My feelings get out of control sometimes..

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Sometimes i get feelings that i cant control, its like a temptation, and sometimes i cant control it, my feelings make me want to kill someone, no joke.. my therapist told me to look up harm OCD, and i basically have that...

It was never like this, only until i started getting spiritually evolved... it was like i had a choice, either find love in my heart or kill the whole world, i would have been a spiritualist instead of a business guy, i feel like i missed out on my potential because of what happened...

What would you suggest?
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    Man, that must be hard what you are going through!

    I found it super helpful for me to accept all feelings and to experience them. That does not necessarily mean acting on them!

    Emotions are there for a reason. They are trying to tell you something, but the origins don't have to be in the present.

    I would suggest being curious as to what your rage is trying to tell you.
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    It's perfectly normal since you're deprived of love. Oh wait, you might finally find that elusive love and still want to kill the world. As megadeath says, kill one and you're a murderer, kill many and you're a conqueror - kill them all and ooohh you're a GOD!
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    on my path of spiritual growth .. i have had to accept that i am an asshole playing a nice guy most of the time ..

    there is no one you can kil who will get you out of the box you are in that society as a whole likes to put everyone in ..

    so apperently to be a business minded person in your view is exculisive of being spiritual minded ..

    so society tell you if you want to be and look spiritual may require embracing poverty ..while to get rich as a business person may require being a bad person and getting away with doing bad things ..

    now i might be somewhat off ,, but there is some glaring personal belief in your post that seem to say.. a person can't be both a spiritual person and a business person ..

    now for me my spiritual path properly reset and start on solid ground has involved walking a line of poverty and becoming near zen like..but now that path is leading to how can be happy healthy and build wealth ..

    now right now you might want to destroy the world.. then when you think of being a siritually minded business person.. you might try to save the world ..

    can you be a business person who makes the world around you better and those around you better in some or many positive ways..and serve as an example to others that it can be done ..

    now as for the uncontrollable rage and wanting to kill games ..great place to vent need to play more video games

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    It's tough but the best thing about this is you are aware of it. Simply put you can now work on improving yourself in multiple areas of your life and it's never too late to start that.

    Three pillars to life are health, wealth and happiness. Find some goals in all three of these areas and work towards them. As you start to succeed your whole outlook should change, you will feel happier in yourself and these emotions you are feeling will be much easier to deal with and most likely much less frequent.
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    When you're feeling like that go for a run.

    Also start meditating 5 minutes every morning.

    It's that simple!
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