Just want to say "thanks" to Maria, Robert, and all WF members who helped me - anyone can do this!

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I am now a believer. Anyone can do the offline thing as long as you have confidence in yourself and are willing to do some hard work.

Here's proof:

Many of you might remember my previous post: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...-now-what.html

Well, the picture above is the first of four payments from one of my offline clients (it's a $5,000 job). I found people through the warrior forum who partnered with me to help deliver superior results for my clients. So far things have gone great and I expect them to continue.

My client has told me, if this goes well for him, he would hire me to do the same for all his branches across the US (over 30 of them) which would be a $100,000+ job!!!

Here's the thing: I'm no different than you. I learned what I know from making mistakes and asking questions on the WF. I took a risk, found people to help me, stepped out of my comfort zone, and willed myself to get offline clients. I would not allow myself to be discouraged and quit (though I felt like it many times trust me )

You can do this. I promise.

To ALL our Success,

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