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Most of us have tried to set goals in the past and kind of not gotten there. Thinking that goal setting doesn't work. Well the truth is that for some people goal setting doesn't work. That's because some people do it wrong and some people do it right but still don't get results.

There are 3 kinds of people in the world...

Fast, Medium and Slow.


They set a goal and then go do as many things humanly possible to reach it. Making a lot of mistakes along the way, correcting those mistakes as they arise. This is because those kind of people don't care that they make many mistakes. Their personalities are as such that they NEED to go fast. Time is always against them. This allows them to just go. Being less prepared, doing less research etc. This makes them quick at making decisions and act on fast information without doing the proper research.


Being a little more careful with what they choose and are not as fast to take action, taking the steady approach to things.


These people are slow at making decisions, they need to prepare, do the proper research, dot every i, and cross every t. Needing to do things perfectly by proper researching things and re-checking everything twice to make sure they're doing it right. These people oftentimes never get started. But there is a cure...

How to cater to those 3 personalities:

In any case...here are 5 things you need to do, whatever personality you are.

1) What is relevant in any particular instance and situation, focus on that, then TAKE action.

2) Divide your actions into A) Your MAIN goal, B) smaller goals (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily)

3) To succeed you need to take action. Any action will do (as long as it's action and not research).

4) Set aside a fixed amount of time in the day, doesn't matter when or for how long (Consistency is key for slow movers).

5) Do one of your daily goals and do it until it's done. Just think about your goal, nothing else (not how you feel or if it's too big). Making it a systematic approach. Do the 1, 2, 3 approach. "First I need to do X, then Y, then Z", and just tick each finished item off the list. Make sure you write it down somewhere to see your progress when crossing it off your list.

If a goal is hard to do...make it even harder. EX: if your goal is a "3" in difficulty, make it a 5 or 6. The reason for this is to make that "3" easy in terms of difficulty. And it forces your brain to make more connections as to how to resolve that issue. Effectively giving you MORE experience and reference points to follow.
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    About making your goals more challenging, I would like to add that you can also start by taking one little step, no matter where & how you are and, then, gradually increasing the difficulty every day, to take a more sustainable and less extreme path to successfully follow through.
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    I would say that there are 2 types of people: conscious and unconscious.

    - Unconscious
    In this group are the people who are plug in to the society. When they are kids, they think that they should grown faster and finish the studies. After that, they are looking for a job and at the end... they must getting marry, because the are on the same age with the others in that group.

    - Conscious
    Are the people who know them self and know exactly what they want. How? Everything starts from your home, your parents. If they show you enough love and respect, they are helping you to become yourself. And by becoming yourself, you get anything you need when time will come.
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