Fastest Route To Influential Mastery

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Do you want to create more influence and sell more of your own products, coaching, and services?

This post is going to be a straight to the point juicy post created to help you do just that.

So if you currently sell your own products, coaching, masterminds, retreats, and packages...

Then this is exactly for you.

I recommend you take notes, and take action on this post as you read through it.


Let's face it, it's 2016 and most people have become NUMB to the typical marketing pitches - things like "Opt in here for your FREE course" 'FREE X-Day Bootcamp' 'Free Strategy Session Call' and so forth.

Most smart consumers and marketers know they're being sold to.

And because there is so much noise happening in their daily life, most force themselves to just block out the noise...

But how does that leave room for you to step in and make more sales despite the opposition?



People in this day and age are annoyed and frustrated with sales pitch after sales pitch.

They want something that they can relate to, and something that allows them to see the light down the tunnel of what this product or service will do for them.

By focusing your attention on that perspective alone, the rest of this post is not even necessary - but I'll press forward.

So most marketers what they do is put together a 15 - 20 minute webinar, or they use a template based salesletter and then start pushing people to it.

After that, they link directly to a strategy session and hope that people will someday buy from them...

This is a form of "Push" style marketing. It's very aggressive, hard-nosed, and normally ONLY works when you're able to do volumes of mass marketing.

Most people online looking to sell things use this type of marketing and crash and burn quite often.

Funny thing is that most of the guys who use this exact type of marketing are the one's who consider themselves high ticket coaches... yet don't know a thing about what they're doing...

Those people who push their offers and such on you aren't really High Ticket guys... and that's the reason why they don't sell very many spaces in their programs.

And then on the flip side, there are the real guys who know their stuff and practice what they preach...

The deal real guys who sell boatloads of copies of their programs, courses, coaching, and products.

For the purpose of this post - let's call this 'Influential Mastery'

This is the process of making people do something which they did not intend to originally do using their own will power.

This is real power, and masters of influence know that most of the people who buy high ticket offers will typically buy for 5 reasons.


They want access to you directly, or maybe they want access to your network.

Think of this almost like they're paying you for your resources, which could be time, network, personal contacts, and so forth


Most people care about the attention being on them, and being perceived in a certain way.

Because of these beliefs they'll pay any price to be perceived in the best way possible by others.

Think of the "Keeping Up With The Jones's" Mentality


They want to be a part of a community of people where they can network and gain alliances.

Think of Greek Fraternities, or business networking groups.

All of the people are joining something bigger than themselves because they see something in that community that will benefit them long term.


There are some people who associate themselves with being the best, paying the most, eating at the most exclusive restaurants, and so forth.

These are the people who walk into a clothing store, and immediately look to purchase the most expensive pair of shoes.

They identify themselves as luxury, affluent, top tier, and will always pay top dollar without blinking.


This one should have been at the head of the list as it's the most common reason why people buy higher priced products, courses, and coaching.

People want instant results. We live in a microwave society where people will pay you any price you ask if you can provide the sure fire solution for them.

Now let's shift to mastering your influence, and the direct steps to take so you can start selling more of your own products, services, and high ticket offers.


The prospect is never going to pay you because you have a 6 week program, or you'll teach the latest power strategy, or you provide the perfect closing script.

The truth is, they could care less about your 6 weeks, or perfect script...

But when you change the offer to being completely about how their income will transform from 2K/mo - 30K/mo in those 6 weeks, or how they'll be able to close 10 - 20 additional high ticket sales per week.

Does that make sense?

Rethink about the last few lines a few times and it'll start to open bigger thoughts in your mind.

The key is what can the prospect achieve? What is the desired outcome that you can realistically and scientifically help him or her accomplish via your OFFER?

So what you do is make the offer so clear that the prospect can see what their life will look like once they've crossed the finish line and completed your program.

Allow them to taste it, allow them to smell it, allow them to see it, and hear it.

Make the outcome for your client so crystal clear and so exciting that they feel like they are already living in it.

Here's the thing...

You can pitch program after program and run webinar after webinar...

But none of it will work unless you can help your prospect see the exciting transformation clearly.

So how to do this in the simplest way possible?

Here's an example.

Would someone pay $5000 to learn how to set up a Facebook ad campaign?

I would never pay that much to learn something that I can do a basic search on YouTube, or even in Google Search.

And most people in their right minds would think the same.

However if that offer was more specific and transformation based like this...

"How To Book 5 - 10 High Level Strategy Calls Per Day Via Laser Targeted Facebook Advertising"

In regards to the second case, you and most people would whip out their credit card and pay because you know exactly what transformation you're going to get right away.

Yes, both of these offers talked about Facebook ads...

But here's the kicker -

One of the offers was super general and based on the title wouldn't have a chance to sell for more than $2,000...

But the other program was very transformation based, and clearly lets you SEE how your life is going to be different with 5 - 10 high level strategy calls per day.

This thing goes deep, and all you need to do is clearly point out what are those transformational outcomes that your prospect will experience.

I recommend writing them down as they will be the highlights of your program.

An example could be something like - How To Charge $10K - $100K Per Client And Attract 5 New High Level Corporate Clients Per Day.

You get the jist of it.

This is one of the biggest missing pieces that most marketers miss out on.

By implementing this one simple strategy you'll have a much better ability to gain influential mastery in your marketplace and be the one that your clients will literally want to throw money at.

For now this should be enough to get you started with getting more of your products to sell, and even influencing people offline and in your real everyday life.

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below.

Peace for now.
Michael "Overdeliver" Baptiste

P.S. This is just the start, but by shifting the focus of your offer to the outcome and transformation of your offer - you'll be able to gain influential mastery, and sell more of your own products, courses, coaching, and packages with far less effort. I'll share some more awesome strategies in my next post.
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