My little Story about how I got into Online money making - Share yours too.

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I don't know there were so many things that I wanted to say here but have already been put up by so many people in the best of ways that I am hardly left with anything much but my own story. I guess I am a little too late on these forums. But better late than never . Here it goes..

As a kid I always wanted to do something in computers - Lack of understanding about higher education, you can say

When I grew up that "something in computers" changed to "Engineering in CS"

And then with my hard work and dedication, i took up admission in Engineering.

I wanted to earn some pocket money simultaneously and was fond of reading this computer magazine DIGIT. In a subscription I read about blogging and Google Adsense . A basic know how to make money via a site.
With all the resources and knowledge I had, I finally took up blogging and copy pasting type of Grunt Job which I used to do from my home and make some $100 per month.
During all these years of study, one thing I was sure about that I would be worst as a programmer.

In my final year of college,I got selected in an MNC but fortunately or unfortunately the company got acquired by some other company wh canceled all the new placements.

Until then I never realized I want to take up my online part time job as a full time career.
So I teamed up with the same company I used to do blogging for and the guy, agreed to partner with me and do some projects together.

This is how I came up with a few sites and started generating income through them. Amazingly, I did a lot of code handling in PHP, CSS, HTML. I don't know from where did that understanding came from.

The most important thing that I experienced again and again was the "never give up attitude" and "focus".

I kept on trying and I still am trying. My greed for knowledge does not end. I compete with myself every single day and make sure I learn one new thing each day. I am not big at the moment but I can say with confidence that one day I will be, attending Pub Cons around the world.

I think that's enough about me and would like to know how others got into online business and share a brief story to add a personal touch to your post.
Please feel free to share.

Thanks to all those who took out time and made an effort to read/reply to this post.
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    Great story! "Never give up attitude"

    I started programming at the age of 12 on the Amiga 500. To make a long story short, I ended up studying Informatics and got a job as software developer. A couple of years later, I'm mostly doing management and IM, still within the software industry.

    Thank's for sharing your story!
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    Nice story

    I started graphic designing about a year ago when i was 14, started to make a bit of money through web design and logo design, and gradually built up from there to learn some html and css. And now im satarting to learn about making money through websites
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    I wrote a post sometime back on becoming a full-time blogger/internet marketer...
    On Becoming A Full-Time Blogger/Internet Marketer | Personal Development for the Book Smart

    Will probably do an extended story soon =)
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    Hey great story.. I went into IM because of an invited lecturer in class one day.. he was explaining to us how to earn money off the net and I was hooked.. haha..
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    Hey Great story!

    I have dabbled a little bit on and off in making money online, but I'm only just starting to get serious about it.

    A few years back I made quite a lot of money through Google Adsense, but I haven't really done a whole lot since other than a few blogs.

    I moved back to Australia from the UK in February and I haven't been able to pick up a job since then. Even though my husband works, I got sick of feeling like I wasn't making a contribution. So, I'm in the process of launching my own creative agency specialising in copywriting, events and photography and I intend to combine that with various ideas to make money online (based mostly around my copywriting skills). I figured I have nothing to lose at this point, and I have family who are quite successful at internet marketing so I thought I would make use of my skills and family's knowledge to create my own job rather than constantly looking for one.

    I'm hoping to get into a bit of product development and go from there.
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