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“Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration”
- Thomas Edison

One of the books I have read that taught me the importance of great ideas in changing the life a man’s destiny for good is the book titled Think and grow rich written by napoleon Hill. In that book, the story was told of an old Medical doctor named John Penbertton. For more than an hour, behind the prescription counter the old doctor and this clerk talked in low tones, then the doctor left. This old doctor went out to the buggy and brought back a large, old fashioned kettle and a big wooden paddle used for stirring the content of the kettle) and deposited them in the back of the store. Asa Candler his clerk inspected the kettle, reached into his inside pocket took out a roll of bills and handed it over to the doctor. The roll contained exactly $5 – the clerk entire savings in return the doctor handed over a small slip of paper on which was written a SECRET FORMULA.

A formula that has become one of the greatest trademark in the soft-drink industry all around the world. A formula that has been estimated to consume the largest sugar producing Companies in the world. The $5 that this clerk called Asa Candler handed over to his boss was what is used to purchase the IDEA of COCA COLA! Coca-Cola has paid and still pays huge fortunes to men and women all around the world who distribute the contents of the kettle to millions of people!

The owner of the idea is the ruler of the world. What this clerk purchased from his boss was a simple idea called Coca-Cola and it was this idea that made him a fortune and landed him into great wealth! The idea of Coca-Cola was birthed in 1891 and this idea still ruled the world till date! Just like Abraham Lincoln, Bill gates, Google brothers, Asa Candler, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare ruled the world with great ideas; you and I can do the same.

All you need to do is to be Creative and Innovative by doing something special. You will rule your world if only you can find a need in the society and fill it with your talent, skills and abilities. Just like Ross Perot said, “One single idea can make you live like a king for the rest of your life!”
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