How Often Do You Seek Motivation?

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Hey guys, so I know there have been threads on here sharing how we get motivated, but I'd like to pose a different question here.

How often do you actively seek out motivation, or do you at all?

I understand many of us are "self-motivated", in that you're so passionate about your work that you may not feel the need to purposely go get pumped up, but everyone has those down moments where we need an extra boost.

I know for me it's a little combination of both. Every morning I read, meditate, and go over what needs to be done for the day. Then throughout the day I'll take a few minutes to watch a motivational video or pictures of how I desire my lifestyle to be.

Do you have a daily routine to get your mindset right for the day, or do you seek out motivation on impulse when you feel like it? Feel free to share!
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    Never. Motivation is for the weaklings.

    Do the best you can in the presence and the future will take care of itself.

    Then you will have a fabulous past to draw inspiration from your own, other than following the societal stereotypes. There will be another moment where an atrophied mind will post a video about motivating yourself based on false images you'll never be able to replicate. Ask yourself this question, do I need motivation or a higher intellect.
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      I like yourself read teachings like As A Man Thinketh Vol. 2 by James Allen. And other insanely valuable teaching books every day (not the little pocket teaser of Vol. 1. That's nearly worthless. Vol. 2. Is out of print.).

      I visualize my goal every day.

      I would like to rebuke the other fellow. I'm not weak at all. If you knew me that would be the furthest thing from your description of me physically or mentally.

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    I seek motivation every day in my daily routines like sleeping, eating, working, reading and practicing, exercise and watching something that will update my consciousness...
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      I have certain routines I follow and stick to.
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    The first thing before you start to changing your life is to change the way how you sleep. Going/get up from bed at same time can really help you in your self progress.
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    Sleeping and eating is literally my motivation
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      I start each day with what I call my Freedom Routine. It is a bunch of mental exercises that I do to break unproductive patterns, destroy limiting beliefs and put myself in a peak state so I can be productive and happy during that day.
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        Originally Posted by MValmont View Post

        I start each day with what I call my Freedom Routine. It is a bunch of mental exercises that I do to break unproductive patterns, destroy limiting beliefs and put myself in a peak state so I can be productive and happy during that day.
        That sounds good.

        Are there any tools or software you use to do this or is it all on paper?
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          Originally Posted by mustafavanancio View Post

          That sounds good.

          Are there any tools or software you use to do this or is it all on paper?
          Will make a blog post about this soon.
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        I do a similar thing too.
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    I dont have any routine for it. I check my productivity level by few tools like rescue time. Whenever I feel I find myself less productive, or feel that I am having some concentration issue, i look for motivation.
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    I believe we're always motivated, there is always an area of your life you're motivated to improve.

    If you're lacking motivation for your work it's usually because you would be rather doing something else. For example if you have a sufficient income but you have poor health, it only makes sense that you won't feel very motivated to sit at your computer trying to increase your income further. You subconsciously know you should focus on a different life area (health/family/fun/purpose/romantic etc.).

    Listing all the life areas you can think of and ranking them from 1 to 10 can be a great eye-opener.

    Once you bring all the areas that you think you're currently missing out on to a higher level, you'll certainly have more motivation to work hard again.
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    Drinking a water will also help you to improve your immune system and also forget about headaches!
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    My motivation comes from fear of being mediocre. I picture myself in a state of misery if I can not accomplish my goals of time freedom. I think about this daily upon waking up.
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    Motivation is always there when im doing IMO.
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    Have a goal and be responsible for something bigger than yourself.

    Humans will let themselves down and just feel bad for it.

    It's not the same way when other people (or goals and missions) are depending on you.
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      I think it mostly happens when I find there's something that is not good enough or I know it can be better, and then it will immediately come to a motivation to push me into action.

      However, sometimes it just sleeps and accumulates until it happens to blow to the unsatisfied mind.
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  • Gotta say, I am seein' a lotta side issues here.

    Mosta my passion innervates the nerves directly to do the thing itself — writin', dancin', Yoga, daydreamin'.

    I'm not so cool with mantravation or exercises, cos I figure you can get real good at those without it figurin' on alla the stuff that is 'the thing itself'.

    But I pick up the point about days when passion skids out onto the rocks.

    Either there is some real opposition to your schemin', or you are bustin' out on a low point for some reason.

    Thing about opposition for me is that I got a tendency towards destruction.

    Anythin' stoppin' me gets destroyed. Period.

    Problem with this is, I am a weenie mortal blessed like everyone with magnificent powers of f*ckin' things up, an' sometimes I am wrong.

    That is cool, an' that is learnin', but there is a place between playin' for gung-ho destruction an' changin' your point of view where the limbo of indecision snuffs the fire from your blitzo.

    This place is Doubt, an' you may meander there, indecisive, ineffectual an' lost for some time.

    Way I see it, I am always gonna make it through.

    Either I'll turn out to have been right, or my future self gonna embrace new wisdom.

    Jus' ain't that way right now sometimes, jus' don't feel too good right now sometimes.

    Cos that is the thing about motivation I guess.

    When you have it, you are decisively pursuing your Things Themselves, an' it kinda all does itself.

    It is when you are way off beam that you gotta think sensible, an' Doubt is more about findin' stability an' balance before you shoot off again with the thrusto.

    Low points are mebbe kinda more accidental.

    It is not that your passion meets an obstacle, or you are at the blind still point of flux called Doubt.

    Maybe your Mom is sick, or you are sick, or your heart is broke cos Bowie died, or some other stuff gonna go on without you but kinda matters to you while you're here in this lucid & specific moment.

    Soft, erodin' obstacles, I guess: these are real bummers.

    I figure there is no fight here, no point in wastin' energy tryin' to wrestle certainties like dead pop stars to the ground.

    You jus' gotta watch for the shadows they cast, keep 'em distinct from alla the other shapes in play, an' wait till the light of change tempts them from view.

    Worst kinda demotivator is when alla this kinda stuff impacts on tryin' to destroy the opposition you invited by persistin' with passion.

    You jus' gotta keep it all in your sights, even if you ain't takin' aim an' firin' for sumthin, or evrythin' just turns blendymooshy.

    Too much mantravational stuff plunges you down a narrow tunnel, brings a boost to one eyeball but blinds the other.

    I guess what I am sayin' is, you gotta become more felafocal.

    On which note, thanks OP for firin' me up to comment.

    Looks like I busted my daily Google Concussor early.


    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I look for motivational words, keep them as PC and smartphone's wallpaper, sleep over them and look for the reasons to work.
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    If you're motivated then there is no need to get motivated through videos, pics, or articles as it will distract your focus. If you feel you're not motivated then start using such resources.
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    I seek motivation only when I feel demotivated and low.

    What I found in Mexico cannot be expressed in words. Though, I tried here - My Blog

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    If you are happy with your life.. If you have healthy biorhythm. You should have enough motivation on daily bases. Main thing here is to keep up your mind in some healthy state (someone will go to run every morning, someone will pref to meditate 5h a day, and so on)

    When you recognize first symptoms of "getting Down" with your self You should stop it.
    I do it just by saying to my self, "This part of Me doesn't serve me well, so I let go of it".
    This require some practice in daily basis but works pretty well for me.

    And yea, motivation comes from inside not from outside (videos, pictures). Someone will say not true, but I gonna ask them " for how long you gonna stay motivated by watching some video ?! ".

    It's all about will you take control of your life in all aspects (motivation, emotions...)
    or you will let them to control YOU.

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    Write down a list of things you are grateful for. Read and look at it every morning. Reward yourself whenever you done something big.
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    I always tell to myself in my head that i will work hard and see the future im gonna get. I see the possibilities and lots of ideas popping up in my head.

    Watching other people success isnt actually that motivation.
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    A wonderful and productive day should always start early. So make it a point to wake up at around 6:00-7:00am or earlier (the better). Having an early start is a way to be focused on your goals the entire day. Some simple body exercises will help a lot to be energized too. This will help you becomes enthusiastic on whatever you will be doing. And of course, you should eat well and healthy. How can one do his thing with an empty or upset stomach?
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    I just look in the mirror and know I am worth it.
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    Everyday for about 10 minutes in the morning. I have a bunch of motivational quotes on my phone that I look at. Gets me ready for the day!
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    I have great motivational problem. I'm currently writing my master dissertation, and I'm writing a fashion blog and since both are related to writing I have huge ups and downs in my motivation.
    The best solution that I found so far is to always bring some notes or phone or anything where I can write new ideas. Sometimes I got an idea for something while I'm in a line at cash register or right before sleep and later forget them. So this method is easy and later you can expand your thoughts when you have more time or in better place or when you get that motivatioal cick.
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