6 Ways to Make More Time

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Time is something I think about everyday. It always seams like there isn't enough of it when I need it the most and too much of it when I need it the least. If only it was possible to get time as a gift or find a way to control it. Fortunately I found some very useful tips to control the 24 hours that I do have in my days.
1.Prioritize your 'To Do' list
2.Use the time when you're 'in the zone' to do as much as you can and relax when you're not
3.Do NOT multitask
4.Take on the task you're dreading the most first
5.Break down a big projects into smaller daily tasks and set deadlines
6.Focus on what you have to do TODAY instead of stressing about yesterday or tomorrow
For more detailed and other useful tips check out this article from Time magazine that really inspired me: 20 Ways to Manage Your Time Better
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    Point 3 is always an interesting topic. This concept of multi-tasking. People confuse this idea with being able to do multiple things at once, yet as humans, we can only really do one thing at once. If you really look at someone who is considered a great multi-tasker, you will notice that they are not constantly switching between tasks, yet they are completing them one-by-one, except very efficiently. The skill of multi-tasking is effectively how quickly you can go from completing one task to starting the next. The quicker you can switch effectively, the better you are at multi-tasking.

    Regarding to-do lists, another tip is to write your to-do list for the next day just before you go to bed. I don't know why, though subconsciously your brain will begin to think about the tasks you have on that list for tomorrow and when you start them in the morning, it will be easier to get going without having to plan too much.

    Also, always set yourself tight personal deadlines. A task will expand to the duration you give it, just like a gas will expand to the volume of its container. Ever wondered why you can get so much more done just before a deadline?

    Also, set small stakes to help motivate you. For example, tell your partner you will take them for dinner and that if you complete your tasks by the hard deadline, you get to pick the restaurant and if you fail, they get to pick the restaurant. Nothing too bad if you lose, though something nice if you succeed. However, for that example, have them help you pick a deadline so that it is actually pretty tight, yet still possible,
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