Think for at least 2 minutes.

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We are working hard to earn money.We are being educated to be successful.We are doing this and that.But we never think why we do these things.All these will go in vein when the life will end.

We should think that why we are in this world?
What are our duties?
What is the main reason of being here in this world?

If we think it regularly,it will prevent us from doing bad things.
If we do meditation for some minutes,we can get the answers too one day.

Just my experience.

Thanks for reading.
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    In my opinion, the reasons we exist are ...

    1. To leave the world a slightly better place for our children
    2. To discover the wonder of the Universe for ourselves
    3. To love and to be loved in turn
    4. To be inspired by the possibilities that lay before us
    6. To find our 'voice' and inspire others
    7. To discover our personal mission and fulfill it
    8. To enjoy the fruit of continuous learning and discovery
    9. To learn how to take ourselves not so seriously
    10. To laugh
    11. To discover something of our true spirit
    12. To triumph over adversity
    13. To help others less fortunate than ourselves
    14. To smell the roses
    15. To enjoy good food and drink
    16. To dance
    17. To resonate with the vibrations of nature
    18. To walk in the rain with or without the dog
    19. To listen to Shakespeare
    20. To see the rings of Saturn
    21. To walk through a bluebell wood
    22. To wonder at the stars
    23. To write a eulogy
    24. To be moved to tears
    25. To learn to grow and become a better person
    26. To create
    27. To discover our talents
    28. To engage with life's big questions
    29. To hug trees
    30. To Make a Difference

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    Well.. that depends on many things.. Do you believe there is a God? The answer to that question will form many reasons for existence..
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      Good question. I don't know that you were drawing this distinction, but I often hear about doing good/serving others or making money as if they are mutually exclusive.

      Usually (unless you are a scammer) when you are making money it is because you are making people's lives better in some way. When you help people get something they want, avoid something they don't want, solve a problem or just be entertained, they will give you money. That is the basis of capitalism.

      Making a LOT of money can put you in a position of doing great things. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal a few years back about two college classmates. One (the author of the article) wanted to change the world, and he became a journalist. The other wanted to make as much money as possible. He went to work on Wall Street.

      Several years pass, and the journalist is still working at his job, getting by, but not really making much of an impact. The Wall Street guy? He retired at a very young age with millions of dollars. Then he set up a foundation that funds live-saving charitable work around the world.

      So who changed the world? The idealistic journalist, or the money-grubbing capitalist?

      I am not saying that money is everything or that we should sacrifice the important parts of our lives (e.g., family, enrichment time, etc.) to earn money. What I am saying is that money gives you the power to accomplish many things when you use it wisely.

      Cathy Stucker,
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        Originally Posted by IdeaLady View Post

        when you are making money it is because you are making people's lives better in some way. When you help people get something they want, avoid something they don't want, solve a problem or just be entertained, they will give you money.
        100% agree. And that's the attitude we all should take. If you have an offer, make it with the intention of how it can help someone, not how much can you make. As cliche as it is, give and you shall receive, is true. But give with a cheerful heart not expecting anything in return. Good karma comes back to you at some point in some form.

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    I agree on making money it is because you are making people's lives better this is a form of gratitude or a form of sharing what you have. its like don't forget to thank the people who work for you.
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    You have a great point. So many people only see the money and have no real purpose or passion for what they do. In order for anyone to continue to succeed, they must give back and must help others be successful. The older generation of successful business people had it right and we have to continue that legacy of quality, productive, service to our fellow man. Great point again.
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    I strongly believe that the only way to make money and to enjoy them is to have a job that you like and you have a passion for it.
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      I think there is no real universal reason. I think we have made "reason" and it doesn't really exist. I think we will never know REALLY know what is the reason so the best thing is to create it for yourself. We create this world so we can also create a reason why we live. This is why there are so many different people in this world. But I think the main reason is to ahve fun, to enjoy it, to feel good feelings as much as possible.

      I think a lot of people don't really understand that so they look for the answer in religions.. and from other people,, culture ... I think we are partly robots, if you just look at how we behave, what are our wants .... I guess we were made for the same reasons.
      To create this world whatever way we want, which is obviously a lot of fun and joy

      Take care
      Hard work always pays off.
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