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There are different marketing strategies for online marketing. The most common and easy one is the SEO which focused on optimizing the site. Making the site accessible by search engine and rank higher. What other marketing strategies do you suggest and why?
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    If you want professional market strategies you should hire a qualified man to do this for you. On forums you will never find qulity stuff.
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    Originally Posted by Jack Chua View Post

    There are different marketing strategies for online marketing. The most common and easy one is the SEO which focused on optimizing the site. Making the site accessible by search engine and rank higher. What other marketing strategies do you suggest and why?
    Can you tell us a little bit more about what you are promoting? Sometimes that makes a difference in how you approach the marketing plan.

    Here are the so-called "top ten" steps for online marketing adapted from about.com.

    1. Start with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.
    2. Get ranked at the top in major search engines, and practice good Search Optimization Techniques.
    3. Learn to use Email Marketing Effectively.
    4. Dominate your marketing niche with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs.
    5. Request an analysis from an Internet marketing coach or Internet marketing consultant.
    6. Build a responsive opt-in email list.
    7. Publish articles or get listed in news stories.
    8. Write and publish online press releases.
    9. Facilitate and run contests and giveaways via your web site.
    10. Blog and interact with your visitors.
    Read this excellent article from SCORE about online marketing.

    Take a look at small business community sites that can answer these types of questions with free webinars and discussion forums, such as this one from BOA.

    Why not read case studies and do a trial run of professional marketing services from various companies like this one?

    Consider what you will do in the short-term and in the long-term for your marketing strategy, adapted from web-source.net.

    Short term marketing strategies include:

    • Purchasing Advertising
    • Participating in Forums
    • Search Engines

    Long term marketing strategies include:

    • Opt-in Lists
    • Blogging
    • Social Networking Sites
    • Social Bookmarking Sites
    • Giving Away Freebies
    • Article Marketing
    There is plenty of research to do, so you have your homework assignment. Curious to know more about your situation and what kind of marketing you've decided to do. Thanks!
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    Jack, do you mean something like article marketing vs. traffic exchanges or something like that?

    To a certain degree I think it depends on what you are marketing. The program I use integrates affiliate marketing along with MLM on the back end, and all kinds of free strategies to promote (see sig).

    For example, I love to make homemade soap as a hobby and at one time thought about selling it. I can market it online by writing articles, joining forums and discussing it with my website in the sig, giving out soap making tips, etc.

    I can do the same for a financial product. So the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
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      Thanks for all the marketing strategies you listed. I will use it to review my marketing strategy. Presently I am using blogger to promote list of affiliate programs. I will appreciate any enlightenment to make me do better.
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    awesometbn really answered the query well i was also looking for a plan to work out for my website so here i got number of things i should consider about.
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      Well, I have various products to promote. My main task is to set appointment to prospects that may be interested in a certain product and help the product convert the prospect into active clients. So, thank you for all your replies. It would help a lot.
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    The marketing concept of building an organization around the profitable satisfaction of customer needs has helped firms to achieve success in high-growth, moderately competitive markets. However, to be successful in markets in which economic growth has leveled and in which there exist many competitors who follow the marketing concept, a well-developed marketing strategy is required. Such a strategy considers a portfolio of products and takes into account the anticipated moves of competitors in the market.

    To succeed in marketing your marketing must be strong enough to move a customer from the point of just attracting their attention to inspiring them to actually take action - which is making a purchase from you. There are four steps to doing this. There are four small business marketing steps that you can use to evaluate and put your marketing into check, today I want to share them with you.
    I think the biggest mistake small businesses make in marketing is making everything so difficult for consumers to understand that they don't get it.
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