Giving Up On A Dream..

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What's up friends, I just want to talk about why you
shouldn't give up on your dreams. I am going to take
you on a personal journey, I know it seems like it is
hard to actually make money online. I myself used to
go from product to product.

I started in 2005 with Internet Marketing, I was just
selling ebooks on ebay of course now its different.
But that's when I saw that you can actually make
money online, then I got into promoting project pay
day which pays you just for people signing up for a
free account. I made money with that by promoting

My affiliate link through Youtube videos, which is
still a valid way to promote any product through the
internet. But then I came across a method to really
make money and it was not mentioned on forums
or anything else that I have read. That's when things

Really started revving up. Point is I didn't give up
and you shouldn't either, find a system that actually
works and stick to it regardless if you are not seeing
instant results as you want to see. Keep doing it
DAILY and you WILL see results. And remember just
because you think something won't work because

You think it will be saturated or its a lack of customers
don't believe it, there are MILLIONS of people online
and that means you have millions of potential clients.
All it takes is for you to put yourself in front of your
market and get eyes on your offer DAILY!

Wish you all much success!
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    Solid perspective and thanks for sharing.
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    I agree with you. Most of the people giving up of their dream just because they failed a few times...

    But there are people who success in their dream, but after a short time they quitting. When I ask them, their answer is: It wasn't make feel complete. So the question is: Are people know what are their real dreams?

    This was happen to me also and do you know what I do... I start to analyse myself and what I found was that I never know myself before, so how can my dreams can be real? No, the answer was: After I find my self I start to have clear visions and dreams.!
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      If success in IM was just a "one and done" thing then we'd all be rich! Great post, and you're right in that most of the time what really works for people is something they come up with on their own or add their own spin to it. I don't know anyone who made money just by using these simple "copy-paste" methods that are promoted out there.

      The reality is, the only way you can "fail" at IM is if you give up. Because with every day you work and every dollar you spend is a new lesson learned you can use to become profitable!
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    when i origiinally started studying im.. i was in a very bad state shy introverted .. the idea of being able to make money hiding in a room behind a computer screen ..was very appealing ..

    as it turned out i droped into a long period after a nervous breakdownand a fight with bi polar disorder..that life taught me to be happy i had to physically do something productive and physically involved.

    i have grown a hellof a lot in the last few years .. and i refuse to be beholden to the much more limited me of my past ..

    have dreams that push you to grow ..and then be willing to create new dreams from you improved self and release the other ones based off you older more limited self .
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    Most of us give up on our dreams because of frustration, we can't handle failure, failure doesn't mean giving up, it means results.

    All they have to do is adjust their plans but do not change their goals, dreams works (this not a the dreamworks) by planning and taking actin, if things don't go according to plan change the plan but stick to your goals
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