Ira Glass on creative work

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This is a little paraphrased, so it may not be 100% correct:

"All creative work is trying to be crap. No matter what it is, it's striving all the time to become crap, and it's your job to ruthlessly find out where it's trying to be crap and make it stop."

I heard this just now, said "OMG that's so true," and stopped writing so I could run in here and post it.
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    Too many craps in that quote...

    I find it hard to associate "creative work" with "crap", being creative is having the ability to come up with original ideas. Where did you get this quote?
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      I like Ira Glass's stuff a lot. He has a book or two out as
      well, but I haven't read them.

      I understand where that POV is coming from. Funny.
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      Originally Posted by MovingAhead View Post

      Where did you get this quote?
      He did a series of little audio files about storytelling, which I was listening to on my Zune while I worked. I don't remember where I got them.
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