How come i dont follow through with stuff on WF?

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Hey guys,

i have this situation where ill get stuck on marketing or something business related, post to WF get a shit ton of great answers, get excited, but then dont take any action, it feels all overwhelming and scary..

What do you guys think?
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    Simple: You don't believe in what you're doing. I.E. You don't believe "it" will work as advertised -- whatever "it" may be. And that's normal. I don't believe everything I read either. So do something that you really, really, really believe in instead.

    That's what Tesla did.

    Died broke as hell, but he accomplished things in the past that people are still trying to figure out today nonetheless. And he "won."

    He won the world.

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    Maybe your trying to do too many things at once. Try focusing on each individual step before moving on to the next but still keeping an understanding that there is a end goal in mind.
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    Yup, break the work down into bite-sized chunks.

    Write your plan out. Have you done that? Make a checklist and check those steps off as you complete them.

    But really, my impression of what the OP has to do is...

    ...make the ACTUAL FACT of having the results more valuable than the IDEA of having the results.

    Right now, it's easier to daydream.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Yup, break the work down into bite-sized chunks.

      Write your plan out. Have you done that? Make a checklist and check those steps off as you complete them.

      But really, my impression of what the OP has to do is...

      ...make the ACTUAL FACT of having the results more valuable than the IDEA of having the results.

      Right now, it's easier to daydream.
      I agree with what Jason said. The #1 reason I don't follow through with things is if I don't have a complete plan on what I need to do. If I see it on paper, I know I will follow through because once it is written down it becomes very "real" to me.
      Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
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    its a hard truth to swallow but i get it, i have to get off daydream island and keep going until i see physical results, im so in another world, but the reality is the results that i deliver, GREAT info!

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      What worked for me in my 20 year offline sales career, and in the early days of launching my Internet business was.....accomplish something REAL meaningful everyday.

      There is always a lot of little things to do, maybe they are worthwhile, maybe not, but accomplishing 1 BIG thing everyday you will start to notice real fast. You have to figure out the difference.
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    Hi Cj,

    The practical tips above are awesome. All can surely help you BUT....unless you crave freedom over doing uncomfortable things you will ignore every single one. And you'll be back in the same spot next week, or next month, or next year

    I like Jeff's meaningful tip. I'll share my insight: you act based on your motive. Like, every one of these tips makes complete sense. I agree. Yet, if my love of being comfortable is greater than my love of freedom my comfortable motivate outweighs my freedom motive. You'll DO the comfy thing; skipping on practical business-building advice, which keeps you comfy, and of course, bound (ie, you won't follow through).

    Sit in a quiet room. See your most freeing dream life. Write your freeing driver down on a piece of paper. Carry the paper with you. Everywhere. The freeing driver is your freeing compass. If you read Tony's and nm's and Jason's advice above you may say to yourself, "Makes sense..."....but when you see your freeing driver on paper you follow good advice immediately. One or all of these tips may vibe with you, and 10 seconds later you're following their lead.

    Follow through = action.

    When you hunger for freedom more than you fear doing uncomfortable stuff (taking these actions), you'll follow through immediately and you will grow your business. Get clear on your freeing why. Hold this overpowering, invincible motive. It will raise you to heights that WILL astound you. I am approaching 200 products on Amazon; 11 months ago I had zero products on Amazon. I love my freedom more than anything, so I create

    Can't wait to see you following through!

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    It all comes down to motivation. You are not motivated enough that's why you are not following through.

    This is most probably because either you don't have a strong why. e.g. If i put a gun to your head and told you that if you didn't take action i would pull the trigger. I guarantee that you would take action. You would not go to a forum to ask for tips on how to take action

    Or you don't believe in yourself. I.e. Why would you go something if you didn't believe it was the right thing for you/that it would work. Start building some confidence and don't be afraid of failure.


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      I'd be interested to know if there are other areas of your life that you struggle to take action.

      There was something I watched that spoke about not telling everyone about what you are going to achieve or want to achieve because when people give you positive feedback you feel as good as if you had actually achieved your goal already, so when the time comes to take action you feel less inclined to.

      You have to do something, nothing comes without doing. Ideas without actions are just dreams, wishes or passing thoughts.

      Fear is what inhibits most people from taking action. I like what I heard recently, that behind fear is the person you wish to become; you just have to move through it.

      Our intentions and motivations can be a factor as well. It sounds like your intention to start with is to get answers to things that you need help with but the motivation to apply those answers isn't something that comes naturally to you, so at the point you receive answers you need to set a new intention.

      Your first intention...... Get answers to a question

      Your next intention could be...... Look at what's needed to apply one of the suggestions.

      You said you often get a ton of good ideas but they're not all going to be good, some may require more time than others, resources you don't have, the use of certain skill sets you need to learn.

      Until you set a new intention of sifting through them you stay stuck at having answers and not applying them.

      Keep pushing forwards.
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    Embrace the scariness and just do it. I think you're expecting it to feel good and comfortable but the reality is that trying something new and moving out of your comfort zone will always be scary and it is actually an indicator that you're moving in the right direction.

    You need to make a shift where you're sick of comfort and embrace discomfort. Your old identity doesn't want you to take action and risk the possibility of failure. Be aware that your emotions are against you but if you take action anyway eventually your emotions will come on your side.
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    The problem is there is no one to hold you responsible for the lack of action but yourself. That and a combination of fear of failure. When you start investing time, effort and even money in your ideas that mindset will change and you will start feeling more accountable for your actions.
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    For me, it's information overload. If you're getting a ton of useful tips everyday from any source, it's hard to implement them all at once. And then the next day, you get more useful tips which put the previous ones out of mind. The best idea is to write down the best tips you find in the form of a to-do list so you can slowly start implementing them.
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    Information overload is a real thing like kikolani wrote. It lead me to constantly trying to find the "right" thing to do rather than just doing anything. I'm going to add 1 more thing to everything everyone already said, take if it it's not too much info, otherwise disregard.
    Every night before you go to bed write a daily report to yourself. Do it like this:
    1. Accomplishments: (What did you do today that got you closer to your goal?)
    2. Goals for tomorrow: (This has to be done the day before so it can be objective. Once you are in the day you can no longer be objective about your goals because you have the emotion of the day. So write out the things you will do tomorrow that you won't let yourself go to sleep until you accomplish)
    3. Problems/Challenges: (Write out anything that came up that was an issue, then write out 3 solutions to each one of your problems)
    4. Rate yourself 1-100: Give yourself a score based on how you think you did for the day

    This has been the biggest way for me to keep track of everything I'm doing, and make sure I have a focused list of what to do before the day starts
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      Is Internet Marketing your Real Purpose? I mean, let's put aside your initial excitement and be very Honest with yourself.

      Would you like to work everyday to reach your Internet Marketing goals, even for Free? If yes, can you try or spend more time to focus on what excites you about Internet Marketing?

      If not, what kind of activity excites you more/the most without thinking too much about it?
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    I don't follow through either, that's why I rely on the intuition I developed using very specific commands before the enlightenment kicked in and experienced salvation.
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    Hi CJ, you can't follow through on something if you don't know what to follow through on! In other words you need an Action Plan and as Ryan says, you need to be prepared to get 'uncomfortable' and take action on your Action Plan. But before you do any of that, the first thing you need to do is to take an inner journey into YOU. Find your big WHY for doing whatever it is you want to do and use it to drive you to action. You'll then drive right through the uncomfortable bit and come out victorious! All the best.
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