what are your real goals

by Odahh
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hello all ,

Goal setting is a great practice..though here is a but to kick you in ..

even without setting goal or having defined goals ..the way you are thinking and the actions you are taking today..with the food you are eating how you make and spend money..will get you somewhere in 5 to 10 years..and 20 years ..

most people are stuck in patcheck to paychck live ..or very short term thinking that doesn't go far beyond a year at most ..and most people are slowly killing themselves with bad diets ..each day eating and doing other things that will cause some chronic illness ..

it's no longer true in our modern world that if you keep doing what you are doing you are going to keep getting what your getting ..because we live in times that it actually takes more effort..to get what your getting ..

again most people respond to illnesses created by what they are eatin ..by getting on medications.. because not on'y do we have a fast food culture ..we have an illness maintenance system..that treats chronic illness for a lifetime ..and a lot of people make money getting people fat and sick ..

back to setting goals ..

it never really worked for me just setting gosls ..untill i had a real clear idea of where i would end up if i didn't make changes ..

then those changes i need to make became obvious ..and then it was just setting goals based on the changes i was already making ..

so my view of goal setting is less based on imagination.. if i try something new ..and like doing it..i set goals based on where i want it to go after i am doing it ..
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    No goals per se - just visions that cascade in the rhythm of the universe and once actualized, the fulfillment takes over esoterically. Setting goals may cause stress and is by no means a metric performance-wise. Visualization on the other hand, gives you a crystal-clear depiction of your supreme mind in action. Then you leave it at that. Until it becomes second nature.
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    Instead of setting goals that today might seem good but 2 months from now they are worthless, set a big generic goal and make your strategy around it. You will still be able to follow the goal, the objective but you can also be flexible in what you do.
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    I always try to set impossible goals and then achieve the impossible. If you fail, you'll be a lot closer than you thought you would ever get!
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    I just want to be a good man. Also want to help the others. And keep myself into a festive mood.
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    My goal is a bungalow, a car.

    Also to take vacation whenever I like.

    Also, 10+ passive incomes from Internet marketing to support that lifestyle. Currently earning 2k+, hopefully to reach 30k per month to reach those goals.
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