Some people to inspire you / get your mind right in the morning set for the day

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Hi guys, new warrior here and glad to be part of the community. I am very much into getting my mind right and getting into the creative flow of life from the get go.
In the morning we are most influenced by external variables, which is why I'm giving you the resources in creating motivation and passion. However, it does not mean that you are limited to only listening in the morning; listen as much as you can as this stuff really does air the flames of trying to become the best version of yourself possible.

Here are some of the resources which I use to get me in the right state:

Les Brown
This guy is a successful motivator who has gone from one extreme to the other. You know when someone has such passion in their voice when telling a story, it makes you want to push through with your dreams and excites you. If you watch enough of his stuff though, he does repeat himself sometimes but there are some videos which are priceless.

Eric Thomas
The drive and passion in this mans voice will get you ready for greatness. Listen to some of his stuff and it will inspire you. (INspire - The spirit within - love that word)

Real London
Nice series where this guy interviews some of the greatest minds, check for Elliot Hulse and Joe Kowazaki which are good ones, helping you see the state of mind and advice that the greats have to offer.

Tony Robbins
Probably the most well-known on this list, he motivates the elites and normal people as well, holding seminars where he doesn't stop for hours and hours. The energy this guy has is intense and one to learn from as he is a master of NLP, subtly changing your mind state and giving you techniques to live a better life.

Add some more in the comments guys, who motivates you the most?
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    All very good people but nothing beats having someone face to face who you both can push one another.
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