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There was a huge daemon in a village.Who regularly used to eat some

persons of the village.The villagers were weak so they could not do anything.

Once a boy came in the village and he saw all this.

He asked the villagers that why they are not killing the daemon.Villagers said

that the daemon is too big to be killed.

Then the boy said that the daemon is so big that if you will throw stone on

the daemon,it will touch on any part for sure.After this the attitude of the

villagers got changed and the killed the daemon with stones.

A right attitude can make possible to impossible.
#attitude #power
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    Very good and great as a metaphor.

    The bigger the problem the more avenues there are to deal with it and the more people have been there and dealt with it.

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    I read a similar story like this, the message states that whether the enemy is big or small, when we stick together there is nothing that we can't do.
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    I think that this one refers to team work ....
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    Just like the leadership expert said, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!
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