Slower is Better... Apparently.

by edmltw
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Just found this small gem lying around and I decided to share it with you guys

Apparently slowing down your actions and taking deliberate ones can improve your focus and achieve goals in more a timely manner. The principle of which is based on "Mindfulness".

This principle can be applied to anything, and it makes mundane stuffs more much rewarding and enriching.

Next time before you rush into some new shiny project, take a step back, finish whatever you currently doing at a concentrated pace, and you will find the real gold pot right beside you.

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    Hey Ed,

    Nice little idea. I actually just wrote a little post about the exact same concept - focusing on one task at a time.

    I think it is a really important idea, these days everyone is rushing around or looking for something to fill in every last minute of their day and people just really need to slow down. Here is a really awesome story about Matthieu Ricard, a Biochemist who became a Buddhist Monk, and how he's learned to slow down in life: Want to be happy? SLOW DOWN |

    I hope you enjoy!

    Cheers, Zach.
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    I totally agree. Its not all about quantity but over quality.
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    I really appreciate this suggestion particularly because of my age. I'm no granny (yet) but there is tremendous value in simply slowing the heck down. It brings out thoroughness, attention to detail, and an outright ability to impress.

    But. (Lol)

    There are some parts of IM (and any thing really) where, as Zach suggested, focusing on one thing at a time is impossible. If I'm taking Zach's statement too literally, my apologies.

    Today has been quite contradictory for me!
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    Well it's not really slowing your actions. But being in the momemt. Being present. There's countless studies that show that being present when performing a task will increase your performance.



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    Breathe slowly. Move slowly. Chill out. Plan slowly. What's the rush.
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    I'll say that paying close attention to what you are working on at that moment, focusing on the details, and coming up with the best way to entice your followers is lethal. Be in the moment of what you are doing. Peak in the future only if it relates to what you are doing so that you can remind yourself where you're going. With that being said, it's good to have specific, clear goals set. Then you can just reason down from there and tackle tasks attentively one at a time.

    Just my thoughts,
    Jordan S. Daniels
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    You could say plan it carefully from A TO Z and hit action !
    Slowing down your actions cause you no-interest or no-excitement and could lead you not achieving the expectation... ending up with failure .

    Open to hear from you ,Always looking for smart people to share with them :)

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    I meditate with this concept of putting things in slow motion when I try to solve a problem. I grabbed this tip from a hypnosis guru and am getting better at it as time goes by.
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    Just remember that this principle applies to the process of taking action.

    If you slow down to the point of "Paralysis of Analysis" is not good either.

    As the other saying goes, "You slow, you blow."

    So slow yourself down (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc) but not to the point of stopping your momentum altogether.
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    That's really true, we always want it now! our dreams and Goals, that's why we make decisions that ruin our plans, we forget that in our journey there's always a gem along the way, we just jump from one project to another even if it is not done yet

    Patience is the key so you can see your progress!
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  • I agree. Completing one task at a time can get you further than trying to finish everything at once.
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    This does work. You really have to slow down and focus on every single part of the process of any project you take on. You might actually find yourself having fun.
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