Looking For An Accountability Partner - IM Experience At Least 1-2 Yrs

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I've a good experience in IM, SEO, web-development stream, making decent money from my online work. I've a financial goal which I want to achieve., it's about making online passive income (apart from my regular work).

I'm looking for an accountability partner who has at least 1-2 yrs of IM experience so that we've at least some compatibility.

I need an accountability partner who is hungry like me to achieve his/her goal.

You can hold me accountable and I can hold you accountable. If you're interested then send me PM and will get in touch soon!

It's a humble request: PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOUR INTENTION IS TO SELL ANYTHING, I'm serious about my goal & just need an honest person like me.
#accountability #excerience #partner #yrs

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