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Hey Guys,

Back in the Day I tried every way under the
sun to make Money from Home ...

I bought lots of Ebooks and spent tons of
money on Stuff

I used to spend hours on the Warrior Forum
clicking on links until I thought my head would

here's what I found...

The Most important thing you can do is FOCUS
and take consistent action

For the most part people can accomplish more
if they Focus on one task until completion


Pick something you enjoy doing and find a way to
make money at it

Network -- Attend Live Events. - Dont try to do it
all yourself - 1 + 1 = 3

Find a Mentor - A Good Mentor can take months or
even years off your learning curve and introduce you
to the right people

Help Others - As little as you think you know there
are people who will look up to you. Always be generous
with your help. It will come back to you 10 fold

anyway .. I'm not trying to be a "Know it all" here. These
are some things I have found to be helpful to me

Jack Bastide
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    Here, I list 100 things, people on told me you that couldn't do. Many still think that you can't achieve much on that site. The moral is, you can surprise everyone, including yourself (I know I have, living up here 60 miles north of Aberdeen), when you put your mind to it.

    (and yes i was being facitious when I wrote this, but did achieve everything listed below, after beign told that you couldn't. I list them not brag or for an ego trip, but to show you what you can achieve online staying 14 miles past the back of beyond.)


    1. You can't grow your ecademy network staying 14 miles past the back of beyond
    2. You can't generate 400 testimonials on Ecademy in less than 10 years, it takes a long time to build relationships apparently
    3. You can't reach the top 100 ranks on Ecademy without attending London Events
    4. You can't generate a 59% positive response to an email campaign to Ecademists (and get record spam complaints too)
    5. You can't get Thomas Power to travel 500 miles+ to have a 121 with you. ( We found each other in Aberdeen no problem)
    6. You can't write a book in 24 hours (even if it does take 6 mths to edit)
    7. You can't get a room of Blackstars to touch their nose and then do a world's first - "dance networking" (couse you can)
    8. You can't show a fellow ecademist how to generate 100 referrals in a week (I did. just ask
    Iain Whyte)
    9. You can't create an automated self qualifying lead generation system using Ecademy (it all starts with my profile )
    10. You can't get testimonials from Thomas, Penny, Paul, William, Judith and Glenn (yup you can - OK Glenn's is a video one)
    11. You can't generate over 9500 views to a blog that's not about becoming a blackstar. (Yup, but you're gonnae have to find it)
    12. You can't keep apologising when you cock up, people will get annoyed. (Best way I think IS to apologise after you cock up)
    13. You can't keep offering excellent diagnostic tools for FREE, you should charge for them. (you're right, Testing is over!)
    14. You can generate over 160 comments to a blog unless you're the management
    15. You can't generate over 50 testimonials in a single evening - You can if you deliver value.
    16. You can't offer 100% of your turnover for the next month to another ecademist to help them out of a financial hole.
    17. You can't give up your quality time in the evening just to help people in desperate situations. (why not?)
    18. You can't generate 4000 views to an April Fool blog about aliens. (I did enjoy this one.)
    19. You can't have a bigger queue to your speaking slot than the queue to the dragons den slot at the same event (
    I can try )
    20. You can't be a member of Last Thursday, WCP and BS and still be taken seriously
    21. You can't generate over £5000 from Marketplace ads in less than 24 hours (you wont if you believe no-one reads them)
    22. You can't get new members to visit your profile without emailing them a welcome message
    23. You can't have both
    Jim Wade and William Buist's phone numbers on your mobile. Course you can, they're both amazing !
    24. You can't get testimonials from 100 Blackstars unless you're the management. (now theres a challenge)
    25. You can't have a call to action in your blogs, that's too much like "relentless self promotion"
    26. You can't generate a 2400% ROI for a fellow ecademist. (Why not ask
    Dylan Jones)
    27. You can't sell in your autoresponders its too much like "relentless self promotion" (so why would you follow up someone ??)
    28. You can't keep giving valuable advice in your blogs, people will copy it, worse still profit from it
    29. You can't crowd dive at a Blackstar Christmas party or dance with members of the same sex
    30. You can't make a
    rap song from a blog, get 90 comments and generate money for Charity
    31. You can't go just making indiscriminate donations to ecademists charities or fund raising
    32. You can't generate testimonials without giving testimonials first (Bollocks.)
    33. You can' run a commercial club and a touchy feely spiritual club - that'll send out mixed messages
    34. You can't write a blog entitled Oggie. Oggie Oggie. No-one will read it, never mind comment on it.
    35. You can't repeatedly keep wanting to be nice to people who you know stab you in the back and kick you in the nuts
    36. You can't ask people for testimonials if they've blagged your IPR for FREE
    37. You can't go 28 hours without sleep just to produce work for a client for them not to use it or pay you (nope, never again)
    38. You can't get people to sign an NDA for a 1-2-1 (its just not the Dunn thing to do.)
    39. You can't earn £1000 for an hour's work on behalf of fellow ecademists, and them think it's excellent value
    40. You can't start up a club on ecademy and expect to have members from over 40 countries.
    41. You can't have an interest in more than one business - you must stay focussed
    42. You can't use twitter as a serious marketing tool it's for sending messages to your girlfriend
    43. You can't get people to travel from America and turn up a day early for one of your workshops
    44. You can't keep that level of energy up - I'll give you 3 months at the most.
    45. You can't afford to miss a blackstar day, (You can't afford to go, and not give value)
    46. You can't say one thing and do another - I know, its annoying when you see people do it, isn't it
    47. You can't just want to help people - noone is that naive what about the money? (some people are "wired" diferently )
    48. You can't socialise with people on Last Thursday if you are a Blackstar
    49. You can't give someone a blank cheque at a 1-2-1 & ask them to quantify the value they've just given you
    50. You can't go to a networking event without an Elevator Pitch, Killer Qualify Question & Free Item of value - but most do
    51. You can't speak to 65 Ecademists by phone in a single day. (why not?)
    52. You can't get a £10,000 sale from an Ecademist you haven't met, in a country you haven't even visited
    53. You can't read a blog about horse sex, then consider staying at the woman's house who wrote it.
    54. You can't write a blog and get 2000 views about 10 things to consider when buying a sheep (worth a try)
    55. You can't give out fake winning lottery tickets at a networking event just for a laugh
    56. You can't turn a complainee into a customer via Ecademy - those that press that complaint button are a funny lot
    57. You can't go giving copies of your book about Ecademy away for FREE - I know, I must change that
    58. You can't generate 200 referrals in a week completely online.
    59. You can't get a testimonial from Jim Wade he's a cynical old bugger
    60. You can't use the word "tit" in a blog and not receive a single complaint
    61. You can't keep telling people accusing you of spam on Ecademy to start using the same tools Ecademy.offer you
    62. You can't get people in a different country to complete a coaching program without a "face-to-face"
    63. You can't phone up an Ecademist feeling lonely in a Singapore hotel, and say "Smile. I read your blog"
    64. You can't give away your clients and the income stream to other Ecademists to generate cashflow for them
    65. You can't get ecademists to phone you up and apologise to you for them being an "arse" - you can
    66. You can't write a book on how to make money on ecademy if you don't own the website
    67. You can't get accommodation in Marble Arch for less than £40 a night (you can if your Scottish)
    68. You can't get100,000 marketing questions answered by Ecademists to find out where the real opportunities lie
    69. You can't keep putting other people first, despite your own technical, financial, family and health challenges.
    70. You can't go to appointments having not fully qualified the prospect first. (I know. But some people do.)
    71. You can't open up and share details about the way you feel about your mum, people will laugh. (well I cried!)
    72. You can't accept a bet that you'll create 20 videos for youtube in a week (oh god, not another late night or two that means I'll miss judgeJudy or Eastenders)
    73. You can't go to a networking event and arrive without business cards - I know but some people do.
    74. You can't create a networking audit or networking ROI calculator as there's not a market for it
    75. You can't make an impact, impression or contribute on Ecademy unless you are a blackstar
    76. You can't get ecademists to pay £6,000 for a 2 day training course, as theres no money on ecademy, apparently
    77. You can't increase someone's Life Time Value of a Client by 3-400% & give them, 5 new revenue streams. (Why not? )
    78. You can't give advice to someone with a business that's bigger and better than yours (If I want to, I can )
    79. You can't give the same advice to 4 different people in 4 different types of businesses (if they need it, I will)
    80. You can't network with 2 glamorous Russian Ladies in the back of a taxi having just left the Tower hotel
    81. You can't create software to help Ecademists to get an even faster ROI from their membership
    82. You can't generate
    400 quality testimonials without meeting them all personally at 121s first?
    83. You can't do dance networking at a Blackstar day and have all the blackstar babes behaving like "Legs n Co"
    84. You cant play golf on a links course, fly 500 miles and then be in a meeting in London for 10.00 am.
    85. You can't charge £12,000 a day for your time - guess you haven't met my good friend
    Marcus Cauchi, for he does !
    86. You can't proactively reach out to people you don't know on Ecademy for they'll consider it spam (how ironic is that?)
    87. You can't use your club home page to beat competitors for a page 1 listing on google
    88. You can't use twitter to promote your ecademy events and test copy on your marketplace ads
    89. You can't get 40 marketplace advert headlines written for you (in less than 1hr) specifically to test your new product/service
    90. You can't go to a 121 at the Institute of Accountants and spend 2 hours telling jokes & doing magic tricks
    91. You can't get an invite to have lunch with a record producer to further your daughter's singing career
    92. You can't use Ecademy to get your daughter #1 on google for "
    uk female solo artist" beating all the big name artists
    93. You can't generate over 8000 views to your video on youtube about how to use ecademy
    94. You can't keep promoting the virtues of ecademy as part of your core business model, but hey, I'm like that
    95. You can't use ecademy to beat 10m others for the #1 slot on google for "business networking club"
    96. You can't be a Blackstar on Ecademy for 3 years and not yet had a 121 with Penny Power (ooh a date with penny, x)
    97. You can't randomly phone ecademists in other countries and try to help them get PR in their local newspaper
    98. You don't think people would drive to 60 miles north of Aberdeen just to pay you to come on your coaching program - the same day they agree to do it (400 mile round trip.)
    99. You can't possibly help an Ecademist win their kids back in a custody battle, and sway the court hearing on the other side of the planet without you physically being there.
    100. You can't match his legendary hospitality or out drink
    Rory Murray on Red Wine. I agree - that is impossible.

    I know. I know....

    I must try harder.

    Maybe there's things on Ecademy people told you, you can't do either, and you've proved yourself and them wrong too. Or if you haven't heard of it, or experienced it, I think you might find it an interesting site to explore. I don't own it, manage it or am including any affiliate links, just listing my experience above for your perusal.

    Hope it helps

    Kind Regards


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    Hi jack,

    I absolutely agree. Find a good mentor who has already achieved what you want to. Surround yourself with that person and study them. Stay on the path and do not let your mind wonder.

    Stay in the present moment too. When you stay in the present moment you can't lose focus. If you keep going into the future or the past you will not get done what you are supposed to do today! and people wonder why things keep going wrong

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    Can't agree more Jack, your points make it sound like you have been reading my mail...LOL Thanks for getting this out there.
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    I agree 100% . . . Focus is everything!
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    Couldn't agree more. Focus and take consistent action.
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    It can be very easy to get information overload with all of the information out there. I completely agree that it is essential that you choose one program and FOCUS on it.

    The Truth about Making Money Online!

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    Jack I couldn't agree more. I wasted weeks reading hundreds of Free emails inducements from so called internet marketing experts. It wasn't until I realised that all I was doing was opening emails all day and getting nowhere that I understood that I needed to take action. I go a plan, a focus and a mentor. Now I am seeing advancement every day. I am going forward and have already made my first sale (first of many I hope). So to anybody reading this who is new. Stop wasting time and get an action plan in place. Plan to do so much each day, Take care Jack and good luck. Terry
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    The power of the mind, Anyone can do anything!

    All My Secret Strategies Exposed -

    View My Blog For $1000 + FREE Info -

    Decide Your Own Income -

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    Hey Jask - this is a great post! Thanks!

    I agree with you when you said, "The Most important thing you can do is FOCUS and take consistent action."

    Mentors / Coaches, helping other people and remembering that what you do (good or bad) ALWAYS comes back tenfold are 100% true, IMHO. I agree 100%.
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    We can focus if we love and enjoy the things that we do or work. I personally love my job and I agree that helping other people succeed adds up to our success too. A good mentor can also be an inspiration that can push us to our limits.
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    To be succesfull you must focus on your work and to think your steps that you must make to have a good bussiness. Also you must have a great team that will support you when you have problems.
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    I do agree with you, focus on things that I can focus on and work on it, be consistent. Instead of doing so many things at once, but receive nothing at the end.

    Thank you for sharing this

    Whatever it is, don't give up

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    I think on top of being focus you need to have faith in what you are doing, if you don't you will almost always quit one step form success.

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    these are some good tips I really agree on this one ...
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    Yep - Maintain Your focus and keep working towards your goals.

    I think losing sight or focus gives us the wobbles, but don't dismiss the need for mental "refreshening" too, as too much focus can lead to burn out.
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