Why Should Marketers Care About Image Recognition Technology?

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Lately, one of the most popular questions I get is from people wanting to know how stand out or separate themselves from the competition.

Of course the usual answers always apply, you've heard them all if you've been in this forum for awhile, right?
  • Give better service!
  • Offer better quality products!
  • Work harder/smarter!
  • Be more creative!

But unfortunately, those meanings are getting fuzzier, foggier and more abstract than ever.

Bottom Line, what it all comes down to is ...
"Finding then doing things your target prospects like -- that your competitors don't do ... or do as well as you do.

For example,

Image Recognition Technology is one upcoming (under-the-radar) way to separate yourself from the competition. Not in trying to develop it ( unless you've got deep pockets and research muscle like Google, Facebook, Amazon or Alibaba). But in learning about it and how you could use it to separate yourself from the competition.

Here's a short article that will hopefully encourage you to research the subject further while everyone else is distracted, sleeping or in a rut. Which is the most effective time and best opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd.

Why Should Marketers Care About Image Recognition Technology?

As always I invite your questions, comments or even disagreements ... I learn from them all.
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    Great Post! I believe Image recognition will also play a huge part in 'the internet of things' as devices become more connected they could suggest products and items that are related.

    For example if you were looking for a smart lamp like the one about Pinterest in your blog post, the information about the bookshelf behind it could stored on the lamp and sent to you later when you look up bookshelves because the designs work together. That could mean you could sell two products based on a single image.

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