Advice from native English speakers needed!

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Hi, guys!
As this chapter is about self-improvement, I decided, it would be a good idea to create a thread and ask an advice from you!
I'm inspired by Brian Tracy's books and his quotes like
You could be one skill away from doubling your income
All skill are learnable

and so on
I feel, the skill I lack is fluency in English.
I'm not fluent in English, but I read a lot, and for me improving my English skills is top priority for 2016.
If a were interested in WordPress development and getting hired or something like that, I think, I would not have any issues.
But I am 100% creative person. I like writing blogposts, articles, making videos and so on.
What's the issue?
I understand almost everything I read and watch, but I have problems with writing and speaking. I mean, I can be talking to myself for the whole day, but I have no feedback.
I know that the more you practice a certain skill, the more you progress. But I don't see any progress,
I don't want to hire a professional proofreader or a teacher, I prefer learning by myself.
Maybe, you, guys, could suggest me a book, and audioprogram, video course or something like that on improving writing skills. Maybe not for ESL students, but for native English speakers, who are willing to master writing skills?
Mabye, writing patterns, sentence patterns, or something...
I don't know in what dirrection to go.
Appreciate your suggestions, guys!
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    Writing and speaking are usually the most difficult parts of a language, seeing as you have to actively formulate what you want to say and how you are going to do this. When you're reading or listening for example, the only thing you have to do is to understand, you're "passive" in some sense, whereas you are active if you're speaking or writing.
    As far as writing is concerned, you could try Grammarly
    It is free and it correct any mistakes you make (better than ordinary text processors) and it will suggest synonyms for example. I suggest you give it a try, I found it to be very useful!

    Hope it helps!
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