Oh, you want a MILLION DOLLARS? You sure you don't want a BILLION?

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From the mouth of Henry Ford, "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right."

We are our own best friend. We are also our own worst enemy.

What most people don't realize is that the power of our mind is amazing! What you believe is what becomes your reality, whether it is true or not.

So think about that when you are setting your goals. Are you going to aim for a million dollars? Why would you do that when there are people making billions? Don't sell yourself short. Always set your expectations high.

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    I agree that success make people stronger, self-confident and like you are saying in this topic, richer.

    But should we strive to the material world? Will money make us more happy or successful?

    I honestly don't think that. Success can be happiness, love, self-respect... everything that can fulfilled our soul.
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    Anahah...i always ask more and than you receive what you have expected at the beginning
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      You know, you're absolutely right, why not a billion?

      Anyone who sets their mind to it can make a billion, but the funny thing most people don't even want a billion, they think it's "too much". Which is why they'll never get it.

      I personally am striving for a billion and I WILL reach it. I agree with mentat47 in that its not always about the money, and I doubt that any of the billionaires today got to where they are with money as their sole motivation.

      Money is the TOOL not the end goal. I want to make a billion because of all the amazing things I'm able to do with that much money, things like being able to set up my family & friends for life, travel the world, pursue my various interests, help people in need, etc.

      So yes, there's enough money out there for all of us to be billionaires, but at the end of the day it's not even about the money it's about the lifestyle, and if someone is perfectly happy with millions or even just hundreds of thousands, then so be it.
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    well , good luck first make tens of millions then becoming a venture capatalist ..if you are thinking billin..how can you majorly change the world ..

    maybe the reason you don't think billion..is you are still trying to figure out if you will have enough for rent in a month or two..

    you want to think billion.. fine..pick out the the yacht you want the private jet..where you want your multi million dolar mansions..the 7 or so .. how many top of the line sports cars you want in your garage..

    imagine being able to spend 30 40 or fifty thousand dollars on a watch or a pair of shoes and a nice suit ..haveing teams of servent ..manning your yachts and taking care of your many mansion..and top nauch security..making sure no one tries to kidnap you or your family members..

    how about the list of politician you have to invest in ..er contribute to..to have influence in government ..

    see you can think a few million and have the nice house and the vacation houses where you want them..charteing jets or flying first class ..and the stuff that goes along with that..and it is probably a big jump from where you are now ..

    at some point it goes from the life you want to a high priced game of mine is bigger than yours so i win .. and just take a look at trump .. for confirmation ..

    personally ill be happy with my luxry resort on some little tropical island ..haha..or multipiple small coastal resorts in the carriban ..i can travel between in my smallish yacht
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