How to Avoid Wasting 1460 Days, $13400+ And Finally Build an Online BUSINESS

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I am writing this post as a way of giving back to the community and forum that got me started in this mystical thing called ‚Internet Marketing' over 5 years ago.

To say it's been a rough ride is an understatement of biblical proportions - a Trumpism as my mentor Dan Pena would say. But hell, looking back, it was awesome!

I've completely wasted well over 1460 days.

I've thrown well over $13400 into the toilet.

And I've tried at least 100 different ‚systems', ‚methods' and ‚techniques' that ‚generate' income ‚on autopilot'.

I understand that this might not seem so fun for most of you that are still starting out or struggling... and so I want to give you a bit of a helping hand.

If you're smart; you'll listen closely and implement what I say here.

First, I'll share with you the biggest mistakes that people starting an online business/trying to make money online commit and how you should avoid them.

Next, I'll give you my own, short plan for building a successful online business... which I've taken advantage of building 3 six-figure online businesses over the last year or so and currently working on a 7-figure-soon venture.

This is also how I went from a struggling nobody to a well-known internet marketer, email expert, coach and mentee of Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar Man.

Let's get started... I hope you're all ears!

... or is that, all eyes?

Anyway. Mistakes you MUST avoid if you want to make ANY kind of decent money online.

Mistake #1: The I.D.I.O.I.S. Syndrome!

Yes, I did want to make that into I.D.I.O.T.S. but couldn't really replace the second I

How many times have I fallen victim to this syndrome... and no, not just me. Most people have.


That's most people's answer when they're asked when are they going to start branding & building perception or when they're going to start building an email list with a powerful followup campaign.


Now, I don't consider myself especially bright but even I notice a certain problem here... the two most important tasks that one must do in order to kick ass and take names in the online space are being put off as „something to do in the future, once I've already succeeded"?

What a load of crap! The very reason why you won't succeed is because you DON'T work on those two things - branding/perception and email marketing (building a list)!

People use that excuse (because it's really an excuse) for all kinds of useful things they should do right away: tweaking, testing, split-testing, advanced tracking, advanced research etc...

Why is for example branding so crucial? I might cover this in another post in some time... for now I suggest you check out my free PDF available on my blog to learn more about how crucial the P.I.R. rule is (no opt-in).

Mistake #2: Following a ‚System' or ‚Technique' or ‚Method'

This might not be as lethal as Mistake #1 but it's still really important to grasp this concept.

You do not make money utilizing a „secret underground loophole method".

You make money creating a legitimate online business.

What is a legitimate online business? Generally speaking, there are three real models out there:

Product Creation & Training & Coaching
Affiliate Marketing
Providing a Service

A „never before seen CPA method that stuffs your bank with $839.42 daily" is not a legitimate business.

Can you make money with it? Sure.

Will you create an online business that makes money for years and years, that you can be proud of when someone asks you „what do you do?" and one that gives you fulfillment.


Your business model should fit your character, your passions and your desires.

My mentor Dan Pena says „Find your passion and wrap your career around it."

Considering he's made hundreds of millions of dollars and lives in a castle, it's a bit smarter to listen to him then some netscum scammer sitting at his desk wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and telling you to buy his super secret never-before-seen underground method.

This brings us to mistake #3 which is the last one for this post (there are many many more)...

Mistake #3: How do I get the money?

As Peter Sage says, ask yourself „How Can I Provide More Value?" not „How Can I Make Money Money?"

I've made this mistake hundreds if not thousands of times.

>> How do I get more sales?
>> How can I get this guy to buy?
>> How can I increase my revenue?
>> Will this method make me rich?
>> Will this or this make the most money?


As billionaire Warren Buffet says, to make a billion dollars you have to help a billion people.

Let me give you another example.

When you go to the gym...

Do you lift more weights to become stronger?

Or do you think how if you were stronger, you'd lift more weights?

The more you train and the heavier the weights, the stronger you become.

You can't first become strong and then start lifting the weights.

It's the same thing here.

The more value you provide, the more money you make. You can't first get money and then provide value... that's like in the gym example above.


Don't fall victim to the I.D.I.O.I.S. Rule/Syndrome. If you're thinking about doing something „once you've become successful" or „once you've made some money" you better do it right away - or you won't ever become successful!

Create a BUSINESS not a ‚secret method'. There are three legitimate online business models that will provide you a long-term income and fulfillment. Product creation (and all it's sub-niches), affiliate marketing and services.

Focus on how you can provide more value, not how can you make more money or more sales.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

I know that if I knew this when I was starting out, I'd succeed at least 100 times faster... and without burning through well over $13400.00 in training, products, scams, schemes etc.

Have a great day and to your Quantum Leap in life and business,
Jan Brzeski
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