Do you do anything in the middle of the day to recharge.

by dwhs
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I get burned out after 2-3 hours and struggle from there.

Any ideas on how to regenerate for the second part of the day.

I don't do caffeine so that's not helping either.
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    I don't drink coffee either!

    Try not to have a big lunch, or a heavy lunch meal. That will really bring down your energy levels.

    Drink lots of water, especially early in the day.

    Take short breaks every 45 minutes.
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    A quick 20 minute nap or 10 minute meditation break does wonders. I've found to be an excellent resource.
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    I get a red bull or 2. That normally sorts me out.
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    I have a few techniques for charging or recharging and I hope that I will help you with my suggestions...

    Try to drink tea before you start at work. During your work time drink coffee and try to listen music, but music like ambient or lounge, because it will makes stay focused. If you job is at PC, try to do short breaks (5 min) every hour.

    After you finish with your work, try to read something interesting or practice meditation. It will help you to restore your energy. If you don't have sports activities, then I am suggest you to start anything (walking or biking) 30 min to 1h every day is enough.

    Before you go to bed I am also suggest you to take another meditation.
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    Usually I take a nap in the middle of the day. When I feel burnt out I go out for a 15-30min walk, or do some other activities that are not related to my job.. It works most of the time
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    The best thing to recharge your mind and body is to turn on relaxing and meditative music and meditate for 20 minutes or so to clear your mind of all the clouds.
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    Whenever I run out of coffee, I sometimes take a quick power nap. The hard thing about naps is figuring how much time you need to get the rest you are looking for so that you can wake up refreshed and not even more drowsy. Personally 30 minutes is just the right amount for me. Also while you're working its good to take 5 minute breaks every 45 minutes to prevent your brain from getting overworked. What you eat effects your energy levels, too. Greasy food and meat usually make me very sleepy so whenever I need be productive I stick with vegetarian food and drink a lot of water.
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    Different things work for different people. I find 15 minutes of meditation post lunch then a short 30 minute walk. I usually listen to an audio book so I can still be learning on my walk, but feel relaxed from the meditation then the fresh air and a new learning source (the Audio Book) puts me back on track for an afternoon of work.
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    Mental reset!

    I take time out of my day to divert my mental attention and focus away from my goal focused tasks and carry out some mental regeneration! Now at this point I don't switch off and let my mind drift.

    I take a specific book, motivational video, or resource and go over doing this I am able to clear my mind but also able to bring myself to my core understanding of why I am doing what I need to do.

    Affirmations and visualizations are also preferred activities.

    The reason I try not to switch off entirely is that to get back on track from this state can be difficult.
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    I can tell you that you obviously need to find what works for you.

    People say MEDITATE and it freaks people out.

    But meditation is open to interpretation.

    For me I lay down everyday for at least 10 minutes (sometimes longer) and put on some music which

    is usually the same everyday. I also practice focusing on my breath. Mental exhaustion can make

    you extremely tired and overloaded.

    The idea is to clear your mind. Music is helpful and in the beginning establishing a routine of the

    same time everyday with the same music will help you to stick to a pattern.

    I recently created a re-setting and clearing the mind exercise on youtube. It is also in my website and

    it is for free. You can find it in the video tab on my site. Many people have used it and found it extremely useful.

    I would encourage you to find something and stick with it. Sometimes that 10 minutes is like a power


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    Meditation is a great way to re-energise I spent about 10-30min depending on how much I want to clear my mind. I've also found that changing what my body is doing boosts my energy eg walking or taking a quick run personally i prefer dancing.

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    Taking a nap is also one of the most important things that you should do together with meditation...

    I have read some study where scholars suggest you three kind of naps: 30, 60 and 90 min. How much time you will nap it's depends on you, but this not mean that you should sleep in that period. Nap is something similar like meditation where you let you brain flow awaken and know what is happening around, but it is still in that sleep mode. In my opinion, 30 min nap (depends on how much you are tired) is definitely the best choice.

    I have heard a lot about what people think about meditation, but actually they don't know the true benefit. People who are able to practice meditation are those who can gather their thoughts, control their emotion or can give some good advice about mental strength.
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