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Most people wait for motiviation, when motivation it's just a spark to get things moving, but its your commitment that gets you to work every single day.

You don't work because you're motivated, you don't do what needs to be done because you're "motivated", you see?

You don't do the things you know you need to do to reach your goals because you're "motivated" to do those things.

You do it because you've got the mindset of a machine, you just say: every single day I do this and that, this is what I do.

You just do it because you said to yourself that's what you want to do!

When the time comes to do the thing, you just do the thing, you don't think about it.
You don't need motivation, you need commitment and discipline.

So stop waiting for motivation, stop waiting for THAT post, THAT quote, or THAT video to get motivated and then do the thing., JUST DO IT.

That's what taking action is all about, you can spend an entire day looking for some motivation and at the end of the day you achieved nothing. JUST DO IT.

YES YOU CAN, It's not impossible! If they are thousands of people making money on the internet, making in a month all the money that you have spent in your entire life, then why on earth could you not?
That's easy! It's Because you don't have the right mindset, you're looking for that motivation to get you started.
Forget that, commit to yourself, and just take action.
Your life will change dramatically if you stop spending your time waiting for motivation, just make things happen.
You have an idea that you would like to try out? Do it!
Get out of your comfort zone, making money online is really simple, but it's not easy.
All that you have to do is get to the mindset that if you want to do something, you just do it. Period.

Good luck fellow Warriors.
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    I disagree...

    Even in the above quote you mentioned;"there's thousands of people making money online".

    Be it by inspiration, motivation, a dead or living example that encourages 'motive'...

    There is almost always a motive to provoke action or inaction.

    Be it by faith or fear, without motives, you're flying blind.

    My 17 year old argues that 'planning ahead' is a waste of time, and she feels 'going with the flow' is more suited to her persona.

    Often, I remind her; "shit flows downhill... So, I prefer swimming upstream!"

    By all means, "just do it" might work for Nike selling sportswear, but, in reality without the motivation to get off your ass and 'just do it' - is the embodiment of many adolescent minds.

    Unfortunately, anyone who lived through those daze... might consider having a better game plan, and find a motive to 'think' before they speak/act, as the results of 'just do it' in my past experiences lead to near death experiences, drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, and a few short stints in the 'jailhouse' for a weekend!

    Even in those examples... The experiences served as motivation, NOT to act like an incompetent jackass.

    I believe; everyone needs a reason, a motive, and in essence...something to keep them pressing on through the fog.
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    I agree that there's a motive for doing something, be it IM or anything in life.

    The thing that upsets me is the people that want to do something, in this case, 'make money online'.
    They have the tools, the resources, you can get good advice and where to start for absolutely free, but yet the do nothing.
    Because they keep looking for motivation, I mean, you may have a motive for learning how to make money online, and you want to do it. But people keep waiting for another type of motivation, regardless of the initial motive. I don't know if I'm being clear.
    They just keep surfing the web, looking for motivational quotes, videos, testimonials in order to take action, when all they need is to change their minds and do something about it.
    I have nothing against inner motivation, you can motivate yourself, the thing that gets on my nerves is people looking for other type of motivation to get things going.

    But you do have a point, thanks for your opinion!
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    see thats the "make money online " is not a real goel..every business today accept gas stations almost have to use online methods to promote their products ..

    when you go at make money online or IM most mean more the information marketing verse the using in internet to market thing route ..

    but then if the feel they don't have any valuable info to put in a product ..

    me i went away from the information marketing idea long ago and had to educate myself slowly on real thing i can make .. turn out i can't sit in front of a cumputer for long periods of time and maintain mental balance ..

    hell tens of milllion of people make money on products they market or deliver through the internet
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    I agree, the proper mindset to 'take action' as opposed to making excuses could indeed resolve the majority of the failure rates concerning internet marketing, no doubt. (Offline too, actually).

    I neither make any outlandish excuses, nor do I ever seek sympathy or pity (by any means) for having not obtained, or to have sustained my online success as of yet.

    By definition, I need to earn $8,000 - $10,000 per month online to match my average offline years prior. Years which are not as easy to accomplish as it were 10-12 years ago.

    Naturally, there are times whereby I regret not having taken more action online sooner, as I would likely be further along than I am right now.

    However, the respect and admiration that I maintain for those who know a great deal of the IM skillsets, and who have invested both time & money to educate themselves to the unlimited opprtunities attainable online...
    has enabled me to ignore the money for a period of time, to expand upon my desire to properly plan & prepare (mentally) for my future success online.

    I made $1600 on an offline side-job this weekend (on a plumbing gig) and truth is; it about whooped my ass. (I'm 43 years young momentarily).

    However, the one thing that motivated me to do the plumbing job, was more than the money - it was the fact that $500 of that gig will be invested into my IMing efforts this week and if all goes well, will begin to 'snowball' my income by New Years...

    Ultimately, so I can quit working offline , and go full-time online in early 2016.

    My point is this, I got off my ass, sold the plumbing gig... specifically, to get serious about my online business.

    The real reward - buying a bigger lever, and better tools... cause I'm getting too damn old to keep dicking around offline... and need to make better use of my time (even having just made $100 per hour yesterday & today... doesn't excite me as much as building residual income online!)

    So, I do agree... if people get off their pity pots, stop whinning and seeking sympathy & pity... they would 'do whatever it takes' to make it happen.

    Funny thing being, I don't enjoy plumbing or renovating peoples homes much anymore.

    But, for years, I told myself that I did....just to get my ass out of bed everyday for over 25 years. Truth is, I knew better, and liked the fact; there was a time...I used to make a shitload of money!

    In reflection, looking back on all the tools I mastered, and trades I learned... Nothing ever matched my desire to write... Or better still, could afford me to write my own paychecks like the internet does. (Even a $100k a year offline, was chump change after living costs, tools, and expenses... So, anyone who thinks I was ever privileged or rich...think again, 80% of the time - I was broke chasing down the next $2,500 pay check!) It sucked!

    So, will I finally put my online business as the 1st priority?

    Only time will tell...
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    I redefine motivation as HAVING REASONS!

    I choose to accomplish a task, objective or goal each and everyday as I have a reason for wanting to accomplish! My reasons are what drives me, are what gives impetus and energy into every action I take, my reasons are what allows me to define my goal and see myself accomplishing what I have set out to achieve.

    Motivation needs to be defined, harnessed and focused on something specific otherwise its just a word...our motivation ends very quickly when it comes time to acting! OUr reasons are what converts our motivation to actions!
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