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Just shut down your computer and "Go Outside"! ha ha

Seems so easy to just work online, next thing you know the day is over with, and you're still not done all you wanted to do. It's great to have a passion but it can be a vicious never ending cycle.

So try to get outside everyday and do something active, walk, jog, play sports, or whatever. And take vacations as much as you can. Besides you can get some work in while on vacation anyway so why not.

Don't wait until this "one day" when you make it bull****. Life is happening "now" and if you're in good health now, then celebrate that. Don't waste too much of it coped up in a dark room sitting behind a computer.

Get out there and try something new, see something new, travel and just have fun. Also by doing this regularly (like everyday) you're best ideas will come to you effortlessly. And those often will be the million dollar ideas that will come to you when you're most relaxed and out there enjoying life.

Food for thought.
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    For sure it helps to re-focus on remember why you push hard online.
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      You're right mate!! ^^ I just know I always lock myself in my bedroom surfing the net about money-making websites these days... but just can't help leaving my computer... thanks for your kind advice ^^ I really need to go outside and breathe in some fresh air !!
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    Get away from your computer and spend some time outdoors, will make you feel much more energised and alive and will increase productivity no end.
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    when was the last time you did something new? the answer to that question is what provokes great innovation of lifetimes!
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    For sure, part of my daily ritual is to hit the gym in the morning. I feel like zombie if I spend all my time in front of the computer.

    I definitely agree that the best ideas come when you're not working. They come when you're doing something completely random.

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    Great post.

    I make sure I go for a walk around the block every 1hr 30mins and i make sure I do my Brazilian Jiu jitsu class on a Mon and Thursday night! without fail.

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    That is the sad part about working at home, and even working a lot in general - we forget that the simplest from of stress-relief is to get a cup of tea and hang out in the garden for an hour or so.

    Get outside.
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    You're absolutely right. I got into Internet marketing so I could travel and have free time to do the things I wanted to do. But I've found that I work long hours in front of the computer. I'm a little addicted to work. I have to remind myself to take a break, get outside. And when I do I thoroughly enjoy it. That's when I appreciate life. Thanks!
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    I would go outside, I really really would, except here it's always 100 degrees out between March and October.

    However, I go outside to feed my chickens every day and I try to spend a little time with them. They're such fascinating creatures... their lives are simple and happy.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    Absolutely go outside. I took a blanket outside the other night to watch the meteor shower.It was awesome to say the least! I probably spent several hours out there and had a gathering of neighbors before it was over. Very refreshing after 12 hours of work.

    yes, I am....

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    If I can I take the laptop out and work under a one of my big shaddy trees.

    However, at the moment its the start of summer, and in central NSW it get up over 35 degrees every day (that nearly 100 F for people using the old system). Mind you the last rays of sun don't disappear untill after 9pm.

    When the day is done and the sun is going down I turn off my computer, put on my thongs (not the underpants type thongs, but the on your feet type thongs)(I dont think people want to see me out in my garden with just my underpants type thongs on) and I go around watering my garden.

    Its nice and relaxing to go around and tend to the plants and then play with the dogs.

    Thats what I love about Christmas in Australia. Its warm, and relaxing. Summer time and everybody in starting to get in the festive spirit. Christmas lunch outside, then off to the beach.

    However, as I siad before it can get hot, like today is going to be at least 35 degrees, and yours truley has been asked to play Santa Clause for the towns Christmas street fair. And unfortunately, Santa still wears his full get up. That means longs thick jacket, long thick pants, hat beard, and wig. oh Ho Ho bloody Ho

    I have been asked to play Santa due to my wonderful personality, not my size. I am a very thin, well thinish, ok normal size, slighty overwieght, chubby person.

    But at least it will be outside. Away from the computer and not worrying about my business.

    But if you happen to hear on the news that a man, a tall, very attractive, thin man dies of heat stroke in Australia, that will probably be me.

    Oh, I can also send you a picture of me in my thong if you want, and not my foot thongs either. But only if you want, and only if you are desperate.

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    Yes. I agree. Going outside for even short breaks from the PC can be revigoring and refreshing. Good post, I just need to remember to take your advice more often as it is so easy to get caught up in the moment working. Next thing you know it's getting late and time to go to bed.
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    Absolutely. Whenever its nice outside, my wife and I take long walks right after work. Sometimes we even go for bike rides. It just helps refresh you. It even makes your day longer
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      Yeah baby, go outside. Sometimes my dogs think I'm glued into this chair in front of the computer, and think I'm glued to this room.

      I have worked at home for almost 10 years. Fortunately, that was for telephone counseling for all but a few months ago. I say fortunately, as I could and did take my phone outside just about anywhere. Be it a blessing or a curse, I couldn't decide, lol.

      If I can't get out to the park to take a walk with the fur kids no job is worthwhile.

      Being a taurus sun with a cancer rising, nature and outdoors is a huge part of me.

      Re-connect with yourself. Ground. Go outside.

      Thanks for bringing this up!

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    Shut my computer and go outside with blackberry on. I still can write something here at warrior forum. How good is that?

    Please read the sig file rules

    Normal size text please.

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    Already I am using in my iPod because its easy for me

    I hate sitting in PC and browsing....seems not good for me..
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    You absolutely need to get away from the pc from time to time and re-engage with the world. Take a walk, stroll through a mall, have lunch with a friend - go be with people!
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