washing cloths by hand is hard work

by Odahh
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life offers many way to do hard work it you want to ..it can take hours to do by hand ..what can be done by a machine after just a few minutes taken to throw stuff in .

and there are people who choose to live off grid..carry buckets of well water to wash cloths ..

the world we live in is quickly developing washing machines for almost every task .. reducing the amount of time need and effort..by huge factors ..

there are two kinds of hard work ..you will do in your life and a warning ..

the first type is the stuff that needs to be done every day or on a regular basis .that takes time effort or expense ..

the second type of hard work.. and that hardest type for most people to grasp.. is constantly improving and figuring out how to get those things done with less effort time expense and get them done with the same quality or better .

jobs usually invlove the first type of work.. while businesses and owners get wealthy because they do the second type of work,

now the education system ..that is used around the world..basically trains people to do jobs ..to earn money ..to buy the things they need on a regular basis .

but more and more of the gadgets we have ..make it possible to produce mnany of the things you need on a regular basis ..

you can maximize income..but you can also put effort into learning how to use these things ..and reduce the amount of money you need to spend each day ..
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