How I Went From Struggling & Addicted To Traveling The World

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How I Went From Struggling & Addicted To Traveling The World
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There I was...

Down to my last $150...

Strung out on the couch at a friends Halloween party...

Then at 3 in the morning I decided to end my partying for the night, end my horrible addiction habit, and stopped it cold turkey in the middle of the party.

I sat down on the couch to try and figure out what I was going to do with my life since I had barely any money, and no direction of where my life was going...

I flick on the Television and there was a late night infomercial where some dorky guy was being interviewed about how he was making millions of dollars online.

Seeing this young 20 'sumthin' year old guy talking about how he'd made so many millions caught my attention.

I leaned in closer to this interview only to find that there were tons of people who'd left video testimonials and proof snapshots about...

How they made money online, and some were making full time income, and supporting themselves 100% from the online marketing training they'd learned from him.

I knew this was my opportunity to change everything even though I barely had enough money to cover my small life expenses at the time...

Screw it, I took $50 out of my last $150 and invested in this guys book and DVD training series.

I could feel that this was my big break to finally creating a full time online income.

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IMPORTANT NOTE - I didn't have a computer at the time - winners find ways to win
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It didn't matter because I knew I would find a way to make a living from the internet.

Later that week the information package came in the mail, and the guy overdelivered in every sense of the word.

I ripped open the box with excitement to find 2 hardcover books, and 3 DVD's to watch.

Without hesitation I ran to the computer lab at my university, jumped on a computer, and began taking immediate action.

After following the guys fast start implementation DVD training I made roughly $20 in about 10 minutes time!

And like that, I'd found a new addiction that was positive and would provide me a way of living.

I kept going with online marketing while in college making between 3 - 4 figures per month.

But I knew there had to be more to this whole IM game...

As I made more money and time went on...

I began to hire coaches, consultants, I even began to make enough money to hire employees.

I was surprised to wake up one day to find that I had 3 employees working for me from the other side of the world...

But then something happened as I got all excited and began to get comfortable...

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I started doing client work and one of my clients who was doing 8 figures per month really fell in love with what I did, and the person that I was at the time...

While negotiating my contract - that client threw out hints of equity deals, me taking a stake of his company, and a big buyout...

Little did I know he was using my favorite business deal to real me in.

Sooner than later I found myself working a full time job for 3 months in the pharmaceutical industry and I hated it.

I made up my mind that I would not take a full time 9 - 5 job ever again for any future or past client of mine.

That's when I decided to launch my own product online and was able to generate more money in just 3 days... than I'd been able to make working that full time job over the last 3 months.

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Now at this point, this was the fastest I'd ever made 5 figures in my entire online marketing career.

And now I didn't have the full time job weighing me down from the success I wanted.

So I decided I would start traveling and doing more things that excited me.

And since then I've been supporting myself with my own online marketing business by selling my own digital products and services.

Also in that process I've been blessed with enough free time to:

- Traveled to Orlando for a week of business and vacation

- Go to Sea World and ride every single ride at the park and have a blast

- Traveled to Las Vegas for a week of business and vacation

- Went Skydiving twice in Clewestin Florida

- Been to several museums both in the USA and in South America

- Gone to the everglades and held baby alligators

- Attended my first Florida Panthers Ice Hockey Game VIP style in the sky box

- Dined at multiple 3 figure dinners for 2 without concerning myself what the bill was

- Traveled and lived in South America (Medellin, Colombia) for nearly 2 months and had the time of my life

- Zip lined through the Jungles of Medellin Colombia and had an amazing time

- Taken Salsa classes from a 2X world champion salsa dancer

- Gone on 2 Pablo Escobar tours in Medellin Colombia

- Rode the famous metrocables of Medellin Colombia to the top of a mountain there

- Gone canyoning (rapelling down a dangerous waterfall) in the South American jungles

- Went paragliding twice over the entire city of Medellin Colombia

- Played paintball with other world travelers on the top of beautiful mountains during the sunset

- Climbed to the top of El Penol in Guatape which is the 2nd largest rock in the entire world

- Rented out a room in a Penthouse in Medellin Colombia with an amazing view of the city

- Rented out luxury apartments in Colombia located in the most beautiful parts of Medellin

- Went horse back riding up to the top of the mountains in Guatape

- Went to a private mansion pool party in the mountains of South America

- Attended amazing LIVE entertainment shows with some of the most incredible acrobatics display at 5 star luxury resorts

- Been able to go out and speak to groups of students and professionals about entrepreneurship and inspiration

- And so much more I'd be here all day writing to you

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Bottom line is this, I've been able to change my entire life and trajectory because of a few simple principles that I learned...

Along the way to becoming a full time online entrepreneur...

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This may sound common sense for most, but I've come to find that common sense ain't always so common.

So first thing is decided exactly where you want to go.

Do you want a bigger house? Where at? What neighborhood? What state? What country?

How about a better car? What brand? What model? What year?

You see in order to hit your goals and truly become a success - you first have to decided what you're aiming for, and where you plan to go.

Anybody can make money online, but if you don't know why you want to make money...


Where you want to go with the money that you make, then chances are high that you won't make very much ...

And if you do - then you won't enjoy it as much if you had a vision for it.

So I recommend writing down a list of the cool things you want to do and use this as a base for the amount of money you'll need to make to live those things out.

Then once you have that down pact you move on to the next step...

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We all suffer from being curious about what else is on the menu of life...

Let's be real here bro, you've definitely come to a point where you thought that the grass was greener on the other side.

Well when it comes to online marketing, the grass isn't always greener.

The only way to really succeed and make life changing money is to stick to 1 single system until you get it working for you.

A few systems include

eCommere + Shopify | Affiliate Marketing | CPA Marketing | PPC Services | Website Design & Development | Email Marketing Writing Services | Copywriting | Brokering | SEO | Freelancing | Writing Jobs | Online Translating | High Ticket Offers & Services | Amazon | Ebay | FB PPC Services | And the list goes on...

Point is - there are tons of ways to make money online...

The key is to pick one and stick to it until it works.

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Most marketers I see will find something that works, and then after a few days or weeks, they will change course and dropped what was working for them in the first place...

I made this mistake before and this was the reason I stopped selling my high ticket done for you client services and took a full time job.

When you find something that gives you back at least $2 for every $1 that you put in, then you sell as much as you can using that 1 system.

Look the truth about hitting it big, is that you don't need a million things to make it big...

You only need 1 system to work for you in order to hit pay dirt.

My partners and I are launching Banana Milk in a few weeks into large grocery stores like Whole Foods, Target, and Albertsons, just to name a few.

We intend to hit it big and create a billion dollar behemoth over the next few years with this product and brand.

But there's no way we can do that if we're trying to launch and sell 5 or 6 different products at 1 time...

Getting back to the point of helping you right now...

The key is to sell 1 thing until it provides you with the monthly income that will help make your dreams real.

And if you don't have anything to sell, then choose one of the above mentioned systems and just sell something...

& if what you choose doesn't sell, then go back to the drawing board and sell something different.

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And there you have it.

Following those 3 steps is exactly what took me from being an addicted college kid, to a full time world traveling online entrepreneur.

I hope this gives you some better insight on how to get yourself going, and create more free time in your online marketing business.

Until next time.

Michael "Overdeliver" Baptiste

P.S. I also lived in Beijing China for 4 months, but that's not as important as what I've been able to do so far in the last few months thanks fully in part to my online marketing business.

P.P.S. The road to taking your life and business to the next level is not easy. It requires work, and by work I mean don't get caught up in the "4 Hour Work Week" until you have your system up and working for you.

As long as you're not afraid of putting in a little work, I have 100% confidence that you can upgrade your business and income to the next level.
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