About to Embark on a Possible Holiday to Hell?

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I am about to set off for Thailand tomorrow with my family for a 2 week holiday. I have been there several times before but this time, my wife and I are very scared. The reason is that over the past week, my 7 year old autistic daughter had the most horrific series of tantrums that we have ever seen.

Some of these tantrums took place in 5 different crowded shopping malls. Others took place at home or at her grandmother's. She suddenly screamed at the top of her voice and jumped up and down violently and was completely hysterical. Each time, there was a crowd around. You can sensed that some of them were thinking that she was a spoilt brat or that we had abused her somehow. We are all very exhausted and fed-up about this.

We are really scared that something like this will happen on the 3 hour flight. She was on respiridone at the moment for controlling hyperactivity and tantrums. We will give her some medication before we board the plane and will ask to be seated in the rear section where there are fewer passengers.

This holiday is essential to us. It is perhaps our only chance to break her cycle of tantrums. I am sure a big contributory factor was that her school was closed 6 weeks early by the Hong Kong government in order to combat the spread of swine flu. I also need the holiday in order to restructure my business which has not been doing well for the past 12 months.

The main reason I gave up my full-time job to work full-time in IM was because of her. But since then, it seems that as soon as one problem starts getting solved, another pops up. I think we have now got to pay more attention to our younger 5 year old normal daughter before she develops lots of psychological problems due to jealousy.

If there is only one lesson that I can learn from this. It is that we have a situation where no amount of money will not be able to cure her. The only thing we can do is to give completely unconditional love expecting nothing in return.

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