12 Tips to Massive Success

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I learned these from Robin Sharma, and want to share them here with my own insight about how they have helped me reach massive success in my life...

1. Be the most positive person you know.

-I think we've all heard this before, but it's so easy to forget. Think about this...if I were to ask the 10 people who know you best what type of attitude you have towards life, what would they say? Would they think of you as the most positive person they know?

Respectfully, think about this one. Because our attitude attracts our results. So a positive attitude, even in the horrible situations like being bankrupt and hungry (me 4 years ago), will help you get to where you want to be.

2. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

-In a world where everyone is just searching for how much money they can make from people, this will help you rise to the top.

It's ironic because we're all looking for a shortcut or "secret" to success, and we focus on trying to get as much as we can from as little as possible. But it's not until we start doing as much as we can to serve as many people as possible that we'll start to reap the true success we want.

3. Say please and thank you.

-Someone somewhere is reading this and smirking, thinking it's beneath them. But I've been a leader in combat, and I've been a leader in the business world- and I can tell you that whether you're dealing with hardened soldiers or delicate customers, everyone wants to be respected and appreciated.

This is a simple way to boost your likability points with almost no effort.

4. Be on time.

-There's a saying in the Army, "If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late."

Being on time is a sign of respect. It's going to be difficult to get to the top if you're not someone who knows how to show up and be punctual.

5. Speak your truth.

-I call this being real. There are so many fake people in the world it's amazing. And being fake is something that usually stems from some kind of fear or feeling or inadequacy.

There's nothing more powerful than knowing how to be comfortable and confident in your own skin. I remember when I was broke and nearly homeless, I struggled with the idea that people wouldn't want to listen to me as an entrepreneur. But I always stayed true to myself and told myself that I would never compromise who I was to get ahead.

That road was difficult, but ultimately led me to the greatest type of success. Because I never faked it, so now no one can take anything away from me.

6. Leave people better than you found them.

-This is something I try everyday to continue to be better at. What most people don't realize is that the key to influence and persuasion is making the other person feel important.

Zig Ziglar said that we can get anything we want in this life if we just help enough people get what they want. And that's so true.

7. Smile.

-Again, someone somewhere is smirking when they read this. But the reality is that most people are walking around with a scowl on their face all day long.

When you smile, it makes you more attractive, more approachable, and puts other people around you in a better mood. And if you want to sell and market your ideas, then those things should be extremely obvious benefits.

And that goes for smiling when you talk to people on the phone or in video too.

8. Be a developer of people.

-This is a somewhat advanced concept I'm only now being blessed enough to practice. As my company has grown and needed to hire staff, I've had the opportunity to train and coach others, and help many people step into a free life.

And this is such a rewarding thing to start applying in your actions and language patterns. If you are a developer of people, that means you're a leader. And a leader makes people better by interacting with them, which will directly increase your success in proportion.

9. Be a great listener.

-We've all heard that listening is a crucial part to communication, but it seems like something most of us forget. We all want to be heard, we so rarely focus on listening.

But any great salesman or master of persuasion will tell you that the quickest way to win someone over is to listen to them. By listening, you make the other person feel important and heard. And you can also best identify how to add value to their life, which is what success is really all about- adding value.

10. Use world class language.

-This should go without say, but it's surprising how many of us don't want to learn how to get better at certain things like writing and speaking. It takes work, but if your goals are big, then it's really important to master world class language.

It's not that you have to walk around speaking like an encyclopedia, but that you know how to share ideas in an educated way. You need to be able to sell and communicate in a way that inspires people to your vision.

And it's also not just how you talk to others, but how you talk to yourself. You have to speak to yourself in the language of success to reach your goals.

11. Perform acts of meaningful service.

-In my opinion, this one is based largely on the law of reciprocity. The more we give without expecting, and open ourselves to receiving, the more success will just seem to come our way.

I never fully believed that until it started to happen to me. If you focus on doing more than required, giving your best, serving others, going out of your way to help, being kind, and genuinely contributing to society, your success will increase in proportion.

And it's not that you do things with an expectation attached. You just open yourself to receiving good from the world, and it will come your way as you give to others in meaningful acts of service.

12. Don't gossip or condemn.

-I believe this is so crucial now more than ever. Media has brainwashed most of our society to think that drama is cool, that it somehow means your life is happening. And drama often revolves around gossip and talking about other people.

But that doesn't get you anywhere in life.

Another great key of influence is to always be edifying everyone around you, and to never speak ill or gossip about anyone. You'll be seen as a leader, and you'll be amazed at the results.

Even besides reaching massive success in business, these ideas just help us be better human beings. Which is something I think we all strive for in these uncertain times.

Wishing you the best!

-Nick Peroni

PS. Comments and ideas on how these have worked in your life are welcome!
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    It is nice when I read that someone was inspired from a author who wrote so many great things...

    I used to be fascinated from a people who was sharing their huge experience and also give us good lessons and quotes about the life, but the question is: Why or how they get to that level of wisdom?

    The answer on that question I found in the ancient wisdom i.e. in the books of the Apostles (and Christ consciousness) and also in Yoga (Patanjali consciousness).
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    • Wow. "Leave people better than you found them." What a poignant way to think about how I interact with people. Thanks for sharing.
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        Some really good information here now if everyone could at least do or focus on one of these things then we would all be better business people or marketers!
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        You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    Extirpate your inferior self and embark on a journey to personal evolution.

    The colors are more vivid when you're hypnotized and reality looks phenomenal.

    I love it.
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      Originally Posted by Luke 8645 View Post

      Extirpate your inferior self and embark on a journey to personal evolution.

      The colors are more vivid when you're hypnotized and reality looks phenomenal.

      I love it.
      Extirpate...wow, great word. I had to look that one up, and that doesn't happen often to me. Thanks for sharing!
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    "In order to succeed your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."- Bill Cosby

    When I read this quote, I realized that we cannot avoid failure if we want to succeed in life because we will always encounter failure every time we challenge ourselves to achieve our goals but it does not also mean we will keep on failing.
    Failure encourages us to learn new things, as a result new opportunities open for us to achieve our goals.
    Every time I venture in a new endeavor, I know along the way, I might fail. I failed so many times before I start succeeding in my challenges in life. In some occasion, I want to give up because I felt there is nothing really good happening to me. But I embrace my fear and humble myself in accepting my failures. I keep on rising to do my best and keep on doing what I need to do to achieve my goals.
    Many times, my fear of failing overcomes my desire to succeed because fear is human nature. However, when I am afraid I became cautious and I recall my mistakes so that I can make a good plan in achieving my goals.
    If we let fear of failure take over on our lives, this will hinder us to discover the possibilities to succeed. It will also refrain us from acquiring new experience and knowledge that will broaden our ability to succeed.
    We are all capable to be successful in life. It is my choice, your choice to succeed.Therefore, the road to success will not be easy because we have to understand that we will encounter many challenges that will test our desire to succeed.
    Hence, I decided to face my failure even it will be difficult because I know there is always sunshine after the rain.

    You may have your comment and I hope my thoughts will be helpful.
    you may also check my website: HOME - HIGHER SELFHIGHER SELF for more insights
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    Nice post.

    I would also add "keep your word" to others and to yourself.


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    I have made #2 the cornerstone of my business.

    The bottom line? If you want to REDUCE marketing costs to ZERO.... strive to make your existing customers your EVANGELISTS. They'll gladly refer new business your way. Best of all, they provide a stream of high converting leads.
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      Originally Posted by writeaway View Post

      I have made #2 the cornerstone of my business.

      The bottom line? If you want to REDUCE marketing costs to ZERO.... strive to make your existing customers your EVANGELISTS. They'll gladly refer new business your way. Best of all, they provide a stream of high converting leads.
      Absolutely, that's such a great point. One of the biggest keys to growth in my business has been amazing reviews and tons of referrals.
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    I will give my 7 tips of massive success:

    1. Release from you fear
    2. Control your desires
    3. Believe in your self
    4. Learn to love your self and your closest ones
    5. Always speak the truth
    6. Rely on your intuition
    7. Learn to let go of the things that are keeping you stuck in this world.

    This is one the things that every person should try to practice...
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