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Hello, my name is Pascal and i am a Newbie! I am Canadian french and i am 21. I spend over 12 hours a day on the computer, wasting my time, my life. My life s**k. I decided that the su*kyness is going to end, now.

Now, i came to this forum, seeing all the "pro" peoples, while i am deffinitively not someone that can bring much to this forum as of now, i think i can learn by "hanging out" with peoples that know more than myself.

I posted here to talk about my plan and see if anyone is willing to give me a tip or two.

Starting Situation: Nothing to invest but time.
Goal: Bringing people to view articles posted by me.
Catalyst & Core: Bukisa Website
Tools: Yahooanswers & other to find about
Investment: 2-10 hours a day

Now i am sure some of you can understand what i am trying to do, i know its not going to be much of a income at first but it is the only thing i could come up on my own. I will start reading the thousands of ebooks about the subject but i am quite lost at what to start with.

Also if my plan is decent, is bukisa reliable ? Is there better alternative ?


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  • You are spending way way too much time online. I work my tail off.... but I also get up and walk away and go out and ride the bike, go hiking, travel, nap in the yard, play with the kids, or whatever.

    If you are not making any progress or in the wrong frame of mind get up and walk away from the computer. It's still going to be there.

    If I'm at a standstill I just get up and leave. I may work 10 hours straight one day and 4 the next. I may work a 1 am or 10 am.

    The reality is your mind tires and your body needs to move. Most humans are effective working about 6 hours a day.

    I can't tell you what to do... I don't have time, I don't know your strengths. But I can tell you that the only person who can make your life suck or not suck is you.
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      Oh yes yes, most definitively, its why i decided to make it so. I dont work at all right now, i have no income. I want one while spending time on the computer. I do take some time out, but there is only so much you can do outside .

      Thus its why i need a little push toward the right direction to know where to start with a internet job
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        Hey Pascal,

        It takes time. It's about being
        in that moment to in time where
        something just goes BAM!

        I've been online for many years
        and I've earned money from selling
        t-shirts, my novel, to consulting.
        And each of them I enjoyed and
        still enjoy doing.

        Keep it fun and challenging as
        you move forward to learning
        what your "it" is.

        Have a great weekend!

        Won't Be Denied,
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    Spending time on this forum is a good (and VERY inexpensive!) way to learn. You need to very specifically define your goals. Starting a business without a plan is a dumb idea. Create your goals and make them specific.

    What outcome(s) do you want to achieve? By when? What specific actions will you take to achieve them? What resources do you need to achieve them?

    Answer these questions and you'll be a lot farther along to realizing your goals.

    Good luck!
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