I Received The Calling from Nowhere

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I took a stroll and colors seemed more vivid. I received messages from the subconscious urging me to look forward and escape reality. This is a rather indecipherable experience. I intensely feel something extra ordinary is coming. I witnessed four miracles already that came unexpectedly. I seem to have strided to the next level of spirituality.

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    Change of perception in colors and acuity shows signs of a spiritual awakening. You are very lucky my friend.
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    Weird - after watching this my mother calls me by my last name and she is more loosey-goosey.
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    Just by listening to such type of video you get the initial stimulus to upgrade your awareness especially if you combine it with psycho active supplements (like mancers do to *actually* connect with the universe!). The transitional phase is very intense, you have to be prepared when it comes knocking on your door.
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    I feel like an astronaut with CM's programs.
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