Need Motivation? Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar COMPLETE REVIEW

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Day 1: Turn Fear Into Power

This seminar is NOT about changing yourself, but rather about BECOMING yourself.

This first thing Tony Robbins does in this seminar is to ask you WHY you are here. The staff gives you a notebook in which you can take notes and this is useful because throughout the seminar you have to do multiple written exercises...For me, it was to remove the fear of rejection and the fear of failure...

A lot of people wonder what the Fire walk is all about. Most people are aware that during this seminar, you are expected at the end of day 1 to walk on fire. A lot of people find it strange, but basically, the fire walk is a metaphor for what is stopping you in your life. It could be fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of losing contacts with loved ones, etc...What is stopping you in life is FEAR.

Now, pretty much everybody in the world would be scared to walk on fire (for obvious reasons) and the whole concept of the fire walk is to associate the fire walk to what is stopping you to live your life to the fullest. Tony does an amazing job at doing this during the first day of the seminar so when comes time to actually walk on fire, you are in the ZONE and there is no stopping you at ALL. Once you're done walking on fire, you realize that it was not a big deal and it was all in your mind (The same with what is holding you back in life...As I said, Tony use the fire walk to break that pattern of yours). This is a really powerful experience that I'll remember all my life.

Now let's get into specifically what you learn in that seminar...But first, you have to be aware of something: THIS IS NOT a seminar where you just sit down for four days and take notes. You WILL be yelling a lot, you WILL dance a lot, you WILL jump a lot, and you WILL do stuff that will seems really strange to you at first. This is an ACTIVE seminar. The days are long...It starts early and often end at 1:00 AM, but trust me, you won't feel tired at ALL. You won't feel tired because Tony is a master at engaging an audience. Also, he makes sure to make you use your body as much as possible in this seminar. The idea behind this is that most breakthroughs (when a new thinking pattern is created inside of you) are created when you are in a peak state. For those of you who don't know what a peak state is...Do you remember a time in your life when everything you were doing worked? When you felt amazing and for some reason everything that you touched turned to gold? You where in the zone and you felt like you could do anything? This is a peak state. This is the state you can expect to be during pretty much all of the seminar. Energy is an important part of the Unleash The Power Within experience, as you want to make sure you're in a peak state and fully absorbing all of the information going on during the event. As Tony says, INFORMATION WITHOUT EMOTION DOESN'T STICK.

There was about 10 000 people at this seminar! The music, the lightning, and the energy from the crowd are really important because the information you consume gets associated to the emotional state you are in. Remember: Information without emotion doesn't stick! If you learn something amazing but you are in a passive state, then that passive state will get linked to it and chances are high that you will not take action. Now on the other hand, if you learn something amazing while you are in a PEAK STATE, a state of ACTION, you're more likely to apply what you learned. This is why this seminar is so powerful. A lot of people think that by readings his books they will completely change their life...But this is not going to happen because when you read a book, what you have is cognitive understanding. This is the level at which you KNOW what to do. This is the first level. The second level is emotional understanding. This is when you linked the emotional consequences of taking action. This is what this seminar is ALL ABOUT. This is why this seminar is so much powerful than just reading the books. After going to this seminar, you won't just know what to do (first level), you will FEEL EMPOWERED to take massive action because all the energy from the seminar will stick with you for a REALLY long time. The next level is physical understanding...This is the level where you are taking action consistently because it is now part of your identity. The seminar prepares you to get to the third level by giving you tons of tools and techniques that you can use when the seminar is over.

When people ask me to describe the event, I always say: It's like a motivational Rock concert. There are a lot of Warm-up Dancers over there whose jobs is to start the day by putting you in a peak state. You basically do the same movements that they do and this will put you in a peak state. As you learn in this seminar, the fastest way to change your state is to use your physiology! There is also A LOT of music in this seminar. This is why I say it's like a Rock concert. You will see when you attend...

Now let's get more specific on what you learn during this seminar:
Tony wants you to become a practical psychologist. He wants you to have the tools to change how you feel at any moment because ultimately, how you feel will cause you to act in a certain way and your actions will determine your success in life.
This seminar is all about breaking unproductive patterns that you consistently do and create new empowering ones. If you are depressed, YOU MAKE YOURSELF DEPRESSED. You talk in a certain way, you breathe a certain way, you walk in a certain way, your posture is a certain way...If you are stressed, YOU MAKE YOURSELF STRESSED. Again, you talk a certain way, you breathe a certain way, you walk a certain way, your posture is a certain way...Being depressed or stressed IS NOT something you are but something YOU DO to yourself. This seminar is about discovering what your patterns are and how to change them.

Another thing Tony talks about is how for most people, the REASON why we do something is usually not what we originally think. Tony asked some people in the audience why did they come here. Most of them said things like: "To make more money" or "To achieve XYZ result in life"...After this, Tony taught us about the fact that what we are really about is a certain FEELING. He then talks about what he calls our own personal "blueprint". For example, what you might be really after is a feeling of "being rich", but in reality what you value the most in life is contributing to other's people life! I will talk more about the human needs later in this review.
Another thing Tony talks a lot about is how each one of use has RULES for our life. For example, someone might have conditioned himself to think that in order to feel successful, he must make minimum 10 million per year. To make 10 million per year minimum to feel successful is his RULE. Your rules are basically your belief systems that drive how you feel at any moment. A much better rule for that person would be that in order to feel successful, this person is WORKING HARD to achieve this goal. This way, this person focuses on the process instead of the outcome. By focusing on the process instead of the outcome, EVERY DAY that this person is working hard, this person has the RIGHT to feel SUCCESSFUL. You see the difference here? Feeling successful everyday versus feeling successful ONLY when that person makes 10 million per year...
Remember this: If the rules that you have in your life are set up in a way to make you feel miserable every single day, then YOU WILL feel miserable every day. Now, if the rules that you have are set up in a way to make you feel HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL every day, you'll feel happy and successful every day.

There are basically two master Areas in your life:
1) The Science of Achievement
There is a science behind getting anything that you want in life. There are strategies to get you there...If you want to make 10 million per year, there are strategies to get you there. If you want to lose 50 pounds, there are strategies to get you there...

2) The Art of Fulfillment
Another important area in your life is FULFILLMENT. Most people are so focused on achieving more that they forget to be grateful for what they have in life. What's the point of achieving more if you are not happy in the end? What's the point of wanting to achieve XYZ in the future if you are not happy right now? Also, being grateful is actually the fastest way to attract more of something into your life. If you focus on being fulfilled first, you will achieve what you want much faster. You will also notice that life is way more interesting when you are fulfilled every single day of your life.

Tony also teaches that what controls our lives are the meanings we associate to the things in our lives, which are shaped by our own personal psychology and our world views (The beliefs and values that we've created). Now once meaning is established, each individual will have a pattern of emotions that they associate to the meaning as their natural way of coping. ALL the emotions that you experience consistently are driven by three forces that mold the meanings we take from these emotions. This is what Tony calls the TRIAD.
Here they are
Force #1: Physiology: This is how you use your physical body such as breath, posture, movement.
Force #2: Focus: Basically, whatever you focus on, you will feel.
Force #3: Language/Meaning: Basically, as soon as you put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience.

The six humans need. Why do human beings do what they do? Everything that you do in life is driven by the six human needs. Here they are:
Need #1: Certainty: Everybody needs a certain stability in their life, whether it is to have food, a shelter or any material resources.
Need #2: Uncertainty/Variety: People also need some uncertainty in their life or they will become bored really quickly.
Need #3: Significance: Everybody loves to feel special.
Need #4: Connection: People love to feel connected with other people...
Need #5: Growth: People are not satisfied until their capacities are expanding.
Need #6: Contribution: People feel good when they are contributing to others.

Now, everybody is different and not everybody value these needs in the same way. Each person value two of these needs more than the rest and the values that are the most important for you will reflect how you live your life....

Now during the seminar Tony makes you do a lot of exercises to know exactly what are the two values that are the most important to you. For me, it was Certainty and Significance. Tony goes deep during the seminar into explaining how these values affect your life but what you have to remember is this: sometimes you will have two values that are conflicting each other...For example, someone who values Certainty and Uncertainty will have a lot of trouble in life because a part of him wants Certainty and doesn't like when things change, whereas another part of him wants to experience new things in life...Another example would be someone who value most Connection and Significance...A part of this person wants to feel close to people whereas another part likes to feel important and this might translate into cutting contact with other people. A good example would be someone who become famous...Everybody knows that person but at the same time, this person doesn't truly have a deep connection with these people.

Now each value that you have will have an impact in your life...Remember when I said that at the beginning of the seminar Tony asked us why we are here and I wrote to get rid of my fear of failure of rejection? Well, one of my value was CERTAINTY. People with this value likes to feel certain about things and tend to not take a lot of risk. Do you see the conflict between this value and my desire to achieve more and become free?
Tony makes you do a few exercises in the seminar and at the end, my two new values were: Growth and Contribution.

There was A LOT of information during the day one of the event, but if I had to make a resume of that day, it would be HOW TO CONDITION YOURSELF TO TAKE ACTION.

The whole day is about the fact that at the end of it, you will walk on fire. You WILL walk across a bed of burning hot coals that are around 2000 degree Fahrenheit and about 12-feet long.

Tony wants you to enter a state of absolute CERTAINTY to do this. This is when you enter a state of ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you take action.
He makes you enter this state by changing your emotional triad (Physiology, Focus and Language/Meaning). This is why you jump and yell a lot in this seminar...Tony wants you to feel what a feeling of ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY feels like so it sticks with you for the rest of your life! The whole seminar is about conditioning yourself to be in a peak state.
The state that you are in controls what you will do and what you will not do. Every action that you take is the result of the state you were in at the moment you took that action. Your state is simply a learned pattern that you developed through your physiology, focus and language/meaning.

Where do you live emotionally? Are you consistently living in a state of anxiety and depression or are you living consistently in a state of happiness and courage? Whatever you feel most consistently is what you have conditioned yourself to feel over and over again.

Want to feel more happiness in your life? Easy: CONDITION the state of happiness in your life DAILY. At some point this is where you will live emotionally. It will become automatic and you will feel happy pretty much all the time.

Day 2: Turn Dreams Into A Reality

The only negative point I have about this whole seminar is the fact that Tony Robbins is only there on Day 1 and Day 3. The speaker for Day 2 and Day 4 is Joseph McClendon III. There are videos of Tony Robbins speaking during these two days, but Joseph is the main speaker. Even though Joseph is really an amazing speaker, he is not on the same level as Tony Robbins (which I consider to be one of the greatest public speaker ever).
Let's dig into some of the content you earn during day 2 of the seminar.

The first thing that we learned was THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA. This is basically the formula to achieve anything that you want in life.
Step 1: Know Your Outcome
Clarity is power. If you want to achieve something in life, you have to know EXACTLY what you are after. The more specific, the better.
Step 2: Know Your Reasons Why
Why is it a must? You need compelling reasons WHY you want it. If what you are after is not a MUST, you won't follow through. This is why it's important to be clear on WHY it's important to you. Reasons comes first, answers come second.
Step 3: Take Massive Action
You need to take MASSIVE ACTION. What you are trying to achieve probably require 10 times what you think it requires. You have to go ALL IN and take MASSIVE action.
Step 4: Know What You Are Getting
After you took action, you have to be aware of what you're getting. You need sensory acuity. Is it working? Is it not working? Is it working as much as you thought it would?
Step 5: Change Your Approach
If what you are doing it not working, then you need to change your approach. If you keep doing the same thing you will continue to get the same results. KEEP CHANGING YOUR APPROACH UNTIL YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT.

The power of beliefs: What is a belief?
A belief is a feeling of CERTAINTY about what something means.
There are three steps to change a disempowering belief:
Step 1: Get leverage.
Step 2: Interrupt the limiting pattern.
Step 3: Create a new empowering pattern and reinforce it until it becomes a habit.
During the seminar, you do an exercise called the Dickens pattern which is basically an exercise to change your beliefs.

Another important part of Day two is when we learn about how most people are WAY TOO HARD on themselves...People have the habit to not praise themselves enough and this is the reason they don't achieve what they want. Remember: what you focus on expand. If you only focus on how you didn't work enough, on how you did not do this, do that, then you will get MORE of that. If you praise yourself every time you do something good, then you focus on it, and it expands. This is a really simple concept but for some reason a lot of people don't celebrate their victories. What gets rewarded gets repeated...
There are two primary ways to condition something:
1) Repetition
2) Praise

The science of Momentum!
If you want to have lasting change in your life, you need to follow these five steps to tap into the power of momentum.
Step 1: Put yourself in a peak state.
Make it a habit to put yourself into a peak state before you do something important. The state you are in will affect the decisions you make and ultimately, your performance.
Step 2: Find Your Passion!
Questions have the ability to elicit what you value more and this is a great way for you to focus on what REALLY motivates you. Ask yourself these questions:
-What do you love?
-What do you hate?
-What are you passionate about?
-What do you really want?
-What really drives your life?
Step 3: Decide, Commit and Resolve
Now that you are in a peak state and you know exactly what you are passionate about in life, it is time to DECIDE.
This is what we had to do:
1) What are two decisions that you've made in the past that have positively shaped your life? How did they change your life for the better? What finally got you to decide?
2) What are two new decisions you are committed to make now, and how will these decisions improve your life forever?
The idea behind it is that when you are in state, when you are in a state of ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, your decision becomes a COMMITMENT.
Step 4: Take immediate, intelligent, consistent and MASSIVEACTION!
Here is how to do it:
-Find a role model or mentor
-Get a proven model or create one
-Get a plan
-Do something immediately before leaving the sight of setting your goal

Step 5: Be S.M.A.R.T and be honest with yourself.

Here is the S.M.A.R.T philosophy in a nutshell:
-Strengthen it
-Measure more often
-Assess whether it's giving you the emotional reward you want
-Reinforce what works and take new action to continue the momentum
-Take new action
You also need to be honest with yourself. If it doesn't work, don't lie at yourself and adjust what you are doing.

Push motivation is when you have to PUSH yourself by using willpower and discipline to achieve your goal. The problem with this strategy is that it NEVER last long term and chances are high that you will burn out. Most people try to PUSH themselves to achieve their goals and this is why most of them fail...
Pull motivation is when you are literally PULED towards your goals. With pull motivation, you DON'T need to PUSH yourself and use willpower and discipline because you WANT to do the things required to have success. You are PULLED by your vision and you don't have to force yourself to do it. Actually, you have to force yourself NOT do to these things.

See the difference between the two? With PUSH motivation, you HAVE to do it, whereas with PULL motivation, you WANT to do it.
Think about areas in your life where you use PULL motivation. For me it's the gym. I've been going to the gym since I'm about 15 years old and it doesn't require any discipline or willpower for me to workout. Actually, I would have to FORCE myself not to go to the gym.
You have PULL motivation when the activity meets your needs, your beliefs and you have a compelling vision and enough reasons why. If there is anything conflicting, you will have to use PUSH motivation.

A good strategy to tap into PULL motivation is to experience the outcome (your goal) as if you've already achieved it, and then imagine it taken away from you. We did a whole exercise for this but I'll give you a resume.

The psychology behind this is that once you've experienced something good and then have it taken away from you, you will feel naturally pulled towards it again. Think about Facebook. A few years ago it didn't even exist....Now, chances are high that if Facebook closes for a few days, you will not like it and as soon as it comes back, you will jump on it. Some people will be even so scared that they will actually build from scratch a new website exactly like Facebook so people can use it again.

This is one of the reasons why people who come from rich families tend to become rich also. Yes, some of them will inherit money, but most importantly, they are USED to have this kind of luxury. This is their reality. They will do whatever it takes to re create that kind of lifestyle for them because they enjoy it (PULL motivation).

The Power Of Team:
The secret to wealth and happiness is to become a team player. Power moves to those who serve, and people's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group!
The state of the people you hang out with will soon become your state if you don't pay enough attention. This is why it's so important to hang out with people who will make you a better person. By hanging out with happy and successful people, you will start to think like time, feel like them, and ultimately act like them. You have to get rid of people who lower the energy.

With that being said, once you are able to manage your own state, the best thing you could do is to start seeing everybody as part of your team! It doesn't matter if it's a homeless guy in the street, the cashier at the restaurant, or even someone trying to hurt you...If you want to become a really good leader, you need to focus on GROWTH and CONTRIBUTION. Humans are wired to feel good when they help people.

Here are two key beliefs to help you do that
1) People do the best they can with the resources they have
2) There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states.

Someone got mad at you because he thought you were driving too slowly? This person is mad because he is in an un-resourceful state. That person is doing its best with the resources they have available. You have two options: You let this situation affect you, or you realize that this person is just not good at managing itself properly.

Tony says that most people are unhappy or broke because they focus way too much on themselves. Remember, power moves to those who serve...

The psychology behind it is that people will do more for others than for themselves. Yet, most people still focus all the time on themselves. Once you set your goals in a way in which by achieving them you make people around you happier and the whole in general a better place, you will feel a level of motivation you've never felt before in your entire life...

Day 3: Transformation Day
Tony is back on day 3! This day was really intense...The wheel of life basically represents the different areas in your life. These are the areas:
1) Physical body
2) Emotions & Meaning
3) Relationships
4) Time
5) Work/Career/Mission
6) Finances
7) Celebrate & Contribute
Tony made us do an exercise in which we had to rate ourselves in each area of our life. It was eye opening because the way the exercise is structured, you REALLY see in what areas you are lacking. These areas are lacking because you are probably not focusing as much energy as the other areas of your life...Tony talked a lot about the importance of balance.

The 3 Pillars of progress:
In life, achieving your goal is not what makes you truly happy. Happiness comes from PROGRESS. When you make progress, you feel ALIVE. Here are the three keys if you want progress in your life.
1) Get laser-focused, make it clear and compelling: You need to clarify the results you want in your life. What's your definition of an extraordinary quality of life? What do you need exactly to make it happen?
2) Get the best tools/Map/Strategy/Coaching for results: You need an effective and efficient game plan to achieve that result.
3) Get into action. Unlock and unleash alignment and integration: Sometimes the tools are not enough. You need to unlock what's blocking you. Why is it that sometimes we know what to do, we have great motives for change, and yet we fail to follow through? You have to understand why we do what we do and how to change it. You have to know how we create meaning and emotion and exactly what causes you to think, feel, and behave the way you do.

You have to get rid of your inner conflicts...Some people want to become rich but yet they want to go party every weekend. It is only when you have no inner conflicts that you can take massive action easily!

Elicit a state of certainty:
Another exercise we did on day three was to put our self into a state of absolute certainty. Tony teaches that Certainty, like any other emotional state, is just a matter of strategy. He made us do an exercise in which you pair up with a partner, get in a state of certainty, then the other person tells you exactly what you did with your body, voice and breathing in order to get in that state of certainty. It then gives you your strategy to feel certainty and the only thing you have to do is to re-do it next time you want to be in that state.
Again, you have to condition yourself to feel like this DAILY. You cannot expect to do this only once and for the rest of your life you will feel like this. You have to condition yourself to feel that way CONSISTENTLY.

Here are a few ways to condition certainty:

Incantations consists of you saying out loud and with emotional intensity your new empowering beliefs. If you have trouble eating healthy, it could be to say: I LOVE TO EAT HEALTHY. For this to work, you have to really engage all of your physiology and do it daily. Engaging you physiology is really important. Jump, speak loudly and MOVE.
Questions have the ability to make you focus. Ask yourself questions like: What should I focus on right now to feel totally certain? Or what could I do that would make me totally certain and confident right now? You have to do this daily also.

Raise your standards:
If you want success and happiness in your life, you need to raise your standards. If your standard is good, you'll get poor. This is how it works. There are basically four primary standards that people live at:
1) The standard of poor.
2) The standard of good: The reality is people overestimate how good they are, so if your standard is good, in reality you are probably below average.
3) The standard of excellent: This is better, but don't expect to get too much reward from that standard level...
4) The standard of Outstanding: This is where you stand out from everyone else. This is the level were you give EVERYTHING that you've got. This is the level of world class athletes. This is the difference between the boxer Floyd Mayweather and the rest of them.

The Dickens Process: Limiting beliefs

The goal of the Dickens process is to change your limiting beliefs that are stopping you in your life...This was a really intense exercise and words cannot express it, but I'll give you a brief description.

The first step of the Dickens process is to identify the limiting belief. We basically had to come up with three limiting beliefs that are currently stopping us in our lives. It might be that you think you don't have enough education, you don't have enough money, you are too ugly, you are too old, too young, etc...

Tony teaches us during this seminar that our beliefs are basically what control and determine every decision that we make. Now the problem is some of our beliefs are not useful to us and have been made unconsciously....

The second step of the Dickens process is to get leverage on yourself. Now that you identified a limiting belief, ask yourself this question: What negative consequences have you already experienced as a result of these beliefs?

You need leverage on yourself if you want to change! To change, you have to associate massive, immediate, unbearable levels of pain to that limiting belief. You have to be to the point where change is the ONLY option. This is exactly what the exercise Tony made us do did to us...

The third step is to create a new empowering belief or alternative...To do this, look at the opposite belief. What would you need to believe instead? For example, if your limiting belief is that you don't have enough money; your new belief could be that you're really good at making money and raising money! You basically need to create belief that is empowering.

Tony then made us to an exercise in which we interrupted our old belief and then we conditioned the new one into ourselves.

Three steps to mastery:
Here is how to become a master at something:
1) Model someone who's already achieved what you want. You can literally compress years into days by having the right mentor.
2) Total immersion. You have to totally immerse yourself into the thing you are trying to master.
3) Spaced repetition. You need repetition. It is only by repetition that you can condition yourself properly and one day become a master at something.

Day 4: The power of pure energy
This day is all about health and energy. This is probably the most important factor in order to create an extraordinary quality of life. However, for some reason most people neglect this area in their life.

The #1 thing that stops people in their lives is FEAR, but the #2 is LACK OF ENERGY. If you don't have energy, you won't be able to accomplish anything of value in life...

What is health?
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, or social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Tony says that optimal health is basically ENERGY. Now you might wonder where does energy comes from? The answer if from our CELLS.
Your body is basically made up of trillions of cells and in order to not only survive but thrive, they need:
1) Oxygen: Oxygen is the source of all the energy in your body. This is with the help of oxygen that circulation, digestion, elimination of waste, respiration, assimilation and absorption are made possible.
2) Water: Your body is mainly mad of water. Your body use water for the breakdown of substances, as a medium for chemical reactions, and for the diffusion and osmosis of substances.
3) The ability to eliminate its own waste. We were shown a study made by Dr Alexis Carrel on how cells can live forever with proper oxygen. The primary medium that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body is the blood. The body's primary medium for eliminating waste is the lymph system. The lymph system basically works with the circulatory system to clean and return tissue fluid to the blood and destroy toxins that enter your body.

The true source of disease:
Diseases are caused by the accumulation of toxins in your bloodstream. Even though your body is designed in a way to eliminate toxins, we can still accumulate more than what the body is able to eliminate. In fact, the disease or illness you have is your body's attempt to CURE itself. The disease is actually the cure.

The four ways your body eliminates toxins:
1) Skin
2) Lungs/Respiratory tract
3) Bowels
4) Urinary tract
The three causes for these toxins to build up in your bloodstream:
1) Taking in more than you can eliminate
2) Biochemical additives and/or waste and animal products (basically any substance your body can't use)...
3) An acidic diet.

All the symptoms of disease like couch, low energy, vomit, fever, skin eruptions etc ARE ALL YOUR BODY'S RESPONDE TO POISONS!

The 12 steps of pure energy:

These 12 steps include the 8 gifts you should give yourself along with the 4 poisons you want to eliminate.
Gift 1: The power of vital breathing & lymphasizing.
You can go weeks without food and days without water...But you can only go a few minutes without oxygen. You need to learn how to breathe properly. Most people are shallow breathers. Panic attacks are caused by shallow breathing. What you need is a deep diaphragmatic breathing. A really simple exercise is to inhale at the count of 4, hold breath for the count of 16, and exhale at the count of 8. You basically want to use a ratio of 1:4:2 and do this a few times per day.
Gift 2: The power of living waters and live foods
Your brain is made up of 76% water and your lunges are made up of 90% water. Blood plasma is made up of 98% water.
Water basically carry nutrients to all vital body substances, maintain your body temperature and helps build material for growth and repair of the body.
You should drink at least half of your body weight in ounces. If you are severely dehydrated, you urine will be orange. You should always have colorless urine.
Ideally, you should never go more than 20 minutes without sipping water and the first thing you do in the morning should be to drink water.
Because water is so important, you should consume foods that have water in them such as vegetables and fruits. Ideally, your diet should consist of at least 70% water rich foods because it allows your body to cleanse itself. If you fail to do this, it means you are clogging your body instead of cleansing it.

Gift 3: The power of essential oils
Essential fatty acids are really important because every cell in your body requires them to function...Did you know that your brain is made up of 60% fat?
There are good fats and bad fats.
The good fats are Omega 3 and Omega 6. If you don't have enough of these, the lipid membrane around your cells will start to break
Gift 4: The power of Alkalinity: Go green
You must maintain a certain balance between acid and alkaline in your blood. Too much acidity will cause many types of health problems.
The scale of measuring pH (Potential of Hydrogen) is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. 0 means totally acidic and 14 means being very alkaline. Neutral is 7. Different body tissues must maintain a different level of pH, but our blood must maintain a pH of 7.365 at all time. Any variance could cause death.
70% of your diet should be alkaline foods.

Gift 5: The power of Aerobic energy
Being fit doesn't necessarily mean that you are being healthy.
Fitness is the physical ability to perform athletic activity whereas health is the state in which all the system of the body, nervous, muscular, skeletal, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, hormonal etc are ALL WORKING OPTIMALLY.
Aerobic means WITH OXYGEN. This is basically the level of exercise you want to sustain over a period of time.
Anaerobic means WITHOUT OXYGEN. This is basically exercises that produce short bursts of power like lifting weights. You feel tired after lifting weights because it builds acid in your body and your body has to fight hard to neutralize it.
Your heart rate is basically what determines if what you are doing is aerobic or anaerobic.
Gift 6: The power of maximum nourishment
The purpose for food is to energize our body, grow and develop, purify and cleanse...

The 7 rules for healthy eating:
Drink water before and after your meals, not during. Ideally, you have water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your meal. Drinking water during your meals will dilute your digestive juices and stunts digestion.
Properly combine your foods. If you don't do that properly, you tax your body's ability to properly digest foods and prevent foods from being converted into nutrients properly.
Eat in a relaxed state. Chew your food slowly and make sure you are not distracted.
Eat comfortable amounts of foods.
Eat organic foods.
Eat small amounts every 3 hours.
Add supplements if needed.
Gift 8: The power of structural alignment and maximum strength
It is crucial to make sure your body is aligned properly. You should do stretching, yoga and chiropractic work.

Gift 8: The power of a directed mind and heart
Negatives emotions create acids in your body which can cause diseases.
You should your day by asking yourself questions that puts you in a good state of mind:
What am I happy about in my life?
What am I grateful for?
Who do I love? Who loves me?
By changing your focus you will change your emotional state and ultimately, your biochemistry.
Poison #1: Processed fats
Stay away from processed and Trans fatty acids. Saturated fats, Trans fats and dietary cholesterol raise your blood cholesterol and this may cause coronary heart disease...
Poison #2: The poison of animal flesh
There have been many studies that show how vegetarians are significantly healthier than meat eaters. Risk of lung cancer is reduced by 20% to 60% for vegetarians. Prostate cancer in men is reduced by 41% for vegetarians and risk of colon cancer for women that eats meat is 250% greater than for vegetarians.
Poison #3: The poison of dairy products
Dairy products are very acidic. Because of the fact that milk is so acidic, it actually leeches calcium from our bones and connective tissues in order to neutralize the acid....
Poison #4: The poison of acid addictions
Acid is really bad for you...You want to eliminate from your life: Caffeine, sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, whites, vinegar and drugs in general...
I used to smoke a lot and drink A LOT of coffee. I've also been for most of my life someone who is stressed a lot. I used to also get a lot of panic attacks in the past...Since I stopped drinking coffee, I am WAY less stressed and I can't even remember the last time I've had a panic attack...Also the funny thing is when I was drinking a lot of coffee, I was TIRED ALL THE TIME. Since I stopped drinking coffee, main energy level stays the same throughout the day!


Without a doubt, Attending Unleash The Power Within has been one of the best experience of my entire life. I had high expectations when I got there because I read ALL his books and watched pretty much every videos of him before attending this event...But still, this seminar EXCEEDED ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS.
I even committed to attend this seminar AT LEAST once per year. This is how good I think it is and how it impacted my life in so many different levels! I hope you learned a lot!

Max Valmont.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nathan Isaac
    Man this is awesome. This is a great insight for people who are interested.

    I went last September 2016 and I want to go this year again.
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  • Profile picture of the author tagiscom
    Well, l have to hand it to you, this is the longest post l have seen here. I read a good chunk of it before the "l have heard all of this before clicked in.

    $5k to stay up all night dancing, screaming, "I Am Invincible" or "give me a refund", (whichever comes first) and hugging probably, (as long as it is an attractive woman, l guess that is ok).

    Now l am really glad that Frank isn't here, the inevitable would have been a certainly.

    Geesh, l could have gone to an Amways meeting and got all hyperactive without the price tag, (and yes l have been to one).

    I am sure it is effective to a point and will help some, but frickin 5k!

    I would rather spend $30 on one of his books, (and yes l have read the Power Within one) and go and jump out of a plane, for $300).

    Apart from it being a tax ritoff, l personally cannot fathon how someone can spend that kind of cash on something like this.

    It is impossible to stay hyper positive day after day, A month or two at best before reality seeps in, and persistence, hard work and being a determined SOB kicks in.

    The firewalk will break down some self imposed barriers, and help, but when months turn into years, and most of the stuff you try does not work, then self doubt will creep in and hard times, then will this work then?

    Probably not!

    I know newbies might jump for this, but l am a seasoned marketer, at the point of victory. And have read a ton of self help books, that encompass everything above, and then some.

    And as such don't get it.

    PS people on their last legs also p*** away 10k of their money to go and see him for 15 minutes at his Hawaii,n house. And usually go and jump out of a plane, or climb a mountain.

    I would personally go and jump off a bridge.
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  • Profile picture of the author MValmont
    It is around $600 , not 5k....And it has nothing to do with staying positive all day.

    BigFrank? The guy probably has nightmare about me every single nights. I he tried to bully me and he got completely destroyed. May he rest in peace.

    I'm going back to unleash the power within in a few days in Los Angeles and I can't wait.

    Couldn't care less what people say. I look at what I've accomplished and I'm glad I go to these events because clearly it works for me
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