(More than visualization & desire) The driving force behind them both

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Very quickly, just had to get this out there.

I was watching a TV program where a journalist goes into communities to find out why people are what they are do what they do etc.

This episode, he was in an American suburb mixing with people who do Meths for their highs (among other class A drugs too).

He was speaking to a community support type of person who ran a local rehabilitation center or something similar.

They helped show these down and out members of society that there are ways to improve your outlook on life and finally build enough confidence to explore a new way of living.

She went on to say that, despite how notoriously hard it is to get off class A drugs especially in such a miserable and poverty stricken community, many people she took under her wing managed to get off the drugs and create a new life for themselves.

What really struck me should apply to ANYONE, from any background, who is feeling that they are being held back or that they aren't "good enough" to get what they really want out of life...

...and what she said was actually profoundly simple:

She said that she "Truly believes that those who managed to pull themselves out of this situation all have one thing in common, which is that we show them that they DESERVE to have the life they dream of..."

I want you to think about this for a little longer, especially if you are low in self confidence or hold yourself back from success...

...because this really makes a lot of sense.

She explained..."When these people truly believe that they DESERVE a better life, without abuse, poverty...and with friends instead, that's when they start to change as people..."

I can honestly say, this single insight has not left my mind in weeks since I heard it.

It's not about "belief" or visualization on their own...and it's not about simply having a desire to change either...

...it's about truly believing that you deserve to have that change, that new life, those new friends.

There's a huge difference...please tell me you can see it?!

I know I can.

Put it this way - if you have tried to make money but failed, then tried, then failed, then tried then lost it all, then failed...you deserve to make money.

Until you know that, you'll only stand more chance of thinking you'll never get it. When you deserve it, you'll continue to try and fail until you inevitably succeed.

Or perhaps you're single and feeling lonely. Maybe it's because you've been burned in the past, dumped, lost your partner, were told that you are a lousy lover, crap in bed, selfish...

...if you continue to believe that you don't deserve to find someone new despite taking your past mistakes on board and trying to be the best person you can be, then you'll subconsciously avoid trying at all.

But what happens when you look at something you already know that you deserve? Let's see...

Imagine you created a new gadget and got the patent for the idea etc. It was legally yours to profit from. Now, imagine that someone else comes along and steals your idea and begins to get press attention and huge contracts from your idea and product.

How soon would it take you to send in your lawyers?
How much more driven would you be to make it a success under YOUR name and business?

Another example...

Imagine you spent 30 years working for charities, or saving people's lives, or giving back to the community, or simply donating to good causes...

...although you don't do it for recognition or praise, how much more deserving do you think you would feel when it comes to being recognized and respected by your friends, family, peers and local community?

Compare that to someone who spends all their time tricking people, stealing, breaking the law and being offensive and selfish to others at every turn...

...how much "drive" do you think they would have when it comes to wanting some respect off others?

The point is, when you know that you're a good person who is willing to work hard to get what you want from life, then congratulations...you DESERVE to get it.

However, until you start believing that you truly deserve these things, then you'll always feel that those things should go to somebody else.
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    Well agreed! Great observation Nick, a really great one that more people need to think about. You got a much deserved thanks for taking your time out to post this ;-)


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    You're welcome Mike!

    I'm glad it didn't fall on deaf ears or no ears at all...It's really more powerful than it initially seems...
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