Do you weep as you laugh?

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I think many persons (specially men) like to laugh but do not weep because they think men should not weep.But they should weep as they laugh becuse this cleans the mind and provide peace.
If you want to weep but not weeping,this will make your heart hard and i think the heart should be soft.

Just my experience.
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    Weeping is great. It is very therapeutic for the body and emotions!

    Weeping is a detox for your system.

    Id love to see a good film that makes me cry. Last time I cried was when I saw Mariah Carey trying to sing while holding back tears at Michael jackson's funeral.

    For me the hardest thing is seeing somebody cry that always chokes me up.

    It means that a connection to somebodies heart is being opened.

    I mean real genuine emotion and not crocodile tears.

    Ok the problem with men crying is that society has sterotyped men so badly that personally I myself would feel uncomfortable if a man cried in front of me.

    I have very aggressive men as brothers 4 of them and just me, a bit like the Godfather type yet I have seen them all cry on rare occasions so society should make it more acceptable for men to be FREE, and do what needs to be done.

    Crying is beautiful!

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    When I laugh really hard my eyes get watery if that's what you mean by weeping.
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    sometimes I do this all by self when I'm all alone reflecting on my bad past simply because I don't want to keep the sadness and wanted to release it by weeping.
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    I thought I just had broken tear ducts. I cry when I laugh all the time. When I'm especially happy, the tears fall down faster.
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    Only when I laugh really hard I would weep! But I guess we can't control ourselves not to weep when laughing hard , right?? Is it some kind of body system??
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    heh, regardless of your sex - sometimes you just have to cry. It does not make you any less of a man or woman.
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