Things You Do To Get Motivated? Share Yours!

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Among all the daily hard work we do, it's easy to get drained and unfocused on the big picture. This is why sometimes we just need to re-energize a little bit, and take a little break from the grind to get motivated.

Personally what really helps to get me motivated and pumped up is to visualize the lifestyle I want by watching videos showing how that lifestyle would be (ex. tours of yachts, private jets, shows about exotic cars, mansion tours, etc.) This helps me to visualize a lot better the kind of lifestyle that I want to have in super vivid detail.

Feel free to post whatever motivates you too! I'm sure we all have our unique interesting way of getting pumped up to stay on the grind.
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    Once you grow the true ability to manifest, nothing will motivate you better than having ONE single source of inspiration and that's the true power that emanates from being hypnotized.
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    if you need to get motivated day to day, your need a better strategy .
    i personaly need routine and structure .. and once things are going smooth i get more and more motivated to keep moving ..

    i get motivated by action and results ..not the other way i don't get motivate then act
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    While it's been awhile, I'll meditate for 20mins or longer. Often it triggers ideas, revelations, or just mysterious infusions of awe inspiring experiences.

    Many of my best writings derived from the practice of meditating.
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    Affirmations are a significant part of getting me back on track and in harmony with my goals! When I speak my affirmations I speak out loud with conviction, belief and faith, I visualize myself being, acting and feeling the success that I am becoming.

    Affirmations are what get me from mediocre to remarkable and improve my output as I am able to bring to the fore the reasons that I have instituted to make sure my goals do become a reality!
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    Gratitude journal
    Mind control practice
    HELP OTHERS by spreading what i know without expecting anything in return
    Do things which makes me feel good
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    Working at home with my family.

    Living a life with my family.

    Spending my life with my family
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    I do affirmations, as well as I visualize my awesome future. Some times thinking of consequences of not doing things/ not achieving what I wanted helps too, it's like a negative motivation that works too. When I get drained and lose motivation I usually go far a walk..
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    Exercise my inalienable right to excel using cosmic hypnosis at least twice a week.
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      Originally Posted by Alice McPherson View Post

      Exercise my inalienable right to excel using cosmic hypnosis at least twice a week.
      ...what on Earth is cosmic hypnosis??

      As for the topic of this thread, I follow some advice I heard a long time ago: when you are thinking of quitting, stop and think of why you started. You will either find good justification for not continuing, or more likely, remind yourself of how far you have come and where you want to keep going to.
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    Focusing on my 'why', then having a clear set of goals to get me to where I want to be.
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    I like to watch this vid every once in a while.

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    What is really motivate me is a morning pray for the beginning of the day, meditation after I finish with all of my work during the day, some sport activity, watching a good movie or documentary and another meditation with pray before I go to bed.

    That is what really motivate me!
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    ok if you want one of the things i do on a regular basis that motivates me to keep improving my life ..

    for most of my life i hated my body.. i am 37 and a bit over a year and a half ago i was 250 pound and just fat i would lay on my side in bed and the fat would ooze down my abdomen ..last summer i got a bit of money to go to the philippines ..and for the first time date women i found very attractive,, but the fat was a problem..and the two women i dated ..both figured if i lost the weight other girls would chase me around,, andthose relationships didn't last to long because of the weight .. but in the 2 months i was over their i lost 20 pounds ..

    now a year ago everthing hurt. but i have been able to continue getting trimmer ..the only another 10 pounds sense i came back over a year ago..

    now to motivate myself to keep trimming down ..i stand infrom of the full length mirror in my underwear .. flexing and noting where i have gotten trimmer and that the muscles in my arms are bigger than they have ever been and the muscles in my entire body have become more tone as well.. when i take a shower i feel the lack of pain..and look streight down and see my feet .. now when i lay on my side there is no longer a shifting of fat down my abdomen .. and when i walk around people i keep my chest up and abs pulled in.. a co worker recently joked and called me mighty mouse ..

    now i was visualizing going back to the philipines and having smoking hot women chase me around haha..but for certain reasons i have shifted my attention to panama for now and after 30 pound more weoghtloss and a business/income that allows me to stay their long term..and a lot of spanish.. go after very pretty latina women haha ..

    motivation not limited to a little block of time in the day.. you can shurt your eyes and spend a few minute vizualing any time..and have physical , visual, or some way to constantly remind yourself ..
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    Reciting my "Mission Statement" (that I have memorized) keeps me motivated/inspired/enthusiastic.

    In part, it's "To empower and inspire as many people as humanly possible." The money is nice (and I could do great things with it) however that's what keeps me going. : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    My motivational video playlist...I have my headphones on all the time with my motivation videos on repeat, absorbing all the positive teachings of some awesome and wise teachers who have done what I want to do
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    Meditate and Visualize!
    Actor and Motivator
    Subscribe @
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    I visualize my goals, it keeps me focused on what I want to achieve.
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    Bring me some of the wicked hypnosis sessions of the Cosmic Master and I'm settled.
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      Originally Posted by Dante II View Post

      Bring me some of the wicked hypnosis sessions of the Cosmic Master and I'm settled.
      Terrific results for me. He knows the ins and outs of the subconscious much like Freud.
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    Affirmations, meditation and goal orientated concentration.

    When I am feeling separated from the direction towards my goal or myself veering off course I stop what I am doing and move into a quiet space to push my mental and emotional reset button! By withdrawing from frustration and focusing on the image of who I am becoming, what it will take to get there and the effort required to ensure that I build up a momentum to my success.
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    I make it a habit to look at the bigger picture, and try to provide value to others through my work (I run a website where I aim to help others achieve sustainable peak performance). So before I start my day, I take a moment to center and set my intentions for that day:

    - may I come from the heart in whatever I do.
    - may the fruits of my actions be for the benefit of all that (directly or indirectly) cross my path.
    - I consecrate my actions to something/a truth higher than myself, and ask to be used as a channel for teachings to others.
    - I ask for wisdom and guidance for my actions of that day.

    I also take a walk for 30-60 mins, to warm up my body and wake up to the day. This clears my head and makes me ready to be productive.

    At the end of the day I think of three things that I am grateful for that happened during that day.

    Also, during the day, I try to be mindful of that. It can be a small thing. Like holding my coffee, smelling it, feeling the cup, then tasting it and feeling its effect. And then I say to myself something along the lines of: "Thank you coffee for energizing me, and at the same time being so rich in taste and warmth. My life would be very different if you weren't in my life."
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    A very nice quote for getting motivated “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” ~Benjamin Disraeli
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      Keep my daily to do list up to date and mark items off as I complete them. This is very liberating. If I get tired I take a nap. This usually revitalizes me and I can get back to my to do list.
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