Difference between Successful & Unsuccessful people

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Below is an interesting graphic I came across.

Perhaps it's been posted before, but if it has, it should hold enough value to warrant another appearance.

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    Dude, nice thread! I mus admit that a I agree with all things and I would like to add something from my experiences:

    Successful people - Are those who actually know them self. Because, if you never start from your self, then how do you plan to have success with something that is outside of your self? People who are aware from their actions, emotions and situations are definitely on the right track. They will always know what can make them really happy and go for it! They will never doubt about that, because they will success in advance!

    Unsuccessful people - Are those who are lost in their self or do something that never make them complete. They usually have problems with money. Even if they have, they will feel like it's never enough!

    So, here is my formula to success: Start with self self-discipline and try to respect your body first. After you pass this level, then go on your soul and ask her what is really makes her feel complete, so at the end you can connect with your spirit and let Him lead you to the gravity of love!
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    Nice post Daniel. Really peels the layers of the onion back to basics. Most of these points come back to mindset, people with the right mindset display most if not all of the qualities of successful people. And often if you have a few of the successful people traits it's like a self fulfilling prophesy and the others just come hand in hand.
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    Not seen this before. Very good. Yes it all comes down to mindset. Having the right attitude towards everything. Thankfully, if the desire for change is there, the chap on the right can rewire his thinking and join the woman on the left. Not much fun crouching down there.
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    My first hurdle as far as I can remember, was riding a bicycle without helping wheels.

    As a toddler, I envisioned riding free from helping wheels and doing so, harmonically.

    Two days later, I grabbed my microscopic bicycle and without fear / absolute determination, rode the bike exactly as I envisioned. Felt like I could fly. The ride was a smashing success.

    Same notion applied in sports and being a free spirit.

    You are a free spirit and can establish contact with your inner world to succeed.

    One step at a time.

    Form another habit that no one can take away from you; envisioning.
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      Good post Daniel. Excellent list. I had not seen this. I might add successful people are not afraid to fail or make mistakes knowing they can easily correct and overcome them.
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    Saw this earlier on Facebook and think its absolutely brilliant. Something to get across to as many people as possible!

    These principals are brilliantly outlined in The Science of Getting Rich and when they are understood AND applied can lead to phenomenal change!
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    the difference is u n something else too i guess
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      This is awesome so many still remain unsuccessful because they fail to realise these things
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    I've been fairly successful over the years, but I can see some of my failures have resulted in me either feeling like I know it all or criticizing myself way too much about petty things.

    It's hard to overcome but I know it's possible. Thanks Daniel for the post. Hopefully this gets my mind in a better place ha.

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    Gotta love the power of FORGIVENESS.

    When I tapped into that, my LIFE CHANGED.

    I found ENERGY I thought I simply didn't have.

    Thanks for posting that graphic.
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    The MAIN reason between successful and unsuccessful people
    is that successful people KEEP ON TRYING no matter what!
    The fail miserably a lot of times but still manage to GETUP!

    "And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. " ~Thomas Wayne
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    Cool graphic... Saved a copy to print out and stick on my wall of fame!

    At first, I was going to argue that not keeping a journal is not a failure per se, and yet some of my greatest revelations revealed themself through journal entries over the years.

    That said, I need to pick up a new journal. I often find nice leather bound or dark hard cover ones with college rule serve best!

    Thanks... Cool Share Bro!

    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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