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Our thoughts definitely affect our situation, and we leave a trail to the future when we write our goals down, when we plan our actions, and when we stay consistent. You can listen to lots of tapes and watch DVD's and read self help books on this, as you are likely aware, it is being termed the "Law of Attraction" nowadays.

But you understand it now and the best, nost effective way to start getting a handle on it so you can truly -- focus -- (in the organization I am in we call it "laser focus") you need to wriote your own kind of affirmations out, (manifestations) and read them, visualize, vocalize and emote them every day.. Your own thoughts are the thoughts that get you where you are going. Not someone else's. And , I know most of you know this. I am just trying to be encouraging and motivating.

Attach strong emotions to them.

There are days that I wake up in the morning and when I first open my eyes I actually think I am in the place I want to be in a year, my mind has actually constructed the conditions in my sleep, so when I wake up I kind of have to laugh a little bit when I see where I am.. And, where I am is quite different from where I was two years ago, and a year from now I will be writing things like this from anywhere on the planet I care to be.

These are my "Daily Manifestaions".

Write your own and I'll see you on beach or some place nice some time!


As we are learning the way that our thoughts affect reality, the way that consciousness is the volitional force in the universe, I am making some changes to the power I give my thoughts. We can affect the power we give thoughts, because we attract our reality with our thoughts. I find this to be the most amusing and delightful circuit I have ever come across; an exponential circuit, indeed. I’m using my thoughts to affect the power of my thoughts. An upward, ever expanding cyclone of pure will.

I am determining that the power of one healthy, positive thought is infinitely more powerful than an infinite number of unhealthy, negative thoughts. Every healthy positive thought is also, simultaneously a seed planted in my mind that will germinate to dominate and choke out the influence of the weak and increasingly powerless unhealthy negative thoughts. Each thought can play several roles at once, because it is known in atomic physics that a particle can be in several places at once.

Someone wise once said: “As we sow, so shall we reap”. My thoughts are attracting my reality. What I am doing in my mind is going to become manifest in my surroundings. This is the case because a brain does not know the difference between thoughts and external reality, my brain is attracting those energies toward me, regardless.

The Daily manifestations:

“What is” is the reality I attract to myself, and I must be honest in accounting for my reality.

I am emanating and simultaneously receiving the wealth of all my creative endeavors. Financial Wealth, Emotional Wealth, and Social Standing. I am accustomed to it and handle it very well.

I am invigorating not only my own personal economy, but also the economy in general with my understanding, and my system of propagating understanding, and the advancement of new understanding, in all my endeavors.

I am involved in projects which create much value by putting technology into people's hands who would not otherwise have it, and aiding in identifying self-determinate individuals.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” [Darwin]

I have determined that every single healthy and positive thought that I have is infinitely more powerful than an infinite number of unhealthy negative thoughts that I have. Simultaneously, each of those positive, healthy thoughts is a seed that germinates to dominate my consciousness and choke out the weak negative unhealthy thoughts.

I already own every goal for satisfaction that I set.

Only I can execute the physical movements that lead me to my future.

As I travel ahead into the future for myself, I leave a trail to assure my present self that I am on the path to that future.

I rewire my mind to associate power and confidence with every memory that would have otherwise caused pain.

I accept all energy and attention as positive. Abusers and detractors are propelling me toward my goals, and as they act against me I am grateful for the energy they provide to my efforts.

My efforts add value to the Civilization of the Universe, and I am able to recognize the value that others provide. Together we are building the richness of tomorrow.

I am that I AM, I have Spoken, and My Will is Done

©copyright 2006, 2009 Robert Run
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