are communicting with. They feel what they have to say is appreciated and is of value, and are therefore more likely to respect and "connect" with you - something that I would say would be invaluable in business.
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