How did you change your mindset and circle of friends ?

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How did you change your mindset and circle of friends ?
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    Mindset about what? Why do you want to change your circle of friends?

    Details please


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    By examining your beliefs that perpetuate a certain pattern of "mindset" or thinking, you also in turn change the reality we call life, that is reflected back at you, and in some cases that may or may not include a different group of friends.
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    Change your own little universe first and then others will follow.

    Want a tip?

    Be bold.

    Brass balls for instance.
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    well it requires first knowing what your mindset is ,,

    if i asked you what your mindset was in detail..could you answer me ,,
    Let me ..

    there is so much parroting of the concept of changing your mindset.. and to a great extent is sort of like telling people to eat better ,,

    let me point out two areas of your mindset that might require fundamental changes ..

    what is your time perspective ,, are you day to day week to week..paycheck to paycheck..month to month ,,

    does it take to damn long to cook minute rice ?

    a vast majority of the most successful people took at least a decade after they started their first business to earn their first million .. yes it can be done faster now.. but a dollar is worth a lot less than it was ten years ago ..

    you have to develop a realistic expectation of the time it takes to make lifetime changes ,,, you can expect them to happen in 15 minutes a day for 3 days a week for 90 days ,,

    learn to cook ..and then bake stuff ,, and understand what happens when you cook something for 30 minutes that needed 60 ..

    don't do that test with meat.. try something that will just taste bad and not something that might cause major illness or food poisoning ,,

    then at some point move on to growing food ,, when you have a patch of land that you can take a few years to build healthy productive soil ,,

    and ask yourself if you are static in your skills development or dynamic ..meaning ,,

    because of talent when you try something and your good at it you like doing it..but you do not believe you can get any better at it ,, so your skills are static and its a search for what you are good at , and away from what you are not good at ,

    or when you do stuff you have a static outlook..meaning you may not be that great at it ,, but there is a process you can implement to improve those skills ,, now there is plenty you may find you can't really every master ,, but you can become profiecient despite lack of talent ,,

    as for circles of friend is simple ,, as you try to get better at things and develop skills connect with people doing that .. and ask for advice and tips ,, and make friends with those who you get along with well
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    Originally Posted by dyaonna View Post

    How did you change your mindset and circle of friends ?
    I defined a goal of how I wanted to live and studied, studied and studied success! When I realized that my talents and results were not matching up I had to change...and change drastically! By having this awareness I was able to study the correct resources, adopt new habits and consume my day with thoughts, actions and feelings that were in alignment with the direction I wanted to take! That was the mind set part.

    Changing my circle of friends was by product of the process, no drama was required as there was a natural gravitation away from the negative people and towards like minded individuals...this will be an automatic process of changing your mind set.
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    To change your mindset, you have to identify exactly what is not working for you and what your thinking is on this behaviour that you aren't too keen about. What are the critical voices in your mind (your unconscious thinking or auto pilot behaviour)This is where you have to start. When you get some clarity ie your inner voice tells you that you will never make it in IM. (this is just an example) Then you do a little reality checking. Ask questions like " How do you know? Is this fear talking etc. Having this process guided by a course or a book is very helpful because it is complex but once you start rolling, it will be hard to stop you.
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    Hi D,

    I vibed higher and higher.....and higher and higher....and higher ...through diligent daily personal development, and then listened to my intuitive nudges. This happens quite effortlessly and naturally the more you do freeing but sometimes uncomfortable stuff

    Anytime one clings - and the old me, did, oh boy did he cling LOL - you're vibing too long, meaning you're still an energy match for the folks you want to let go. Vibe higher. You'll feel better about releasing non matches, then, you'll let go happily.

    Keep vibing high!

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Back in June I moved to an affluent area of London. I had a hunch I'd pick up on the good vibes in the neighbourhood. Well it definitely worked because I got a really good job after a month of looking.

    You can get a similar vibe from just visiting successful places.
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    There's a thing called conditions of worth. It's how you have been conditioned by life (parents, school and community) to see yourself and your inherent value. If you see yourself as of low worth, then you won't earn much. You might not earn anything. But you can change your own conditions of worth, and this will definitely help in your business and your life. Every minute you put into personal development, every dollar, is worth so much more on the other end!

    Want well-written articles from a native English speaking writer? Want them written quickly with the minimum of fuss? Want one revision free?

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