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Do you ever take a good look at yourself and think: Why do I always do that?

I do, all the time. Not because I'm stupid, but because I journal a lot, and I write a lot, so I tend to reflect on my actions, motivations and the outcomes they produce, a lot.

Point in case:

I brought a really COOL camera the other day so I could get my street photography rocking. This is my passion outside of copywriting, and marketing.

My thinking was this:

This new camera, which is way more discreet than my big 'ol DSLR would have magical powers. It would help me feel more confident taking pictures of folks on the street.

Low and behold! It didn't. It's just a camera. The same fear remained. The only difference is I now have a new camera that I'm also not using.

It's a bit like when you know you should be running that webinar but you keep putting it off. Or you keep avoiding that sales call that would solve all you money problems. Or you avoid approaching that thought leader at a conference and offering your ideas in case they get shot down and you end up looking stupid.

It doesn't matter how many new tactics you test out, or new bits of technology you use, or how smart you look, you've still got to do the one thing that's THE ACTUAL SCARY BIT.

That's where the juice is. It's all about taking the shot. And no camera, training course, plugin, or shiny new object will take that fear away. Because the fear is in you.

And the only way you'll ever overcome that fear is by taking the shot. Good luck!
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    Sometimes we get carried away and expect that xyz product is going to solve problems that we have. The truth is no product will make you more confident or richer unless you make a change to your own behavior.
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      Thanks for the post! I really agree with you! Sometimes you have to overcome the fear no matter what takes.
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    is it really fear ?

    or did you really buy the camera based of typical consumer programming..how many thing get bought based of projection .. rather than based off current activity .

    it's like people playing the game looking for that critical piece of software that will launch them into a business ..

    if you arn't doing something now..buying something that will make it so much easier to do if you where already doing it..will not get you to do it ..

    maybe its not fear..maybe you should just stop bullshitting yourself ..

    if you want to engage in fantasy..treating that camera ..or that next ebook purchas ..or enroling in a gym..or some other purchase that will get you to do things you are not doing now for what ever reason.. own that your bullshitting yourself..and imagine doing things you would never really do..

    or save yourself money and drop a few buck on lottery ticket the day after a drawing..so you have the max amount of time to visualize what you would do with the money ..

    10 dollars a week doing that..probably a hell of a lot cheaper than ..all the products you aree buying and not doing anything with ..

    go around your house with that camera and take picture of all the other stuff you bough and never used ..if you have a gym membership you arepaying for and not using take a picture of the gym .. ..or at least the cloths you wehere going to wear to the gym ...

    spend money to expan on what you are doing ...
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    Overcome fear is the hardest thing I could think of in work and passions.
    When it's my turn to do so, I always try to postpone it.
    I'm starting to force myself not doing that, thinking a lot about why postpone isn't the right thing to do.
    I'm seeing some improvement, but there's a long way ahead of me.
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    Having dealt with this fear/anxiety for over 25 years, I've learned that it's those moments where your most afraid that end up being the best experiences. Our "gut" feeling can't always be trusted. So, usually when I feel fear about something that's my signal to lean into the fear and overcome it......
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      In this situation, I consider myself as a looser
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        Originally Posted by Leonardo007 View Post

        In this situation, I consider myself as a looser
        Nobody really is a loser.

        A lot of times, whatever you do, if it doesn't work, you just have to get up and keep going. Find different ways to do something.

        The biggest thing to think about is that anybody - even people like Bill Gates - have some kinds of fear.

        It may be taking a big leap, or stepping off the edge of a cliff, as far as a business goes. But what they do is take the step before they can even worry.

        The longer you put something off, the more you find reasons that it won't happen the way you want.

        Take action - and do it as soon as you can!
        Tavius Southard
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          Low and behold! It didn't. It's just a camera. The same fear remained. The only difference is I now have a new camera that I'm also not using.
          That doesn't take a ton of insight in my opinion. You didn't buy a camera to take better photos - you bought a camera to make you look/feel better.

          When everything you do is about you - you won't win. Look out instead of in for a while and the view changes. The best way to get over any fear is to acknowledge the fear and walk right through it.
          Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
          It actually doesn't take much to be considered a 'difficult woman' -
          that's why there are so many of us.
          ...jane goodall
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        Originally Posted by Leonardo007 View Post

        In this situation, I consider myself as a loser.
        Nah. There's no such thing. : ) That's just a label that people sometimes use when they're in a "rut."

        Something I learned from Susan Jeffers ("Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway") is that people (all of us) do the best we can with what we have at the time. Go easy on yourself. We all screw up sometimes.

        The most important thing (IMO) is that you keep learning from your experiences.

        Good Luck.
        : )
        "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    People have their own inner demons, we all do have. Fears of being rejected, neglected, hurt and a failure are the most common reasons for these inner demons. We do not welcome the feeling of being unappreciated, never did we. We tend to expect a lot from people around us, especially those that are close to us. Some pieces of advice that I can share:

    Be yourself.
    Have faith.
    Share your talents and blessings
    Never expect anything, from anyone.

    By doing these, you will be able to release that inner demons in you.
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      Overcoming your fear could really be that hard. But whether you're willing or not to overcome it would surely lead you to miss whatever opportunities that may come your way.
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    Hey Luke,

    Thanks for sharing your fear.

    Let me share how I overcame my fear of cold calling on calls and so much so that I can easily and comfortably speak to strangers on the streets - face to face.

    It has to do with perspectively. This happened out of accident or at least I didn't noticed how it came about. The trick is to think more about the person you talk to or are interested ;-)

    I noticed that once I get comfortable with the products/services that I was selling ie I'm sold on the benefits and that it can help folks, I have no fear (at least much much reduced) that I'm excited about the call to share the product/services. So it's more of how the other person can benefit.

    On speaking to strangers (may be more applicable for you), i found that the trick is to be interested with the person you want to speak to. It's really easy once you are keen and curious on the other person - not about you wanting to take the picture. But perhaps how this person will look good in your photo that others can share in the joy of a good photo etc. Speaking from the heart helps a lot to break the ice. As a thought. You may want to reach out to photographers that do the same work as you ie taking photos of folks on the streets and ask how they actually approach their prospect. Hope this helps
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    Fear can be a good thing.

    Let's flip the perspective a bit.

    Suppose you fear living a mediocre life?

    Or not achieving a particular goal?

    That's exactly the kind of fear you need to have to get you working towards your goals.

    For me, it's the fear of looking back on my life and feeling the sting of regret, wishing I did more when I had the chance.

    And yes, some fears (like shooting a video) can only be overcome by doing that which you fear.

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