The POWER isn't in the LIST. It's within YOU. The direction is in the list.

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You've heard the term being thrown around like a baseball in the 'game' for quite some time now: the power is in the list!

While this is evidently true for your marketing and sales strategies - it does NOT apply to your own motivation and action plan for your daily, weekly or yearly goals - but it's just as important!

To quote a young man who's dedication, learning and practiced helped shape a generation: "Knowledge is power, however knowledge without application is NOTHING!" - Bruce Lee.

List writing is a powerful tool for motivation and productivity - it's a little known secret that millionaires, entrepreneurs and successful people write lists - but do you know the biggest, hidden in plain site secret of them all?

THEY TAKE ACTION on what's written on their list.

Their lists are their instructions that they actually strive to follow.

What good is saying: I will do this, then this, then this, if you don't do it?

You all have a rough idea what direction you'd like to be heading. You are not a complete fool! You have a general idea in your mind about what you need to be doing - you already know what you have to do to achieve your goals, I know you do.

Now: write it down - write down the things that YOU KNOW you need to do - and then understand: effort and action on your part are now required for you to succeed (don't worry, you have everything you need already within you)..

and when you've written what you needed to write:

TAKE ACTION! and Keep taking action!

From a "mind warriors" point of view, this is the most honest and valuable information I can share with you. Please: take it to heart and apply what you've learned.

Peace and blessings,
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    This is so true.
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    This was meant to be posted in the "Mind Warriors" section of the forum! Is there anyway for a mod to move this?

    My bad,

    Edit: Thanks to the mod who moved this, whoever you are
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    Amen brother!
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    Yes, true. Those successful people are those who are willing to take massive action to achieve what they are believing in.
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